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Rowaelin + 5, Crying Because apparently I haven't had enough Rowaelin angst

Rowaelin-Nightmares and Healing

Here we are. I LOVE angsty prompts, the feelsssss. Here is my promise, lovely friend! Sorry this was delayed. My fanfics have been postponed longer than they should have been. I was sick, as some of you may know, but guess what: I have a sore throat, AGAIN. Honestly, this time, screw it. I’m not going to coddle a cold. So we are getting back to fanfics:)

characters copyright of sarah j maas

additional characters copyright to me



She felt the chains cut into her skin, the chains Maeve had clicked onto her wrists, ankles, waist, neck. The dungeons in Doranelle were dank, the scent heavy and suffocating, scents of dirty water, and moist mold. Aelin had grown used to the tang of it, for she spent hours in the cells. Maeve found them them fitting, keeping the queen of light locked within the dark.

“Aelin,” a voice sounded. “Aelin,” it crooned. She recognized it as Maeve, entering the dungeons. “Niece, it’s trophy-time,”

Aelin growled. “Stay away from me,”

Maeve laughed, the sound wicked. “I shall come as close as I like,”

Aelin shook her head as the dark queen’s face appeared in front of her cell.


“Aelin,” Rowan urged. “Aelin, wake up. That’s not where you are. You are here, with me, safe. Forever. Forever, I will always keep you safe.”

Aelin opened her eyes, breaths coming in gasps. She lay in her and Rowan’s large bed within Orynth’s castle, not dungeons within Doranelle. Not Doranelle. Not dungeon. Never again.

Bed. Not. Dungeon.

Rowan’s eyes were wide as he hovered over her, his hands on her face. “Aelin, Aelin, calm down. It’s okay. You are safe. You are free.”

She felt her eyes adjust to the dark and starry night, shown from the windows that frequently peppered the walls of their elegant bedroom. Sometimes, when they opened them, breezes would float in. Rowan made a show of them, to her delight.

Her Fae male rested his forehead against her sweat-beaded one. “It’s alright, Fireheart. It’s alright.” Aelin wondered whether he was also trying to convince himself of that, but it didn’t matter. She needed to hear it. She laid her hands over Rowan’s which lingered on her red cheeks. “It’s okay,” she breathed, an echo to his own words. “It’s okay.

Aelin really, really, wasn’t trying to contradict herself, but she could not stop the tears that began streaming down her face. Rowan wiped them away with a finger, vanishing even a trace of them, each new drop that slid down her skin. He lightly kissed her forehead, her cheekbones, her jawline, her nose, but not her lips. Not her lips, so she could gather her breath and kiss him when she was ready. Rowan simply rearranged himself so that she lay slightly on top of him, her back on his strong, solid chest. He wrapped his muscled arms around Aelin, tucking her close as she could come, while still showering her head with kisses, and stroking her silk hair.

“I’ve got you,” he murmured. Aelin was facing towards a window with bright stars, but she wanted to see his face, her mate’s face. Rowan helped her turn around in his arms, before gripping her tightly once more, and she snuggling against him. The Queen of Terrasen still took gasping breaths, but she was slowly stabling herself; Rowan was helping tremendously. One hand rubbing her back, the other mindlessly running down her hair. Aelin tucked her head into his neck, and the hand petting her moved to lazy, circular strokes on her cheek. Once more, he whispered, “I’ve got you.”

She nodded. “I know. I’ve got you, too.” And indeed Aelin did, for not only had she gratefully accepted Rowan’s soul and heart entwined with her own, she’d thrown her arms around his waist, and wasn’t loosening her grip.

Aelin had stopped crying, but she still sniffled a little bit. Rowan reached to the teakwood nightstand next to their bed for a tissue, which after using, Aelin threw on the floor. Her carranam chuckled. “My Aelin,” he murmured against her hair. “My Aelin.”

At once, Aelin lifted her lips to his, the arrival to a wait that had been patient all night.


So, what did you guys think of that one? I know it was short, but hey, feels are feels, right? Did you feel any? I hope so. I did:) Tell me your feedback, what you liked, what you didn’t! What can I fix? Thanks guys! I appreciate you all so much:)

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What are your predictions for pacific rim 2

sasha and aleksis kaidonovsky emerge from the ocean unscathed, aleksis is carrying one of the wei tang brother bridal style, the other two sit atop sasha’s amazing flexing biceps. everyone claps and tendo sheds a tear while wearing a snazzy bowtie. hermann and newton join their wife vanessa for brunch and are all very happy together. mako and raleigh open an orphanage and raleigh bakes cookies . max the bulldog does not die and lives forever.

Protest Too Much (51): Devotion

Izaya’s mouth tastes better than Shizuo thought it would.

He’s put some thought into the matter. He’s imagined the bite of coffee, the haze of smoke, the coppery tang of blood and the sweet-bitter of that everpresent licorice tang that clings to Izaya’s skin like a marker for his presence. He’s dreamed of it too many nights to count, has framed Izaya’s lips to vanilla and chocolate and the dark, heavy tang of coffee and iron at the back of the tongue until he thought nothing could surprise him, until he was sure the weight of Izaya’s mouth at his would feel more like coming home than a foreign experience. But Izaya tastes better, like everything Shizuo imagined but more, richer, warmer, like there’s a fire under his skin in place of blood and electricity skirting along the palms of his hands instead of the more ordinary texture of skin. Shizuo doesn’t know how they ended up toppled over the couch with the arch of Izaya’s back caught under his hold at the other’s hip and Izaya’s hands winding to fists in his hair, has no sense of how much time has passed since his perception of the world outside faded and narrowed down to just the span of Izaya’s breathing coming hard and hot at his lips, and he can’t be persuaded that it matters, not when all his thoughts are running dizzy with heat and relief and the endless, overwhelming satisfaction of finally, finally being as close to Izaya as he has always wanted to be. Izaya is no steadier; he keeps moving, dragging away to gasp a lungful of air and then pulling Shizuo in against him again, as close as they can get, as if he thinks Shizuo is likely to come to his senses and drag free of the hold he has on the other’s hair if he once lets it go free. Shizuo can’t imagine what Izaya thinks he’s likely to object to; even when the other’s teeth catch at his lip and dig in hard enough to draw the ache of a bruise to the surface his heat-drunk body just shudders with helpless force, his throat opening up onto a groan that spills hot over Izaya’s lips as if to chase away the chill of the winter snow outside.

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As a young woman, author Mat Johnson’s mother was diagnosed with a serious illness she would spend the rest of her life trying to escape. Now his mother’s caretaker, Johnson explores that journey, and what it meant when the disease finally caught up with them: 

“When I was 6 years old, my mom woke up, got out of bed and crashed to the floor. That’s when she figured out half her body was paralyzed. The left side. Right down the middle, like a paper doll folded at the center. She made it to the phone, called a guy she’d just started dating, asked him to take her to the hospital.”

As His Mother’s Multiple Sclerosis Progresses, A Son Shifts To Caregiver

Photo: Tang Yau Hoong/Ikon Images/Getty Images

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Yung pakiramdam na wala ka nang iniintindi sa klase dahil ang tanging iniisip mo nalang eh ang makapag cr. Hahahahahaha taena. Nakakasira ng bait charot.

Sa December baka may work na ko . Icoconfirm ko pa para syoor na syooor hahahahaha . Tang ina nasa bahay lang tas biglang may instant work e no . Swerte 😅 Tas walang kinalaman sa course ko , sayaaaa po ! Hahahahaha

Bes napakasablay kong nakipag-usap sa Tinder as in. Hi at hello tapos konting chu chu tapos wala na. Eto kasing babaeng to di ko alam bakit halos lahat ng characteristics ng gusto ko siya na. Parang si mother sa HIMYM, so ganito na nga yung common connections namin puro tumblrista tapos sabi nya may tumblr daw sya di na lang daw sya nagbubukas tapos yung sobrang irita sya sa mga tao yung existencial crisis din. Wtf parang si angge na nvm na lang. (Pero tropa naman kami) hahaha. Tapos nagsend sya ng pic nya sa concert ng twenty one pilots sa Trinoma. Diba tang ina lang. Tapos ngayon olats na, wala naman akong ginagawa. Hay nako life. Tapos jeans sneakers type of girl sya. Mahumor pa. Nvm. Ikakain ko na lang to ngayon tapos bukas diet na ako promise. Kung binasa mo to sinayang mo lang oras mo. Hahahaha


Attention Parents/Aunts/Uncles/Anyone buying a gift for a kid:

After Finding Dory there will be a lot of kids who want clownfish/blue tangs/ other fish from the movie.

Salt water fish are expensive and difficult to care for. Some like clown fish can be bred in captivity, but some like the blue tang cannot be meaning that they need to be kidnapped from the ocean. Additionally, blue tangs can get VERY BIG.

Target has these new toys that are water activated, so they’ll swim around in a bowl just like fish. They come as dory, nemo, and marlin. They make a fantastic alternative to real fish.

TL;DR Dont buy kids real saltwater fish after Finding Dory, get them these toys from Target instead



The fish from the new Finding Dory movie, the blue tang, is in danger.

With the new movie coming out, everyone and their kid is going to want a blue tang. Clown fish sales SKYROCKETED in 2003, when the original movie Finding Nemo was released. Unlike the blue tang, clownfish can be bred in tanks, are a more easy saltwater fish to care for, only needing 4 gallons per clownfish, and an anemone.

The blue tang CANNOT BE TANK BRED. They are captured live from the ocean, which can be damaging to the coral reefs.

The blue tang gets HUGE, and eventually you’ll need a tank the size of your couch to accommodate it.

The blue tang gets SICK. VERY EASY.

“In order to create an environment at home large enough for a Blue Tang to grow, swim, hide, and thrive, your family would need to invest up to $1,000 in a 180-gallon saltwater aquarium. That’s an aquarium over 6 feet long, 2 feet wide, 2 feet tall, filled with water and weighing nearly one ton! Plus, Blue Tangs require a significant level of saltwater expertise and dedication to properly care for, often culminating after years of experience. Therefore, we do not recommend Blue Tangs for beginners.” - liveaquaria.com

Do NOT get a blue tang, SERIOUSLY. If you are well equipped, an experienced saltwater fish owner, I mean go for it, but don’t get them as your child’s pet. They will be bored of it in a week anyway, and the fish will probably die. There’s tons of Finding Dory merchandise (shirts, bags, stuffed animals, seriously they have everything) to buy yourself or your child.