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“No matter what we end up doing, it has to have the coolest fucking thumbnail ever.” I muse, adjusting my light ring and looking in the viewfinder to make sure the lighting flattered both of us. Tana nodded in agreement as she leaned back on my bed, adjusting her bralette. We’d just got done filming a strip poker game for her channel. Though of course, to keep from being flagged, we stopped once we got to our underwear. 

“Totally. I was thinking we could just make out for the viewers and you could title it I KISSED TANA MONGEAU. Just to keep in theme with our raunchy and super slutty thing, you know, as the haters have told us.” She joked in answer, and I couldn’t help but laugh. I turned on the camera, letting the footage roll to keep some of our behind the scenes as bloopers or possible vlogs. 

“I think it would more than likely be my most viewed video on my channel if we did that. Let’s practice beforehand, maybe?” I teased, shooting her a playful wink. My dynamic with Tana was very flirtatious, but it never made either of us uncomfortable. We were close, and there was absolutely nothing I hadn’t seen before. 

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” She said, sitting up straight and looking in the viewfinder to adjust her hair and whatnot. The way she was angled, you couldn’t tell she was merely in a bralette, so neither of us bothered to put a shirt on her. As close as she was, I leaned in, lips puckering to pretend to kiss her and we both laughed when I backed out last minute. 

“Okay, ready to film?” I asked, and she nodded. I counted down with my fingers and looked at the camera, a bright smile growing on my face. 

“Hey guys, it’s me, I’m super irrelevant, what’s up. Today I have the super slutty, super trashy, worst YouTuber ever Tana Mongeau here.” I start, and look over at her to introduce herself. Suddenly, Tana picks up a very Jersey accent. 

“Hey daddy, I’m so glad I could be here today. How much am I getting paid again?” She jokes before bursting out laughing, and I groan, rolling my eyes at her while my hand swatted at her to compose herself. 

“Anyway, today we’re going to be doing a collab. If you look up on Tana’s channel there’s a strip poker challenge whatever the fuck you wanna call it type of thing, and I’ll link it down below and whatnot, but for my video, we’re going to do a super raunchy NSFW Q&A. I’ll even put a trigger warning in the title.” 

The video continued on as Tana and I answered various questions we got on our social medias, all raunchy and all having us laughing so hard that I knew this video would be far too criticized all ready for how ‘unprofessional’ we would come off. But I didn’t care. She was my best friend, one of the most genuine YouTubers I’d ever met, and this was bound to be one of my personal videos by far. 

“Okay, okay, last question.” I begin, looking at my phone for the perfect question. 

“Have you and Tana ever kissed?” I looked over at Tana with a mischievous smile, and we both leaned in, our mouths colliding in what was ultimately a sloppy joke of a kiss. We pulled away, both giggling. Finally, I spoke through my outro and waved goodbye, reminding the viewers to subscribe to Tana as well. 

“That was the worst kiss of my life.” I joked, looking back at Tana. She pretended to look offended as a hand flew to her chest and her mouth dropped open. 

“No the fuck it was not!” She screeched. I merely shrugged, and she groaned, lurching forward. My back pressed against the couch, her legs straddling my lap as our lips meant once more. This one was far less sloppy, rough with intent and enough to send a shiver down my spine. Tana’s hands cupped my face as our lips moved together while my hands eventually found her hips. 

“Was that the worst or the best?” Tana mumbled smugly against my lips, and I laughed, giving her hips a squeeze. 

“Shut the fuck up and keep kissing me.” I demand, and she does just that. Our tongues swirl together, Tana beginning to grind against me. I could feel myself growing wet as time went on, one hand moving to her hair, tugging on it and pushing her head more harshly against mine while I tilted my own head to deepen our kiss. The other hand slid up her bare skin, sliding under her bralette. I easily cupped her breasts, giving them a soft squeeze and she moaned against my mouth eagerly. 

“Take it off.” I mutter, and our kiss momentarily breaks so I can pull the bralette off her body, her boobs bouncing a little. They were large and round and her nipples were slowly hardening. I leaned my head down, taking one in my mouth while using a hand to roll the other nipple between my fingers. I watched her as I sucked on her tits, her eyes closing and moans falling out of her continuously. She grabbed my hair and tugged at it, her body arching into me. 

Eventually. I switched nipples, giving the other some attention from my mouth. They grew rock hard under my touch and I used my free hand to slip into her pants and begin to rub at her panties. She was already soaked through, and I applied a little pressure to her clit over her underwear. 

“Oh, fuck that feels good.” She moaned, throwing her head back and grinding her hips into my hand while I continued to suck on her nipples, letting them go with a pop. 

I suddenly flipped our positions, pushing her back onto the couch and climbing onto her. Hastily, I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down her legs, helping her kick them off her ankles and tossing that aside as well. All that was left on her gorgeous body was a pair of skimpy panties, but that would be gone soon. I pulled off my own crop top, my tits jiggling as I did so. 

“You’re so fucking sexy.” I purr, examining her in her near naked glory. She smiled coyly in return, using a finger to beckon me forward. 

“Come ride my pussy, baby.” She teased, slipping her hands into her panties and beginning to play with herself. I could see her circling motions under the fabric and the way her hips jerked, her mouth puckered as she moaned at the pleasure. 

“It’s so fucking wet for you.” She continued, looking me dead in the eye. “I want to taste both of our cum on your fucking pussy baby.” 

I bit my lip and hastily slipped my skirt off my legs, throwing them onto the growing pile of clothes. The final layer was my underwear, which I pulled off without second thought. I leaned down, adjusting my body according so my face was right over her cunt, my teeth latching onto the hem of her panties and pulling them off her legs. 

When they reached her ankles I pulled them off the rest of the way, throwing it aside and spreading her legs to get a glimpse of her tight little cunt. Cum glistened off it and my mouth watered, eagerly sitting up and setting us up into a scissoring position. 

I lowered my hips onto hers, and the feeling of her hot pussy against mine caused a moan from the both of us. I began rocking them, and every time my clit rubbed against hers the both of us let out a loud whimper of pleasure. Tana’s hips bucked against mine, and how wet we both were made it easier for things to go smoothly. 

“God, you feel so good on my pussy baby.” Tana moaned out.

“I’m so fucking close.” I groan, pressing up against her harder. With a few more sloppy thrusts, I came with a cry, my body shaking eagerly. My orgasm triggered Tana’s, and soon we were both rocking against one another, riding out our highs until we couldn’t breathe. 

I climbed off of her, leaning back on my own end of the couch and spreading my legs. 

“Why don’t you cum taste our cum, T?”

A/N: I hope you all liked this smut, it took a while to write but! 

“You have to do it or we won’t be friends with you.” You looked up, taken aback. Tana was standing there with her hands on her hips, giving you a thinly-disguised look of pure hatred.

“Excuse me, what?” you asked. “Tana, what are you saying?” Ever since you’d gotten to the base, Tana had hated you - she’d wormed her way into your friend group, spreading lies and gossip about you every which way.

It didn’t help that her ability, Necrosis, was the strongest here. Even stronger than the instructors, you’d heard. You weren’t really surprised. It certainly matched her personality.

A couple weeks ago, right after your twentieth birthday, you’d all been shipped here after your government issued the Proclamation - that all the young people with newly discovered Citadelian powers needed to learn to control themselves, so they were sent here. Schools for young people with superpowers.

You hated it here. For some reason, you’d been placed into the worst class in the building - Class 13. The strongest powers, the worst troublemakers, the worst bullies.

Your instructor wasn’t capable of controlling the class at all. She’d run out of the classroom crying three days in a row, thanks to Tana and her posse.

“Hey, (Y/N), you daydreaming or something?” A sharp kick in the ribs brought you back to reality. Tana was glaring at you, eyes glowing sickly green.  You quickly shook your head, looking down. She sometimes left you alone when you avoided her eyes.

“I told you, you have to sneak a scorpion into our instructor’s desk,” said Tana. Your eyes widened. Why would she want YOU to do that? She must have something big planned.

You shook your head. “No way.” You couldn’t afford to get in trouble again, and didn’t really want to be part of Tana’s stupid group anyway. She looked taken aback. “I have to get to class. Talk to you later.”

You ran off, knowing that she wouldn’t chase you. You weren’t worth her time. And to be honest, you didn’t mind that at all. You didn’t want to be on her radar.

You rushed into the outdoor classroom, throwing yourself into your seat to muted laughter from the class at large. Panting, you looked up.

“Sorry I’m la-” You stopped short. The man in the center of the courtyard looking at you with an amused smile wasn’t your instructor.  He seems young, a little older than you, with shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes. “Hey, who are you?” you ask.

He checks the attendance chart. “Ah, (Y/N). Glad you finally decided to grace us with your presence. As I’d explained to the class before you arrived, I’m your new instructor.” 

He pauses to give Tana an unreadable look. “As I understand, there are some… issues… that your previous instructor was unable to deal with.”

He straightens up, smoothing back his blonde hair. “Now, I think we should start with some practical demonstrations. I’d like to know how your powers work firsthand, so I can teach you how best to control them.”

He motions to Tana. “Now, let’s see your ability. What was-?” She starts to say something, but he cuts her off. “Now, don’t. I remember what it is. Necrosis.” He holds out an arm. “Go on, you won’t hurt me.”

This is the first time I’ve seen her uncertain. I can see her focusing on him, straining hard, but the shadows don’t creep across his hand. His flesh doesn’t blacken or wither. He nods, though.

“Good job.” People are starting to laugh at her now, laughing at Tana.

Devan laughs the loudest. “Ha, look at her face!” He points to her, snickering. “She looks like she’s about to throw up!” 

Tana snaps. She’s not used to being taunted. He swivels to stare at him and he starts to scream, the skin of his face turning black and yellow and withering.

In a second, the blonde instructor is on Tana, shoving her into the wall. His expression is terrifying, and for the first time you notice how sharp his canines are, how snakelike his eyes are.

“You do NOT hurt your fellow students,” he growls and she spits in his face. Tana is fearless, you’ll give her that.

“Get OFF me, freak,” she spits. He smiles.

“I believe this is your tenth offense of this nature?” She nods defiantly. “Well, then it’s about time you got what was coming to you.” Her eyes widen as he takes off his vest, setting it to the side, unbuttons the collar of his shirt, opens his jaw, adjusts it, and shoves her head-first into his mouth.

It’s over very quickly. You can’t take your eyes away from the scene unfolding before you. His white shirt has ridden up, and his stomach is huge, hanging off his frame and moving. You could trace her form moving under his flesh with your finger, if you were brave enough. But you’re not. 

He sighs, closing his eyes for a second, then stands back up. “Well, let’s get on with it then,” he says. “Don’t worry about her. She’s not worth your time,” he says, patting his belly.

It quickly becomes obvious that no one is in a state of mind to get anything done. I can’t stop staring, and neither can anyone else. Frowning in annoyance, he dismisses everyone. Most of them hurry off, eager to leave, but you hang around, and soon you’re the only one left in the courtyard. 

Besides him, of course.

He notices almost immediately, smiling at you. You quickly look down, trying to avoid his attention. Too late.

“(Y/N)? Why are you still here? I told you all you could go.” You flinch at his voice. He leans back on the ground, back against the wall, hands resting on his middle. “You can leave if you want. Go get lunch or something.”

You shake your head. “I don’t have any money to get lunch,” you say truthfully. Devan stole your lunch tickets earlier and you don’t have any money on you. 

You realize you don’t really want to talk about food, not with a guy whom you just watched swallow someone whole.

He cave you a concerned look. “What? You don’t?” A pause. “Hey, tell you what. Could you grab me my stuff from over there?” He points toward the corner of the courtyard, where someone’s left a drawstring bag on top of his neatly folded vest. “yes, that one.”

You grab the bag, cautiously crossing the courtyard and handing it to him. You hold your breath - he’s close enough that, if that was what he wanted,he could just pick you up and…

He smiles. “Thanks, (Y/N).” He digs through the bag, pulling out a plastic-wrapped sandwich. “Here, you can have this.” You take it gingerly, tentatively settling down next to him.

If he was going to eat you, he would have done it by now.

He sighs. “I apologize for scaring you all earlier. I’m not normally…” he trails off. “..like that. I should have waited until later to do that.” 

“Why did you eat her?” you burst out, immediately covering your mouth. You hadn’t meant to say anything.

“Why? Oh that’s right, you wouldn’t know.” He gives you a thoughtful look. “Several people here are working for a very bad person we don’t know much about. I was supposed to come here and… take care of them.” 

He gives you an amused look. “The sandwich isn’t poisoned, by the way. You can go ahead and eat it.”

You mumble an apology, unwrapping the sandwich and taking a bite of it. It’s good. Apparently satisfied, he continues his explanation.

“That’s why I called Tana up to the front.” He shows you his wrist - unmarked, unlike the skin of the others she’d used her powers on in the past. “Her power wasn’t really what everyone thought - it was similar to my own abilities.”

“And I knew that one of you guys couldn’t possibly have an ability like that. So I acted. I suppose it could have waited till later, however. And I didn’t have to eat her.” You notice that she’s still moving, entranced by the sight.

“Well, that’s that. It’ll probably happen again, so be warned.” He notices where your attention is directed. “You can touch if you want. I don’t mind.” You look up.

“You really don’t? It doesn’t seem-”

He grins. “No, and I don’t think her opinion matters much at this point. Go ahead.” You reach out, touching the taut flesh. It’s surprisingly warm, and you unconsciously snuggle closer. He makes no move to stop you.

You just sit like that for a while, awkwardly close to a person you just met and just watched eat someone. But that’s fine.

It’s sure to be an interesting year.

Looking for an internet friend with the same interests as me :)

Hi, I’m daniella and I’m 16 from the uk. I’m really interested in music and I can play guitar and bass. My favourite bands are 5 seconds of summer, one direction and the Beatles. My favourite solo artists are Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. My favourite tv shows are Pretty Little Liars, The Big Bang Theory and Riverdale. I’m also interested in youtubers such as Shane Dawson, PointlessBlog and Tana Mongeau. I’m looking for a friend who can talk daily and that I can feel comfortable with and we can tell each other everything. Please message me if you have the same interests, it will mean the world to me :)

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semi-nude ;; tana mongeau smut

“Hey, bitch!” Tana greets me, looking up from her magazine. The blonde’s hair was up in a bun, only clad in a pair of white booty shorts. The two of us were close enough to feel comfortable in our own bodies, lounging around with no tops on. Besides, it was a particularly scorching day. I peeled my own crop top off, my tits escaping from their fabricated prison. 

“Holaaaaaa.” I reply, shimmying my shoulders as I tossed my top on the couch, plopping down beside her; bringing my knees up to my chest and resting my chin on them. 

“How’s your day been, hoe?” She asks, setting aside her shit so we could converse easily. I chuckle, tossing my hair over a bare shoulder. 

“Great, actually. I was at the boardwalk a few blocks away, you know that place?” I pause for her to nod. “And I met this really cute guy. Like, really cute. Like I wanted him to fuck me in the bathroom of the Cold Stone he took me to.” Tana smiles in an interested manner, leaning forward. 

“And did you guys do anything then? Obviously not fuck.” She questions, and I shake my head. Much to my dismay, he had been a bit of a prude; didn’t want to do anything until a proper first date, or whatever. 

“I wish. He left me fuckin’ horny, though.” I groan out, rolling my eyes. “Seriously, you should’ve seen the arms on the guy. He was fine as hell.” I see a light flicker in Tana’s eyes, and she jumps up, sprinting to her room and returning with a toy in her hand. 

“My favorite roommate, you and I have known each other a long time. Through ups and downs, through one night stands heard through walls..” She dramatically begins, stepping closer to me. “Through that one drunken makeout… Let me introduce you to my favorite ever dildo in the world. He’s reliable, he’s sensational… And he will help you out.” 

My eyes widen at her, brows raising in question. “Seriously?” I question. 

“Seriously.” She nods her head solemnly. “I can even help.” She bends over the couch, her chin now resting on my shoulder. Holding the dildo in front of my face, turning it on to its lowest setting. Dips it down, runs it along a nipple until it hardens and repeats the action with my other. 

I turn my head, and our lips meet. That’s that. It was no hesitation on my part or hers, apparently. I adjust my body so I’m on my knees and our chests are touching, only the couch as a barrier between us. I could feel myself growing unmistakably wet, my thighs pressing together in sheer want. Her teeth sink into my bottom lip, gently biting before pulling away, a line of spit connecting the two of us before it disappears. 

“I’ll take that as a yes.” She chuckles, moving across the couch so she’s in front of me. Lightly pushing me back, I land onto the couch while she straddles me, her hips grinding into me. The feeling of my shorts against my clit bringing waves of sensation over me. Our lips meet once more, tongues tangling together as we made out, moans falling from the both of us. 

“Shit…. Tan, I need you…” I murmur out, tangling my hands in her hair. She briefly breaks the connection between our lips and lifts her hips to unbutton my shorts, pulling them alongside my thong down my legs; in a matter of seconds, I was completely bare with Tana dipped between my thighs, the toy in her hand, a look of power on her face. 

She runs the object around my folds, teasing me. It vibrated on them, and I could feel my wetness only growing by the minute. She looks at me through her lashes, a smile on her face. 

“Look how wet you are, babe. Just dying for me to…” She speaks her actions as she does them. “Dip the tip in.” I feel it barely entering me, and a long moan escapes. It wasn’t enough, but it was something. Bucking my hips up to try and slip more inside my quivering cunt, I whine. 

“Don’t be a tease. Fuck me with your cock, Tan, please.” I practically beg, and she only chuckles, removing the tip and pushing it in me once more, this time a little further before pulling it out completely. She repeats this action until it’s fully inside me, turning up the vibration. I can remember the first time I had a real cock, how it filled me up just like this toy was, stretched out my walls. 

She began to steadily fuck me with it, the toy buzzing inside me, bringing a pleasure that I know no real man could, but I couldn’t help but imagine that this was the guy from earlier’s cock, pumping in and out of me so terribly nicely. My fingers find my clit, rubbing the little bundle of nerves while her pace quickened. 

Soon, I’m a writing mess, long strings of moans and cuss words yelled out so loudly I’m sure the neighbors hear. Actually, now that I think about it, the doors to our balcony were glass, and the blinds were far from closed, and if I could focus enough, I could see the man in the building next door staring. 

Tana increases the setting of vibration to its highest settings, and I can see she’s slipped her shorts down to her knees so she could fuck herself while she fucked me as well, her plastic cock pounding into me. At a certain moment, she hits my sweet spot, and I cry out. 

“Fuck, right there, baby, it feels so fucking good. Your cock is filling my pussy so well.” I moan, grinding my hips into it. Tana continues to hit the spot, and I arch my back as my orgasm rushes over me, my cum squirting all over our couch. I can hear her moans getting higher and higher as she fingers herself into orgasm, a little gasp escaping as she hits it, riding out her high while my hands found her tits, playing with them. 

When we both finished, we laughed it off, cleaned up and changed, and went on with the day like it never happened. 

A/N: Hope y’all like it! She’s pretty funny, I like her videos, so I enjoyed writing this. Also, I’m kinda proud that I wrote two smuts in a few days, because as we all know, I usually take a week or two to write just one, so I feel like it’s pretty active of me, lol. Hope you’re all as happy about my activity as I am! x

Take My Pain Away - Chapter 9

Wait… What do you mean it’s not Friday? Enjoy this random surprise ;) Don’t expect it often though.

*TRIGGER WARNING* This story contains narcotic abuse, self harm, mentions of eating disorder, and emotional abuse.

Title: Take My Pain Away
Rating: This chapter is highly rated

Pairing: Dani/Santana. Mentions of Finn/Rachel, future mentions of Puck/Quinn(possibly)
Genre: Angst with eventual Romance

Chapter Word Count: 8,033

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ashanti-notthesinger  asked:

samcedes + unbind me ;)

1,700+ words, un-beta’d, so there might be a lots of mistakes. (it’s late, I has a cold, so whatever.) 

“Yes, yes. No-No, don’t worry, Sam. Of course, baby. Yes, yes. I’m on my way. Yes! Yes, I’m hurrying. Okay. Love you.” Brows furrowed, and with her iPhone still in hand, Mercedes glanced at the couple before her and abruptly stood up from her best friends’ kitchen chair, gathering her keys and purse as fast as she could.

“I really need to go home,” Mercedes stated, as if the conversation she just had aloud and her urge to leave weren’t good enough indicators, and she stumbled on the couple’s kitten through her need to leave the household. 

Tina chuckled at the entire scene, handing the leftovers of their dinner with one hand and grabbing the cat with the other. “Yeah, we gathered that whole thing, ‘Cedes.” But, at the current look displayed on her friend’s traits, Tina frowned and slid her fingertips through the animal’s fur. “But hey, what did he say?”

 “Bullshit, that’s what he said,” cut Santana with a raised brow, her mouth half-full with Tina’s homemade cheesecake. “And please. Don’t act surprised; the man’s been texting MJ for three hours straight,” the Latina added, her fork pointing at the two other women to put emphasis on her point. “I would bet twenty bucks that Evans is simply tired of being home alone, and he keeps calling ‘cause he wants some Mercedes time.”

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