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“Little red berry, red berry, red berry of mine!” 

To whoever made that headcannon that Tater sometimes sings Russian folk songs, bless u. 
Hello to everyone, from rarepair hell. 

“bob is an moc but bellamy is white because the show is whitewashing him”

do you hear yourself? do you?

bob morley is a biracial filipino man (meaning he has one filipino and one white parent)

similarly, bellamy has a white mother and white half-sister

writers have confirmed he’s the same ethnicity as bob 

writers have also confirmed that his father is filipino

so what are you saying?

writers words don’t count? then we can consider lexa as bi/pan i guess?

the kid playing him for 30 seconds in a flashback was white? so whiteness is such an overriding possibility that 30 seconds of a white kid negates 3 seasons of an moc?

bellamy has to be fully filipino even though the actor who plays him is biracial? sounds an awful lot like you wanna pass your racism off as white male hate really badly but dont have the logic to back it up

his father hasnt been revealed yet? so biracial people dont exist and the default is white? well we haven’t see the parents of characters played by biracial poc either, like raven and lincoln, so i guess they’re white too?

bob is white passing? maybe you need glasses :)

maybe stop reaching and deal with your racism instead lmao

aaw, LOOK AT THEM <3 !
They’re @nerdgasrnz  fusion children (and fusion-fusion child, haha)
and holee shit, i really needed to draw them when i saw them. They are so gorgeous and… -wink wink-