ladymage  asked:

Are ok Gundham? I brought your friends...you look really shaken...

Ha! You….underestimate Gundam Tana-

Would you just cut the act for like, two seconds and just talk to us?!


Gundam, please…..

…………….a-alright….*Let’s the three in*

(He sounded so….pitiful….guess his Eight Grade Syndrome’s really broken down since our first year. He’d never be like this in this situation if it was like back then….)

(He….looks like he could cry…..Gundam, cry….? He wouldn’t, would he….?)

I finished your book!!! Omg it was soooooo good 💗💗💗

Omg no. Ephraim can be kind of a dork about this stuff but I promise he still really wants to be your friend. 

2:03 PM: Are you free?? 
2:03 PM: The park is COVERED in buttercups I’m just going to lie down here
2:03 PM You know where to find me 

I should really introduce you to my friend Tana sometime. 

Where did you get your dress?? It looks so cute on you.

And one she didn’t send: 

Were you flirting with me earlier? Bc like i thought u had a thing for ephraim but? Am I just being weird? 

anonymous asked:

back at that anon (im gonna go by tana now) believe me it has crossed my mind maybe once or twice (or every time that i see him) but i will have to make it look like an accident lmao - tana

oh my