tan jumping spider


Found a little tan jumping spider in my bathroom little while ago.. She was so precious gosh.. So when she was jumping away and was about to go to the blinds but she stopped and turned around to face me one last time then she waved her pedipalps around bunch and then they sort of vibrated then she vigorously waved them one last time and then she turned around jumped onto the blinds and that where she is now. I think she was spider yelling at me.. Like yo… I think this little spider just flipped me off. That is so dang cool.


Last night I heard my mom yell from the kitchen, “Hey kid! I think there’s a jumping spider in my sink!” So of course I jumped up and had to go check it out.

Look at this poor baby – so dirty, and missing half a palp! I made a little home (I’ll take some pics later) for the wayward jumper and dropped it in. It’s been sitting on the substrate upside down with legs stuck straight up in the air all night. Wonder if it’s going to molt?

Anyway, meet Luis, my new rescue!


Do Not Kill

Found this pretty gal today at my mom’s house!

She’s a little Platycryptus undatus or tan jumping spider. They move in short, quick bursts so they can be startling to find but do not squish! They are harmless to you and not aggressive. This one was quite gentle (and fuzzy, lookit all that fuzz!), and she was amicable to being relocated to the garden bed after a few pictures.

“Only about a centimeter long, this Tan Jumping Spider makes her living not by trapping prey in a web, but by artfully stalking her victims before leaping to make the kill. Her well developed interal hydraulic system will extend her legs by altering the pressure of body fluid within them - enabling her to jump over thirty times her body length without the large muscular legs of a grasshopper. That gorgeous pair of eyes staring back at you, along with six other eyes on her head, are among the most intricate in the arachnid kingdom. Equipped with moveable retinae and full color vision, jumping spiders are able to see almost a full 360° around them at all times - talk about eyes in the back of your head! This is just a young one I found roaming the flowerbed in my front yard. I got the picture by putting a combination of eyeglass lenses in front of my iPhone camera to get up close and personal!
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