Best Sellers (week 42)

THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN by Paula Hawkins

A psychological thriller set in the environs of London is full of complications and betrayals.

TWO BY TWO by Nicholas Sparks

A man who became a single father when his marriage and business collapsed learns to take a chance on a new love.

MISSING by James Patterson and Kathryn Fox

Private Sydney’s elite team looks for a seemingly untraceable man.


In the sixth Dublin Murder Squad novel, Detective Antoinette Conway confronts a case that is more complicated than it appears.

HOME by Harlan Coben

Myron Bolitar and his friend Win locate a boy who was kidnapped 10 years earlier; the 11th Myron Bolitar novel.

*Which books would you buy if you were given $100? 

anonymous asked:

I loved the new cc but I looked at Tana's twitter after it came out and there are so many hateful comments about her and how her career will be ended... I kinda supported Ian from the start and I liked that his video was so calm and non-aggressive. But some of his fans sending this unnecessary hate to her really upset me... Just a random thought, nvm me

there are some…too extreme fans.

starsona  asked:

I love LIJ. I loved the team of Sanada, Evil and Bushi and I feel like a lot of the fans did. Them winning the never belts was an awesome look for them and the belts. I feel like they just had to drop it to give Tanahashi something to do. I dunno. Either way, here's hoping that LIJ get more because they really deserve more.

that’s exactly what i think it was too, i think anyone can see that they gave the 6-man titles to nakanishi/taguchi/tanahashi literally the night after wrestle kingdom because they wanted to give tana a consolation prize and make it look like his ‘’2017 will be picking up after a bad 2016 track record’’, and to be honest, i wish bushi/sanada/evil would like…call njpw out on it, like full on how naito used to shit on kidani 24/7 during the okada feud, i would love for those three to just lay it in to njpw for their politics, i think it would be good for them and that type of stuff is really the entire point of a whole ‘’ungovernable’’ gimmick huh

i hope against hope that they win the titles back, that picture from the post wrestle kingdom 11 press conference where every member of LIJ is holding a title is one of my favorite pictures ever 

something else, naito has been talking a little bit in interviews about how he thinks that LIJ fighting each other would help to build their connection rather than hurt it, and i think he singled out his G1 match with evil as an example, and talked a little about how he wouldn’t mind if sanada challenged him for the intercontinental championship - and i think that’s a fantastic idea for where naito goes next after the elgin feud, assuming naito wins in osaka of course

  • Kitty: 'Tana.
  • Kitty: Look it is nothing against you as someone with special needs, Granted if when Becky was on the team I could have found a way to get her off I would have because she didn't do anything
  • Kitty: Frankie and I made you an alternate for the soul reason that if in the event someone get hurt or sick, there is someone to take their place.
  • Kitty: You're still gonna learn everything like the other girls; and hell I've seen you try and dance in Glee if you want extra help I'll do that for you.
  • Kitty: I just wanted you to know that we weren't trying to do any harm by making you that.