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My SecretSanta-ee was @firefrightfic / @crumpeting who had requested “League of Assassins Jason and Red Robin Tim”. I really hope you like it, I enjoyed playing around with the tone on tone red : 3 Merry Christmas lovely!

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BONUS Maskless Tim (becaues his eyes are just too pretty)

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Make sure you full view ;D

So…back in June, mongoose-bite won my follower giveaway, and has been the most absolute patient sweetheart while I got my August cosplays in order. Thank you so much lovely!

They requested a scene from their outstanding fic, Neither Tarnished Nor Afraid. Which I have read several times and can’t recommend enough. Go read…NOW.

I hope you like it!!! And I hope it was worth the wait! <3<3<3 Enjoy!

Eren, I’m sorry it always has to be you.

Merry Christmas to @robin-red-r!!! I was your secret Santa mwahaha! I apologise that I couldn’t find an artsy way to portray your original ‘theatre’ prompt. But you had mentioned you liked genderbent ereris, and I was up for that challenge, and threw in some Eren tears for good measure. Happy Holidays Lovely, I hope you like this <333


DAY 2: Summer Job!

Pining!Levi, you still got it bad for DILF!Eren hun. SO. My sweetest kohai theheichouwesawthatday and I were talking about this prompt, and decided to do a bit of a COLLAB! :D Mags wrote this amazing fic to go with it. Uuuuugh kill me now. Levi your embarrasment is palpable. 

Please go give my sweet girl some love!

Under here!

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