Disabilityfest 1/?, Tan'yuu from Mushishi episode 20: The Sea of Brushes.

While this is a disability with a fantastical cause (she’s under a hereditary curse), the consequences of a paralyzed leg that has no easy fix are all too real. Tan'yuu must undergo a painful magical process that has a chance of healing her leg, though it will take years if it ever works–the alternative to it would be death. The slow, painful process is reminiscent of physical therapy.

She’s shown to be an expert when it comes to her disability, and when the mushi she turned to calligraphy get loose, she returns them to their scrolls, something only she can do. I liked that she wasn’t portrayed as helpless when it came to the condition she’d lived with her entire life–if there’s one person who’s an expert at managing it, it’s her. Yet it does also impair her, she is mostly housebound and dreams of someday traveling.