Maids! Because it’s a May…. yeah i know. Smart.

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They are transparent. I also have them in singles that i may share on demand.

I’m all skin and bone and song-seized,
wine-wild and each year more abandoned

Po Chu-i, translated by David Hinton, from “Forty-Five”



Tangs, also known as surgeonfish because of the sharp scalpel they wield near the end of their tail, which are actually modified scale.
These are used for defense, tang keepers should be take care when handling.

All tangs are mainly herbivores, in the wild they graze for algae all day, in the aquarium they can be fed nori (dried seaweed) or blanched vegetables. Most food are accepted too. They will keep the reef tank clean of algae~

Top left to bottom right: Regal tang; Powder blue tang; Clown tang; Scopas tang; powder brown tang; and tomini tang.