tan shorts beach

Sun tan

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Pairing: Dean x Reader
Summary: Dean takes the gang to the beach
Warnings: None

Dean groaned as he watched you pull off your shirt and shorts, exposing your strapless black bikini.
“You gonna come swim?” Sam asked, pulling his shirt over his head. You gave him your bitch face and smirked, “of course not, we only go to the beach once a year IF we’re lucky,” you said, rubbing a little bit on tanning oil on your body, “I’m tanning while I get the chance, I’m tired of being pasty.” Sam just shook his head and took off towards the water with Charlie leaving Dean with you.
“You’re not going to swim?” You asked, laying down on towel.
“Maybe in a bit, I though you could use the company,” Dean smirked down at you.

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