Hey all, commissions are still very much open! If you can’t afford to buy, a signal boost would be loved!

I’m also now offering fullbody and painted images like this one!

Fullbody prices are as follows:
Sketches: $15
Lineart: $20
Colored: $35

And painterly things are priced at:
Headshot: $30
Waist up: $45
Fullbody: $60

Payment should be sent first, to z-paulson@live.com but I ask that you do not contact me at that email address as that is not mine, but rather my boyfriend’s. Instead, you may contact me through Tumblr or email (hectance@gmail.com)

Once your payment has been confirmed, I’ll begin on your order (depending on the size of my current workload)!

You can find some examples of my more recent work in the #tanceart tag!

Extra details:

  • Lined images come with a single flat color of your choice.
  • Sketches are always grayscale.