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The golden boy, walking alone through the Sunshine Forest, wasn’t quite fond of being alone, but nowadays he really didn’t have a choice.  

His loneliness allowed him much freedom as he was able to do whatever he wanted without consequences, and the cold, windy forest sometimes made it hard for Lucas to travel through.

The winds were rough today, and Lucas wasn’t prepared, because he wasn’t wearing pants.

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@rotatingfloor: there is honestly no "transparency" regarding this situation. you are a revolting, manipulative piece of garbage and posting someone's personal info in an attempt to clear your name only further solidifies that. stop trying to invalidate what happened because there is literally NO EXCUSE for what you did to chloe and you deserve everything that is coming to you

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headcanon: both claus and lucas have freckles. mostly claus. lucas has a few on his cheeks and nose but claus has them all over and he gets embarrassed when people point them out.

I also like to think Lucas has just a few brushed across his shoulders? 

claus legit has them all over and hinawa finds it amusing

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What are your thoughts on brothers

ah yes let’s take a moment to talk bout brothers. every day i wake up in the morning and i think to myself “what is my reason for waking up? why am i here?” and then i think about brothers and it’s like a light has shown down. i think about the deep emotional bonds between brothers and i feel truly alive. there is nothing more fulfilling than a nice brotherly relationship. ah brothers