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Class 1-A + the beach!!

- Tooru is revealed as the TOTAL PRANKSTER she is during this trip. She was watching one of those prank videos she (canonically) watches, when she got the idea to pretend to be a shark in order to scare her classmates.
- Poor Aoyama is scared of sharks and she grabbed him the first second he felt okay in the ocean. He didn’t get back into the water afterwards, instead laying on his towel and tanning most of the time (although he did go to the store with Shoji to get everyone popsicles).
- Kouda gets told he has to keep any sharks away from the class, even though Kouda keeps telling everyone that sharks are actually really nice and just get a bit unsure sometimes of what is food and what isn’t.
- Kaminari, Kaminari practically has a death wish but the entire class is convinced that his dumb decisions are worth it. Why? Everyone gets to see Bakugou getting repeatedly dunked under the water.
- You see, Kaminari gets Kirishima to help him convince Bakugou to agree to one round of The Color Game. This is under the agreement that after said game, Bakugou is left alone and nobody will bother him about getting into the water again.
- And then Kaminari and Kirishima grab Bakugou and tell Bakugou what the color game is, and Bakugou is…not exactly happy.
- (You see, the color game is fairly simple. The main player simply has to pick a color that the other player, or players, picked. However, you may only guess using yes or no questions (such as is it a warm color?, is it a color of the rainbow?, and is the color green?) and you get dunked every single turn. When the answer to a question is yes, the guesser’s head gets dunked, and when the answer is no, the guesser’s entire body is dunked. This is done by the guesser being held up and dunked by the other players. At the end of the game, when the guesser gets the color right, they get completed dropped/dunked/thrown down into the water.)
- As you may guess, Bakugou was not very pleased about being the guesser in this game. The rest of 1-A, however, was. Even Todoroki and Tokoyami hid smiles. Iida refuses to admit he snorted.
- The worst part of the game, for Bakugou at least, is that Kaminari plays the game much like I do. Meaning that the color Bakugou had to guess was turquoise. Not the hardest color Kaminari has made someone guess (chartreuse, periwinkle, and lilac were some favorites), but hard enough that onlooker looked concerned for Kaminari and Kirishima’s safety.
- Bakugou totally was sulking after the game.
- Tsuyu actually is not the biggest fan of salt water, so she mostly stays on the side reading, playing volleyball, and hanging out with Tokoyami.
- Sero and Mina have lots of fun, starting splash wars, beach volleyball games, and routinely dragging classmates out to the water. Neither have quirks that do well with the water, but they both make it work! (Sero by cutting up and reusing old swim floaties as protection from the salt water for his tape)
- Jirou stays out of the water most of the time, and helps figure out the music system (radio) for their day at the beach. She probably ends up rollerblading down the boardwalk with Mina, holding a boombox, at some point.
- Oijiro loves the ocean, and is in the ocean or playing beach volleyball almost the entire time they’re there. However, he really loves playing at the beach with his siblings and misses them, and ends up helping Kaminari build a sandcastle, since Oijiro knows all the best tricks to making them.
- Todoroki falls alseep and wakes up covered in sand, with a molded mermaid tail, scales and trident and all. He also starts teaching a child how to swim (as Iida did the same thing), but Momo thankfully notices the childrens’ mother watching them suspiciously and gets both of them to stop. Kaminari, Sero, and Mina are all very disappointed because they wanted to get the kids to race so they could know if Iida or Todoroki was the better teacher.
- Uraraka hasn’t really gone to the beach before, but she gets Oijiro to teach her how to bodyboard and does that for a long time and really enjoys it. She goes along the beach finding shells for a while, which she donates to the sand castle and to Todoroki’s sand tiara.
- Tokoyami hides under a umbrella the entire day because of Dark Shadow (and because Tokoyami’s feathers are not waterproof), but he actually quite enjoys sitting there with Satou and Momo as they eat the popsicles Aoyama and Shoji got. Poor Momo really needs the sugar after making a ton of sunscreen (because almost everyone forgot to bring any).
- Midoriya runs around doing everything for a while, but has a lot of fun and Kirishima even promises to teach Midoriya to surf next time they get to the beach, which they are both very excited for.

Hate & Beaches - Kevin Hayes #1

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about/request: Can I request a smutty Kevin Hayes where you guys don’t get along, but have some mutual friends. Everyone goes to the beach, he see’s you in a bangin’ bathing suit and some random guys trying to flirt with you, and you guys end up in bed at the end of the day after an evening of angst, and of course THE deed. Maybe he admits hes in love? (This is all over the place,I know.)

warnings: drinking and cursing and the xxx stuff ya dig

authors note: jimmy vesey get some better friends who don’t have sex in your bed like wow

word count: 2622

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Prank Wars (One Shot)

A/N:  Okay, so just a crappy one shot. I love the idea of a prank war, but I suck at pranking people myself, so I just went with some generic ones I had heard other people do. And I asked my sister for some tips and she came up with the magnets. Also the Russian says “oh dear God” and “it will not end well” (at least, according to Google translate).

Pairings: Female Reader x Bucky

Warnings: Swearing, that’s really about it

Word Count: 3,600+

Blurb: What originally started out as a harmless prank has turned into a full blown, destructive prank war between Bucky and you.  

It was a particularly hot day in New York, and the Avengers tower air conditioning wasn’t running very well, and so, Tony was down in the basement screaming and yelling and throwing tools trying to get it fixed, while the rest of you were lounging on the roof, by the pool, trying to catch any breeze that might give some reprieve.

Nat and Wanda were lying on beach towels, tanning, while Sam, Clint, Scott, Thor and Peter were in the pool doing laps and anything else that would allow them to compete against each other. Bruce was reading a book in the shade of an umbrella; it was his way of being with the group, but not participating in the shenanigans. And Bucky was sitting by the pool, his back to you. Steve was nowhere to be seen.

You grabbed a bag of water balloons that you had stashed in your summer bag and started filling them up. When you had a handful, you walked towards the door to the pool area.

“I dare you to throw one of those at Bucky,” you turned to see Steve, you looked at him puzzled, he was grinning, “Or Thor, either way it’ll be hilarious” he finished before exiting the tower and diving into the pool. He looked up at you and winked, you thought for a moment, but couldn’t bring yourself to hit beautiful, adorable, giant Labrador Thor, and that’s when you launched the first one, hitting Bucky right in the back with a wet slap.

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Back when I was a kid my parents used to take us to this very beach, pulling my brothers and I down the large hill and trail in a red wagon. We’d play in the water on giant pieces of driftwood like rafts and poke around the sand for fossils. Our Australian shepherd Ranger would turn into a giant mess and shake water and sand all over us.

Then the idea of the beach became something different, swimsuits, shaving, being hyper aware of every body “flaw”. My friends were content to lay in towels tanning themselves. The beach was a beauty treatment, a judgement zone. I wasn’t invited to some of the beach vacations my friends took so the beach became about exclusion. I hated the beach.

Now the beach is about magic again. Finding ancient things, marveling at tiny fish, eating lunch on giant driftwood trees the waves tossed up. Seeing the changes tides and the seasons bring. Soaking up both the sun (or cloudy sky) as well as the atmosphere. Maybe that’s what my friends were doing too and I just couldn’t see it at the time. I’m glad I love the beach again.

Ponyboy x Reader | String Bikini

Summary: You’re at the beach with the gang. Wearing a string bikini. If you didn’t know, they come undone pretty easily. So if someone like Ponyboy might just walk by and accidentally pull on it well…

A/N: Modern fic because string bikinis. Also it’s an AU were Dally and Johnny didn’t die. Ponyboy is fifteen. There’s a little bit of Sodapop x Reader.

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