I’m all skin and bone and song-seized,
wine-wild and each year more abandoned

Po Chu-i, translated by David Hinton, from “Forty-Five”



Maids! Because it’s a May…. yeah i know. Smart.

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They are transparent. I also have them in singles that i may share on demand.

I couldn’t resist just one little doodle - with Christmas coming up and all aahhaha….XD 

From left to right, we have Finch, Kisara, and Tang. 

Finch @worldviewfinch / @little-noko 

Kisara - me! 

Tang - @alannahablar / sorta me?? XDD

Finch being the only person Kisara considers family, and Tang being her canon boyfriend. I uh. Couldn’t resist. :3 


Tang stared up at the green leaf with an almost resigned look, orange starting to tint his skull as Kisa’s slightly intoxicated bubbliness practically radiated beside him, he could feel her grip tighter around his ribcage. The hyper kitten had taken SOME TIME to get used to, but right now….

“Kisa, when did you -” 

“Oh shut up Tang, you should be taking advantage of it~” She practically purred, her free hand already pulling over the other tall skeleton in the room with a teasing laugh.

“You’ve had too much of my eggnog.” He shot easily, but said little other than that. Knowing her…she was going to get her way, one way or another. It wasn’t like he was against it anyway, but Kisara always had a way of…well. Getting her way. 

Oh her opposite side, Finch resisted slightly at being pulled close to the other two. Kisa just laughed, tugging him under her other arm eagerly. “FFIIINNNCCHH, come on!!! You come here too!!” She insisted, causing the tall skeleton to flush green. 

“Do I REALLY? Kitty Kat…I’m happy to be here but - “ He frowned just slightly, sending a slightly unnerved look to Tang - he had known the girl longer, and it had taken some time to even get used to her actually DATING someone, and he didn’t want to cause any discomfort…but Tang just rolled his single eyelight, shrugging. He had long accepted he was never going to be able to protest Kisara’s antics…though, he did move to grip around her waist a little. 

Now happily between the two, Kisara grinned wide with another bubbly giggle. “OKAY! SMILE!” She stated quickly, not giving either of them warning before they both blinked at her in bewilderment. 

“Sm- “ 

They didn’t even realize as Tangs Uncle slipped around the corner and snapped the picture for them, making the girl giggle again before pressing a friendly kiss on her friends cheek. “Thanks Finch!” She shouted brightly, happily, making him flush a bit and back away before letting herself be drawn up against her boyfriend, nuzzling against him before moving in for a much more intimate exchange. 

Yep. Perfect…

anonymous asked:

it says Sour is the father to Tang but who is his mother sorry im just really curious and would love to draw a family picture of them all together with kitty girl awesome but i don't see the mother anywhere ? also i love your worldview it is awesome brah!

Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but….

He never actually found out who the mother was. Though - he was DEFINITELY the father. 

Sour’s activities are um….

Well. ANYONE would have a hard time keeping track of them. xD