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what are ellie's relationships with the rest of the brotherhood like?

Speaker Terenus is a sort of strange father figure to Ellie - she was so young when they met, and he is very subtly supportive of her progress as an assassin. Outwardly he’s indifferent, continually pushing her to perform to the best of her ability, whilst inwardly he’s very pleased to see her coming into her own as the years go by.

Astara in turn is the mother figure. A very strict mother figure, who didn’t hesitate the discipline where she deemed necessary, but Astara saw to it that the girls were settled and were equiped for their new ‘career path.’ Ellie respects Astara a great deal as an assassin and matron, looking to her as a rolemodel of sorts.

Elam likes Ellie perfectly well. She became one of his (unadmitted) favourites though when she actually brought back some treats he mentioned liking from one of her contracts - definitely a bribe to stay in his good books. Ellie likes Elam as well, though sometimes she wonders if he’s bullshitting her with half of his stories. Then she wonders if he’s ever left that chair of his.

Kor treats Ellie like another little sister and Ellie loves having a big brother. He’s very supportive of her as she advances through the Brotherhood over the years. He’s the one she goes to after Maggie disappears because no one’s been able to find her and she’s just worried out of her mind. Kor does his best to reassure her, though every day that goes by makes it a bit harder to stay hopeful.

Hildegard and Ellie are like sisters, they get on so well… after Hilde stops being quite so shy anyway. They go to Kvatch or Anvil together sometimes and do a bit of shopping together (Ellie swears that those coins and other various belongings fell into her pockets) and they like to chat about various things. When Hilde runs off during the DB questline, Ellie is adamant about looking for her. There’s no way she’d let Hilde think that she was undeserving of being part of the family.

Ellie doesn’t really know how to approach Mirabelle. She’s a bit easy to fluster, and Mirabelle just loves teasing her and making her blush at every opportunity when she’s a bit older, which Ellie doesn’t enjoy really. She kind of avoids Mirabelle as a result, though there are days where they do get along just fine.

Ellie had a little bit of a crush on Cimbar when she first arrived in the Sanctuary, though it was more infatuation than anything. She got over it eventually, and they got along pretty well. He reminds her of his sister sometimes, given that he likes to let witnesses catch him sometimes for a bit of a challenge, which makes her roll her eyes.

Tanek is that jokey older brother who teases Ellie but watches out for her. When she’s sent on her first few contracts, he most certainly did not follow just to make sure she got out in one piece. He’s kinda stunned over how ruthlessly efficient she is, and just how aware she is of her strengths and how to use them. Ellie prods at him over his concern for her, which he denies. They get along just fine.

Green-Venom-Tongue is just plain creepy in Ellie’s book. She doesn’t like that he’s always watching and writing down everything everyone does. It makes her feel hyper conscious about every little thing she does. When she finds out why he does it, at first she’s like ‘maybe he wasn’t so bad after all’ and then he sees that he really did write down everything and she’s like ‘nope, he was creepy and I would give anything to unread that.’

Ellie did not grieve Brema one bit when she was murdered. Not one bit.

She doesn’t know Grazda particularly well, but they’re friendly enough that they subtly acknowledge one another when they see each other in public.

DAY 3131

Jalsa, Mumbai                Oct 24/25,  2016               Mon/Tue  2:14 am

Birthday - EF Tanek Ghantasala , Sandeep Rathore

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Ef celebrate their birthday and we here wish them the very best for the day .. and the years to follow eternally .. love form us all Ef ..

There comes a time when time does not matter .. what matters is matter .. the matter that works, that inspires, that revels, that collectively immerses the senses into that which we dare not disclose ..

Such is the power of our inner thought and worth .. 

Time spent on that which brings love and interest in the matter of personal choice is beyond expression .. pain, time, tireless pursuit, hunger, fade away in some galaxy of unknown destinations .. in wonder and in great strength they whisper to each other but never heard .. and that is the will of us all .. our will is unspoken and unknown .. at times even to us .. but it does exist and surprises us at most times ..

That is the will of many a today .. of many an encounter .. of many a challenge .. of many a dismay ..

And it is essential that it be recognised not just by us but by those that aspire, that put blame, that defeat themselves, that give up the chase, and those that defeat themselves before it has actually reached them ..

I shall recognise defeat .. I shall recognise failure .. I shall recognise rejection .. but I shall not recognise it for another .. only for myself .. for I shall know myself better than another .. 

BUT .. knowing oneself is an unforgiving challenge .. those that accept it and test themselves are blessed .. what we know and accept is often kept within .. we are conscious of its percolation into other spheres .. spheres that may not readily accept what the self teaches us .. and often it remains an undesired public refrain .. 

It is not easy to describe oneself in any other term than in the text known to us alone .. there are those that supercede these delicate moments and come out in acceptance of who or what they are ..

Many announce publicly , “don’t do this for you know I have a bad temper” .. when you know what you have, flaunting it, is unnecessary .. just show it .. people will know how bad or good your temper is .. giving your inner known a character is demonstrating for effect .. it could work .. most of the time it merely demonstrates your own disability .. 

When you need to talk or announce yourself, there is very little left for the actuals .. deed shall decide your self, it shall never need announcement .. deeds, talent presence shall speak on their own, in a language understood by all .. one does not need to be a linguist .. this lingo is universally acceptable ..

Good night ..

Do I really need to announce that I need to rest .. you know it already do you not .. hehehahahh !!

Amitabh Bachchan

When Kyriel turns up in Sanctuary, Elam wonders if this is karma for complaining about Maggie because she’s not half as bad as this pissbaby. He’d take breton dramatics over altmer whinging any day.

Hildegard avoids her when she can. Kyriel is a bit intimidating in stature and the fact she’s very rude and snappish. Hilde prefers to just keep to herself.

Kor tries. He really does try to get along with Kyriel, bless him. He’s always nice to her and tries to be civil, but even he has his limits.

Tanek takes so much joy in pissing her off by calling her New-Blade, she’s such a pain in his arse. He really hopes she ends up in a ditch sooner rather than later.

Astara has no patience for her whatsoever. When Kyriel comes whining, Astara is very brief and cold in shutting her down unless her complaint is legitimate.

Terenus doesn’t pay Kyriel any mind outside of Black Sacrament contracts. She’s a good assassin and whilst she’s annoying, she does follow the Tenets, so he has no reason to deal with her. That’s Astara’s job.

And of course, Maggie just pisses her off at every available opportunity. Whether it’s hiding things in her bed, or tampering with her food and drink (non-lethally) Maggie’s done it all. It’s a wonder Kyriel never killed her, even after leaving the Brotherhood. At least not successfully.

DAY 2757

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Oct  24/25,  2015                Sat/Sun  12:41 am

Birthday - EF Tanek Ghantasala , Sandeep Rathore

Sunday, October 25, 2015

It is of most importance to wish to bring greeting to acknowledge life for our Ef .. greetings and love ..

They bring a rally to my doorstep, and get me to flag it off … the results of the mission : to spread the word, to galvanise interest in the wild, to think of preservation and of the decreasing numbers of the Asiatic tiger ..

The bikers travel a 1000 kms and bring about awareness and detailing of information on the animal, in order that its preservation gets some boost for all its wonderful campaigns that have been designed and are in the process of being designed ..

That was at 7 am and having gone to bed by 4 am it was a bit rough in the morning … but one must never allow this lethargy of timings to creep into our system ..

Many question me on public fora, how I am able to adhere to the timings of events work and other .. 

How ..?

Well one just pays heed to the discipline that has been ingrained within us by our elders our parents and follows .. but at times media query on the subject does deserve better questioning .. I do not think being punctual has or should have anything to do some special quality .. NO … its as routine as our three meals in the day ..

My love and more to all ..

Amitabh Bachchan