I really hope you can read all of this :U

Its done.
This was so much hard work, but it was worth it, because Im happy with it and my first big Story Arc has finally REALLY come to an end!
Haaah I cant wait to write the script for the next one! x3

Thank you so much for your lovely support while I fought with this Arc for over 3 month, and actually began with my first Story-Act “Tandems Appereance” 5 month ago. I will now take a smaller break by answering some of my favorite questions, and then we will hopefully see us soon again for the next big Arc, about how Ayasha got her Cutie Mark.

See ya soon Folks and thanks a lot! :’D
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((Tandem Lucks Special Talent is that he is either giving you Good or Bad Luck. He has no Control over his Power. Just that you know :3 Oh, and I am NOT the rightful owner of him.))

NOOW that we finally continue with the Story, thank you all so much for your Submissions!
They are still under Use, so your Pony might get an Appearance in the next Update! :3 (Please send no more Ponies in, thank you <3)

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