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Stuffies Under $10:


  • Webkinz Himalayan (x)
  • Pink Polka Dot Cat (x)
  • Grey Tabby Cat (x)
  • Orange Tabby Cat (x)
  • Molly - Purple by Aurora (x)
  • Snippy Black and White Cat (x)
  • Webkinz Siamese Cat (x)
  • Webkinz Smaller Signature Grey Tabby Cat (x)
  • Kiki Grey Cat (x)
  • White Stuffed Cat (x)
  • Oh So Soft Kitty Tan Plush (x)


  • Lil Lucky Chocolate Lab (x)
  • Bailie Golden Retriever Dog (x)
  • Border Collie (x)
  • Sheba German Shepherd (x)
  • Checkers Dalmatian  (x)
  • Cute Dog Plush (x)
  • Scruff Dog (x)
  • Itty Bitty Boo (x)
  • Blue Dog (x)


  • Prancer Red Roan (x)
  • Twilight Sparkle (x)
  • Rainbow Dash (x)
  • Paint Horse (x)
  • Mr. Brown Chestnut Horse (x)
  • Rarity (x)
  • Little Pink Fantasy Pony (x)
  • Chestnut Brown (x)
  • Beau Black Horse (x)


  • Miyoni Baby Bunny (x)
  • Bitty Rabbit Bunny (x)
  • Miyoni Bunny White (x)
  • Blanco Floppy Ear Sitting Bunny (x)
  • Miyoni Bunny Brown (x)
  • Floppy-Eared Easter Bunny (x)
  • Miyoni Lop Eared Bunny (x)

Misc Animals~

  • Humphrey Elephant (x)
  • Spunky Hedgehog (x)
  • Stuffed Penguin (x)
  • Miyoni Fawn (x)
  • Penguin Plush (x)
  • Sloth Animal Den Plush (x)
  • Kookoo Koala (x)
  • Fox Stuffed Animal (x)
  • Teddy Bear Baby (x)
  • Lamb Baby Rattle (x)
  • Brushy Hamster (x)
  • Buffy Baby Goat (x)
  • Hippo Plush (x)


  • Tyrannosaurus Rex (x
  • Stegosaurus (x)
  • Webkinz Lemon-Lime Gecko (x)
  • Lizzy the Blue Lizard (x)
  • Webkinz Gecko (x)
  • Emerald Tree Boa (x)
  • Pink Snake Plush (x)
  • Flower Frog (x)
  • Fernando the Frog (x)
  • Ganz Lil'Kinz Bullfrog (x)

Underwater Critters~

  • Skimmer Dolphin (x)
  • Pop Out Pets Ocean (x)
  • Ganz Lil'Kinz Pink Glitter Fish (x)
  • Clown Fish (x)
  • Ganz Lil'Kinz Polka Back Fish (x)
  • Sami Fish Plush (x)


  • Blueberry Ripple Unicorn (x)
  • Cinder The Green Dragon (x)
  • Sprinkles Dragon (x)
  • Sea Sparkles Maryn Mermaid (x)
  • GIR Doll (x)

Note: This is by no means a comprehensive list. Just some that I was able to find! There’s lots of unique stuffies at thrift stores waiting to be adopted! There’s a whole world of stuffies out there if you’re willing to look!


riley, the beautiful momma cat, was found as a disgusting rotten roadkill and somehow perfectly saved (and given the cutest collar~) by my dear @leowatchs. it was very clear by her condition that she’d had a good number of kittens in her time, so i think it’s only fitting for her to be with these precious salvaged babies– who look as if they could be her own!

3 more weeks and I’m moving for another new job! :) The school got me back haahahah. 🙈 Hopefully the schools will be less stressful. I just got used to having my current patients at the current job I’m at now but I was always getting so sick from all the stress. And then my previous boss called and wanted me back but I just can’t. I need to take a step back from clinics and home health. I’ll be so happy in the schools. I’ll have actual vacation time and I’ll be done by 3 every school day. I’ll be able to focus on my patients more and my old college friends will be working with me. It will be a really good.

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@gestahlt @datheetjoella @kurapirkko all of you have helped keep me sane through all of this. Thank you all for your friendship and encouragement. Thank you to everyone. 😭 it’s been a whirlwind of change and maybe the big city job was shorter than I would have liked but it got me away from the last job. I really am such a people pleaser and if I continued to work at my last company I would have continued to put up with it and that’s just not good!

Miss and love you all ❤️ Hope everyone has a wonderful week! :D

The Pets of The Terrace want to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  May your 2016 be full of fun adventures!


Moxy, Tang, PJ, Flapjack, Roscoe, Amelia and Olivia.

Art by http://guldentusks.tumblr.com/