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Karasuno boys dancing at their wedding omggggggggggggggg.

|| THIS REQUEST MADE ME CRY???? Well not cry in a bad way but just!!! Imagine cute happy adult volleybaes ready to spend their lives with their partner and just so happy and glad that they’re with someone they can consider their friend, their lover, their partner. EEEEEEE!!!! I was going to with “A Thousand Years” for this one but then I settled to use “Sparks” by Coldplay and “Turning Pages” as my inspirations for this one! ||

For someone who’d wrap his arms around you, it’s a little funny how Daichi feels secure with you around him. As you two sway to the music, his mind goes back to when he saw you down the aisle, when the two of you exchanged vows. He twirls you around slowly to the steady beat of the song. Your giggle makes him smile, but he nearly panics when he sees you tear up yet again. “I love you so much.” You tell him. “I love you too.” He replies right away as the two of you savor the closeness and presence of one other.

It’s amazing how Sugawara actually forgets that you’re both dancing in front of all your loved ones. He’s resting his forehead against yours as he looks at you with a warm and loving gaze. He just can’t help but smile, still overwhelmed that you’re both sharing such a sweet moment. “You’re lovely, you know that?” He tells you as he dips you. You giggle, blushing. “I think you said the same thing before our first kiss.” He grins at the memory as he brings you close to him and you place your hands onto his chest.

For two people usually good at moving, you and Asahi were quite the clumsy pair. Having eyes around the two of you as you swayed made you two quite nervous. You squeak, nearly stepping on his brand new loafers. “I’m sorry!” You apologize as you blush in embarrassment. He gives you a reassuring smile. “It’s fine, really–” This time it seems to be his turn to mess up, stumbling backwards as you fall on him. The two of you stare at one another, stunned before bursting into fits of laughter.

It excites Nishinoya that you two will be spending your years together. Thick or think, you two have promised to stay by each other’s side. Though suddenly, he gets the feeling that somehow a lifetime isn’t enough for you to spend together. “You’re deep in thought again, Yū.” You feign a pout, “You might end up stepping on my foot again.” He immediately chuckles in response. He turns you around, before pulling you close to him once more. “Hey I was just overwhelmed by your beauty up close!” You snort in response.

Before the ceremony, Tanaka has promised himself that he wouldn’t tear up, but it’s honestly so hard when you’re so beautiful and you’re both having a moment in each other’s arms. His thoughts are placed into a halt when he feels your hand on his cheek, making him realize that he’s really in no sort of trance whatsoever. You give him a warm smile that doesn’t help his state of emotions. He then buries his face onto your shoulder. “You’ve made me the happiest man ever.”

To have you and Ennoshita’s special day documented was one thing, but to be experiencing the moment itself was something he’d definitely treasure for eternity. A picture may be a thousand words, but your beauty before him leaves him speechless and trying to look for that one perfect word that was worthy describe you as you both sway to the music. His mind wanders back to your currently reality as you hold him closer to you. He smiles, looking at you. “You have no idea how you mean to me.”

It still takes Kageyama a while to comprehend everything that’s going on. But perhaps the one thing he really couldn’t process was the fact you two are very much together, that you have said yes months ago for this very day to happen. Though honestly overjoyed, he can’t exactly express it while a little stiff from the looks everyone was giving. “Pretend it’s just us here.” You smile, trying to ease him as you guide his hands to rest on your waist. He finds himself relax a little, eventually kissing you on the forehead to show his affection and gratitude.

Despite the fact it’s one of the best moments of his life, Hinata found himself rather stiff. Perhaps it’s the attention but then again it could also be the fact he still thinks he’s dreaming even while he has an hand on your waist and his other laced with yours. “You okay, Shōyo?” His thoughts are brought back to the reality of you, looking at him as the two of you sway to the steady measures of the melody in the background. He blinks for a moment, but smiles immediately after. His smile bright and radiant as the sun, “Never been better.”

Honestly, Tsukishima has never imagined himself committing himself to another. But here he is now, holding you in his arms as you both gently sway to the song you’ve both agreed upon. He’s actually smiling genuinely, despite still honestly amazed that he was able to make you his and that you wanted him as a husband and partner for the rest of your life. He rests his forehead against yours as he looks at you. “You know you’ve signed for a lifetime with me, right?” He asks. You laugh a little, grinning. “I know.”

With the music being the only noise surrounding the two of you, Yamaguchi almost thinks that it’s just the two of you in the venue together. Then again, it’s easy to forget you’re surrounded by people you’ve mutually invited as it was a special day for the both of you. But despite it all, the main thing on your heads aside from the overwhelming feeling of happiness is the fact you two haven’t stepped on each other. “The dance lessons paid off,” you whisper. He can’t help but chuckle. “Definitely.”


Haikyuu!! Kisses pt. I

(pt. 2)

(I’m in such a damn rush but at least I tried)

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Can I have the karasuno boys +kuroo +bokuto reaction to their s/o being amazing at dancing?? But the are also a bit jealous because the dancing is kind of intimate and their s/o is dancing with another dude

|| Dancers are so 👌👌👌 in general. Like, kudos to those who dance you’re all my idols and mostly likely the idols of the volleybaes since well grace and well fluidity *wink wink* 😏  So here’s some jealous boys and enjoy their reactions! ||

One way or another, Daichi can’t but feel like he’s being punished by you. Though at the same time the sight of you swaying to the beat and moving in such a fluid motion was just mesmerizing. The only that made him want you to stop is the sight of you dancing with another man as envy courses through his veins. Before you and your supposed partner were about to press bodies together, Daichi immediately grabs you by the waist. Now chest to chest, he gives you this intent look that tells you that you should be dancing with someone else, specifically him only.

It’s honestly no surprise that Sugawara steals you away from your partner. He doesn’t show any hint of jealousy but it’s a given that he’s feeling a little selfish with the way he holds you. His eyes are on you, but perhaps what gets you more is the way he knows how to press your buttons all too well as he dances with you. “I want you to put on a show for me,” he whispers in your ear. He smiles a little at the way you shudder from his words and when your hips press against his. But what gets him even more is when you retort back. “You don’t have to ask.”

Asahi finds himself too lost to say anything when he sees you dance. He doesn’t exactly recall you telling him that you’re quite the dancer. His cheeks redden but he finds himself a little jealous as a man joins you. But you seem to take notice of this, eventually leaving the stranger’s side as you decide on straddling your precious boyfriend who seems to blush all too easily. The poor ace is once again too lost on what he should do, until you place a finger on his lips to ease him.

With Nishinoya one to express his emotions right away, it’s definitely apparent that he doesn’t like the guy currently with you considering how he just suddenly decided it was fine for him to dance with you. But you notice this in a short span of time and excuse yourself before taking the libero with you to a more isolated area. He’s a little pouty, but it’s nothing a few kisses can fix before you decide to tease him a little by dancing with him this time. And gosh, his eyes never fail to watch you.

Now Tanaka was definitely no fan of anyone being close to you in such an intimate way, but with you enjoying yourself and dancing so well, he’s torn between stopping you and letting you go on. However, he decides on the first especially when he notices the way the other male looked at you. So he joins you on the dance floor and sees you seem to smile even more as he was with you. “I thought you didn’t want to dance?” You tease as he brings himself close to you. He then grins sheepishly, “Well I changed my mind.”

Now Ennoshita wasn’t really one to show his emotions but one could always feel the aura of them. So the moment he approaches the man dancing with you, he’s gone and you’re left both amused and a little saddened that you have no one to dance with. “I need a replacement” You pout. He laughs a little, heading closer to you. He smiles a little playfully, when you squeak after being pulled by the waist. “You’ll have to settle with me then.” He tells you. You grind your hips against him in response. “Gladly.”

Despite a little flustered staring at you dance, it’s apparent that Kageyama seems a little jealous that you’re with another man at the moment. He scowls, tries to pay no mind as he reassures himself that it’s just dancing even if he kind of wants to give the guy a death glare. But eventually sick of seeing him, he does do so and you find it both amusing and cute when he looks away from you. “Tobio,” you approach him. “were you jealous?” As much as he want to deny it, he can’t find himself to say a thing.

For a moment, Hinata seems to short circuit due to you having such great body coordination. It was certainly a surprise. A pleasant one at that with you winking at him. Though what sets him off is the way another man grabs your attention for a moment, the decoy was pretty much ready to pick a fight until you gracefully leave the other to dust and get your boyfriend flustered upon pressing your body against his. Thus, poor Hinata blows a fuse once more because of you.

Well shit. From now on Tsukishima has decided he hates surprises, especially from you. How dare you not tell him that you can sway your hips like that. And god, he just can’t look away. But as another man looks at you with admiration and dances with you, he’s pretty jealous; maybe a little crossed at him as he tries to play it cool. What he doesn’t expect is you heading to him and grabbing his hands to place on your sides as you perform a little body roll that gets him all flushed. He shudders upon hearing your rather playful line. “I’m all yours.”

There are so many compliments that just want to escape Yamaguchi’s lips the moment he sees your hips sway in such an enticing and fluid way. He’s always known you had poise, but this seemed to be an entirely different thing. What sets him a little off though is how you seem to be having quite the time of your life with the man next to you on the dance floor. Unable to stand the proximity, he stands up. Impulse takes over and he pulls you to a rather rough kiss that even he finds himself surprised over his own actions. But he sees that you don’t mind, loving the sudden boldness that took hold of him.

It’s one thing to see you having a great time and dancing with such grace, but it was another to have some man partner up with you. Now usually Kuroo wouldn’t mind as he isn’t the easily jealous type, but the guy was just a little too close to you and it was getting his blood a little heated up. So he decides to interrupt, “Mind if I cut in?” he asks. You smirk a little as you take him by the hand and press your bodies together. The way you grind your hips against his got him to grunt a little, eyeing at you mischievously. “Ah so someone’s a tease today.” He states as he leans in close to you before you happily claim his lips.

Though impressed and probably dying internally all thanks to you and your dance skills, Bokuto is sulking over the fact you’re dancing with someone else and not him. It doesn’t take you more than a second to see his sad look as you head to his side and try to get him back to his usual energetic mood. “Does Kōtaro want to dance?” You ask him, before you extend your hand to him. And with that, it seems like nothing has happened prior as you two immediately head to the dance floor and have a great time.

  • Haikyuu!! character:Who are you?
  • The same Haikyuu!! character but in the stage play:I'm you but gayer
Pushing their child on the swings
  • Kageyama:*pushes kid off the swing* did I do it right
  • Hinata:*gets hit in the face by the swing*
  • Noya:*pushes the swing so fucking hard that it starts going round in huge circles. The child is screaming. Noya is laughing.*
  • Asahi:*gives baby pushes whilst crying*
  • Tanaka:*spins the swing around* tORNADO
  • Suga:*instead of pushing the swing he sits on the swing with the kid on his lap, like the very proud Mom he is.*
  • Yamaguchi:*he's recording the whole thing on his phone, his ringtone is his child laughing. So cute, so innocent, so pure.*
  • Tsukishima:*isn't even pushing the kid he's just standing there. Oh, no, he's walking away.*
  • Oikawa:oh you wanna go higher *pushes so hard that the child flies off into the atmosphere* say hi to my aliens for me *he waves and sheds a tear*
  • Iwaizumi:Wow! You're getting good at swinging yourself! *he's actually just swinging them whilst they move their legs but shhh no one needs to know*
  • Hanamaki:*child falls off* lmao this is meme material.
  • Matsukawa:*child falls off* get rekt
  • Kenma:no wait I need to finish this level *he says as he drops his phone. He cries.*
  • Kuroo:wOULDN'T IT BE NICE IF YOU FELL OVER- oh shit.
  • Yaku:say 'but Dad, you're too small to push me' one more time I dare you.
  • Lev:is it a bird, is it a plane, no IT'S MY KID OH FUCK
  • Bokuto:I HAVE DECIDED THAT IT IS TIME TO TEACH YOU HOW TO FLY *kicks the swing. Child flies away, he hasn't been found yet.*
  • Akaashi:sure, want some ice cream after this? *he says whilst sitting his baby child on the swing and kissing their forehead like the oh my god I'm crying*
  • Aone:*kid falls off the swing. He stares at the camera like he's on the office.*
  • Terushima:*kid falls off the swing* yoSH