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Boats and Jealousy


Hello can you do one where the BAU team go to the beach or boating , and the reader and Spencer are dating. So the reader is wearing a bikini and since she’s curvy Spencer gets jealous because he sees other guys staring at her ass so when she’s tanning he puts a towel over her back and she gets annoyed and you can’t finish it from there (love your writing btw💕❤️)

I can most certainly do this!  And thank you so much!  That means the world to me, really and truly.  I hope that you enjoy your one-shot, because here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

As you raise your peach-colored bikini cover up above your head, even the men of the team had a hard time staring at you.  Your chest was prominent in the underwire top you were wearing, your stomach had a bit of padding, but your waist dipped in wonderfully before blossoming out to a wide set of hips and a voluptuous bottom that Spencer frequently enjoyed sinking his hands…and teeth…in to.

But it quickly became apparent to Spencer that your bathing suit while boating was going to be an issue.

On the actual boat, it wasn’t a problem.  While Derek was a flirt, one look from Spencer would usually shut it up, and the rest of the time was filled with his hand on your thick thigh while the rest of the women around you praised you for looking as good as you did in your bathing suit.

But when you guys got back to land and Emily had roped you into tanning with her, he noticed all of the guys slowly walking closer and closer to your blanket.

He tried to ignore it, with Derek flying a Frisbee by his head and Jack and Henry wanting to play in the ocean.  He tried to dismiss the lingering stares from random men, especially when Emily asked you to slather more suntanning lotion on her.

Could you not see that what you were doing was sexual to other men?

Finally having enough, he marches out of the ocean, grabs his sand-filled towel off of the ground, and tosses it over you.

It covered up your body…

…but it also covered you in sand.

“What the hell!?” you squeak as you lift your head up from your beach towel.

“Huh?” Emily grunts.

“Spencer, what’s with you?” you breathe as you toss his towel aside and try your best to wipe the sand sticking to your tanning lotion off.

“Just cover yourself a bit,” he murmurs lowly to you.

“Excuse me?” you ask as you slowly stand to your feet.

“Just…I mean…can’t you-…can’t you see all the men staring at you!?” Spencer exclaims.

“Spencer, no one is staring at me,” you emphasize.

“Then obviously you’re blind,” he states matter-of-factly.

“Spencer, no one wants to look at the fat girl in a bathing suit!” you raise your voice.

“You’re not fat!  And men are staring at you!  Walking close to your towel and watching every time you rub something on Emily.  It’s not right,” Spencer sighs.

“It’s not right for men to find me attractive?” you ask.

“That’s not what I meant…” Spencer trails off.

You knew you weren’t fighting fair, but you didn’t want to come out in the first place, and you were angry that you had apparently done something wrong in a place you didn’t want to be in the first place.

“Look.  I didn’t wanna come anyway.  I told you I didn’t own a bathing suit, and I should’ve just stood up to you,” you say as you bend over and gather your belongings, “so maybe I just need t-”

And at that very second, you hear a cat-call whistle come from someone passing by…and Spencer had had enough.

“She’s not your piece of meat to ogle!” he begins to yell as the guy stands there in shock.  “She’s not a mannequin for you to leer at, nor is she an object you can make the center of your affections.  She’s mine!  I know she’s beautiful, and that means that you keep your whistles, and your eyes, a-a-and your close walking stance TO YOURSELF!”

Emily’s jaw was agape and you were having a hard time keeping your giggling at bay.

Taking a deep breath as the man huffs and jogs away, he slowly turns to you with rounded, sorrowful eyes as he takes in a deep breath.

“You really didn’t wanna come…?” he asks defeated.

“Yours, huh?” you question as you cock an eyebrow playfully on your forehead.

“Look, if you don’t wanna be here, we can go.  We can get some food, or go see a movie, or-”

“Before I go anywhere,” you interrupt as you step forward and slide your arms around his waist, “someone threw sand on me, and I have to wash it off somehow.”

“Sorry about that…” he murmurs to himself as he wraps his arms around you as well.

“Wanna take a dip in the ocean with me?” you ask as you crane your neck back.

“What about suntanning with Emily?” Spencer asks lightly.

“I think I’ve had enough sun,” you wink as you take his hand and start for the water.

A Demigod Beach Day

The sun was shining brightly over the beaches at Camp Half-Blood. Campers splashed in the water and paddled in canoes. Percy surveyed it all from atop the life guard’s chair. His bright blue swim trunks were decorated with wavelike patterns, and his sunglasses and whistle completed the ensemble.
Not far off, Annabeth was stretched out on a beach towel, tanning her back as she read a novel about Ancient Greek fighting styles. Next to her, Reyna was also tanning and reading. In her hands was a copy of a novel entitled “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire”. They sported matching sunshine yellow bikinis.
Sporting a loud Hawaiian shirt, an opposing pair of black swim trunks, and a smear of sunscreen on their nose was Nico. There was no doubt about who put the sunscreen there, for Will was walking along next to the son of Hades, carrying a beach bag full of sunblocks, aloe, bottles of water, and all of the makings for a picnic.
Parasailing across the waves were Jason and Piper, his bright red swim trunks making him stand out like a sore thumb, and her hot pink and white chevron bikini making her draw everyone’s attention.
Splashing along atop a suspiciously cheerful dolphin was Hazel, her royal looking purple bikini studded with gold sequins making her look like she was wearing jewels.
Leo was paddling nearby in a canoe with Calypso. Actually, the canoe was rigged to paddle itself. Leo was, of course, wearing trunks emblazoned with flame, which were almost as obnoxious as Leo himself. Calypso, on the other hand, had on a simple, crisp white bikini with an equally crisp cover-up that reached to her knees and draped to her elbows. They were laughing and smiling as their makeshift motorboat paddled them around.
Other campers were mingling about on the beach. Grover was picking up litter and berating campers who threw away their recyclables. He happily munched tin cans and talked to Juniper when the campers were away, though. Connor and Travis Stoll were busy going around sabotaging sand castles, stealing sunglasses, and picking up campers’ drachma that they left in their shoes. Rachel was drawing the whole scene in her sketchbook.
Percy looked across the sand and the water, watching all of the happy campers, seeing his friends healthy, laughing, and safe.
It was good to be home.


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