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The Last Fall Art Sale:

Out of 30+ paintings from my “Donne Di lusso” series only 1 remain. So, to commemorate the success of the series I have drastically reduced the prices from $800-$1500 to $250-$500 and opened the crazy sale up to the public.

Sale Ends Nov. 4th

From top left to right:

1)“Haute Couture” 36"X48" $1500 SALE: $500 (SOLD)

2)“Lyric” 24"X48" $1200 SALE:$300 + s&h

3)“Soul Purpose” 30"X48" SALE $400 (SOLD)

4)“Sweet heart” 24"X24"  SALE $250 (SOLD)

Contact: iam@tanekeyaword.com to purchase.

Note: My original artwork starts at $1,500+ for works on paper & $2,500+ for paintings

List of Black Women Vampires

After watching Trueblood, I was too thrilled to see Tara adding to the history of Black women vampires.

I can only re-call 8 Black Women Vampires in U.S. sci-fi history:

Ganga: Ganga + Hess (1973)-movie

Katrina: Vamp (1986)-movie

Cynthia Bond (Temptress): Def By Temptation (1990)-movie

Rita Veder: Vampire in Brooklyn (1995)-movie

Vanessa BrooksBlade (1998)-movie

Akasha: Queen of the Damned (2002)-movie

Shori: Fledgling (2005)-novel

Tara: Trueblood (2012)-TV series

Are there any more?


Opening Night…Enjoy!

Tanekeya Word is–“Something like a Hybrid Chic”–this is her “Pretty Dope-a-licious” 2011 art opening at Affinity Lab featuring life-sized AfroFuturistic replicas of Victorian cameos.

It is Victorian X Funk X 80s Hip Hop X AfroFuturism…think Bubbalicious X POP!

“Pretty Dope-a-licious”
Art by Tanekeya Word
@Affinity Lab 920 U. St. Washington, DC 20001
September 15th-December 1st 2011
Mon-Fri. 10am-5pm

Freedom is Relative: For Girls Who Roam the Universe with their Hair Pinned-Up

“Let your hair down girl, be free.” if I had a dime for each time I was told this out of love, in my 28 years, I would be traveling around the world on probably your dime—if you have uttered this to me. I love anyone who has uttered the phrase to me out of love and I respect that they only want the best for me. There is one thing I know for sure above all else and that is I am loved deeply by many and I love even harder in return. Freedom loves in spite of differences.


Yet, I have come to realize that freedom is relative: relative to your innate being, relative to your personal perspective and irrelevant to my freedom. Throughout my childhood, my mother often whispered to me, “As a mother, I will always worry about my children. Yet, I know I never have to worry about you, you will always be okay.” She likes to call herself “mother hen” as she protected me fiercely from naysayers who saw me as “weird” because I was unlike any child they had ever met or because I was just too sure of myself. My serious, matter of fact demeanor—at a very young age—was built on an early self awareness and on the strength of my mother’s constant encouragement to be respectful and speak up for myself and to stay true to myself. My mother is freedom.

My mother is a lioness (Leo) who birthed lionesses and a balancer (all of my maternal sisters except my little sister who is a Libra, I too am a lioness).

As a child and throughout high school: I found joy in reading, writing and art. I wrote and produced an NAACP ACT-SO award winning play for Wisconsin at age 17, wrote and illustrated several books for fun, created artwork, won 4 consecutive WI State Forensics (Poetry) Championships in high school all while working, maintaining a 3.5+ GPA, doing my chores, volunteering and holding several seats in student organizations. This was not an easy route to take as a child, especially spending your entire Saturdays in high school at forensics tournaments. I did not play with other children, unless they were my siblings and I had only close friends nothing more.

My sisters understood the need for me to have a “room of my own” and that room was inside my mind. I zoned out there and have visited that space daily since I discovered its power. Those who are close to me have witnessed my ability to “zone out” for minutes, hours or days and I am not sure if they are freaked or amazed by it…LOL!


Freedom is in my mind.


I understand that, “to whom much is given, much is required.”  I had to choose to take on this responsibility as a child because I recognized what I am here for. Note: choice is freedom. At that point, there was no turning back. Yet, I tried in college to give it all back and I battled with others and myself until I could not write nor lift a paintbrush for a year. I was burned out and it reflected in everything I tried to put my mind to. I graduated and took a job for the sake of just living a “normal” life and partied for an entire summer one year (out of character for me). The salary and benefits were awesome, the partying was exhausting and my soul was unfulfilled. This was I: letting my hair down and being “free” from my inner being. I was searching for something that I thought I was missing out on.

I looked around the office daily and saw loads of potential; but misery was encapsulating my co-workers and the owners of the company. It began to rub off on me and I decided to trust my inner being and really follow my destiny. It was obvious that my joyful, encouraging creative speeches to my fellow talented co-workers were not a great fit for the company, they did not need anyone starting an inspirational movement; so, I negotiated an awesome severance package that allowed me to pursue my art full-time, take a year sabbatical back home to get re-focused and travel cross-country before entering into graduate school.

The years of graduate school were lots of work, personal trials and tribulations and variety sized victories…I managed to complete my Masters program summa cum laude (All A’s) and began creating more artwork. I am now consulting for a private entity, creating brands and I am currently my own boss again. Being your own boss is more work than working for someone else. I believe; whether working for someone or working for yourself what matters most is that you are doing what you love, as there are happy days and not so happy days; but, I love what I do each day. I contribute for the sake of cultural preservation and I am an extreme work-a-holic (a gift and a curse).


I am not the type of person that wants to be seen (this is not a bad thing, just not my thing) as I greatly enjoy privacy…I am a behind-the-scenes make things happen woman. Freedom is seeing a vision, recognizing its greatness, developing the concept and launching it. Freedom is being you whether it is conservative, a bit controlling and matter of fact. Freedom is the fluidity of a vision birthed. Freedom is turning failures into success. Freedom is thinking. Freedom is choosing not to explain who you are, but to just live. Freedom is loving, even your naysayers. Freedom is choosing to roam with your hair pinned-up instead of letting your hair down. I am Freedom!


Consistently Roaming the Universe with my Hair Pinned-Up,

Tanekeya Word


(“20 days of Reflecting on 28 years”)

Day: 8


A studio interview with DCTV.