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Yongguk: And now, it’s time to send in our cute little secret weapon.

Daehyun: I’m ready, Yongguk. I love the nickname.

Yongguk: No, Daehyun, not you. I was talking about the dog. [holds Tigger]

Daehyun: Oh, right. Obviously.

Yongguk: Over the past weeks I’ve trained him to retrieve cell phones. [looks at Tigger] And now, boy, it’s time to make papa proud.

Daehyun: Yes, sir.

Yongguk: I could not have been more clearly talking to the dog.

Calling himkitten~ Shy teacher and a Dae who wants to do a little corrupting. This one got pretty long so I’m going to leave it under the read more line. I tried to do things a little bit differently this time, so let me know what you think of the style! That gif though… Busan Dae will always always be my weakness ♥

Warning: Explicit Content        

           Cute. And a little nerdy. That would be his first automatic impression of her. The woman in front of him fidgeted a little, and one slim finger went up to slide her glasses back up her nose. Then, almost as if shy at being caught, she dropped her hand back on her lap and forced a brave smile on her face. Daehyun’s lips parted into what he knew to be a charming grin.

           “It’s very sweet of you to find time in your busy schedule to meet me.”

           “Well, yes, of course.” And then almost as if in afterthought, she added darkly, “That and my friends would probably have kidnapped, gagged and dragged me here anyway.”

           He laughed out loud. “It’s good to know you weren’t completely coerced into coming here then.” The smile she returned was quite beautiful. It lit up her features and he noticed that one of her upper teeth was slightly crooked.

           If Daehyun was honest, she definitely wasn’t his usual type. But their mutual friend had insisted he met her. “You’ll see. She’s a little different.”

           As dinner continued on, he realized that he was right. She was indeed a lot more playful than her appearance gave off. And there was a tiny roll of her shoulders that she does when she was about to say something remarkably intelligent that made her appear both confident yet coy. Throughout dinner, Daehyun observed how with every delicate turn of the shoulder, her blouse slipped further and further down until he was staring at a span of very smooth skin.

           Her laugh was brighter now as she was becoming more comfortable with him. There were two rosy spots on her cheeks and he found himself distracted by the attractive shapes her lips made when she talked. And they were currently moving.

           “Earth to Daehyun.” They curled into an angelic smile. She has a dimple on her right side, he realized. “Oops, am I talking too much again?” The round circle her full lips made made him reach for his glass of water.

           “No, keep talking. I love hearing you talk.”

           Her cheeks colored at the casual use of the ‘L’ word. “I do tend to get carried away sometimes though. The kids usually are more enthralled when you can tell stories.”

           He startled a little but then remembered that she was a teacher. Daehyun grinned and shook his head. “Not at all. You’re quite beautiful when you’re passionate about things.” His voice unconsciously dipped lower at the last few words and he pinched his thigh. He was here to make a good impression, not to let his mind wander. But he couldn’t help it.

           It was in his nature to tend to do things on the bad side, and when he was given someone who was pure light to his shadows, he wanted to show her the dark side. It didn’t help that he was extremely attracted to her as well.

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DaeJae Feels..😙
❣ In the early video.. He looks so HOTTIE & MANLY! when concentrating & being serious.😍 But, see how he turns into a “CUTIE” when giggling & laughing. OMG! He’s so soft. Especially when laughing together with YJae!😭❤
* There’s BTOB next to them & keep ‘teasing’ them. That’s WHY, he looks to the left side a few times & smiles.😄
B.A.P at MUSIC CORE “5 Minutes Delay” 2016.11.12
📷 Source© Nana Jung | Vimeo
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