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I am new to your blog but your art is so cute I couldn't resist to ask! I was wondering if you could draw 2p! Fem! America?

This was actually my first time ever drawing her. I hope this makes the job!

Tanning salon gal again! So last year in July, this mother and daughter came in to tan and when I told them they had no minutes, they threw a fit. They claimed they had bought them not too long ago and that my coworker (who had a tendency to forget to write things down/put them in the system) was the one who dealt with them, so obviously I believed them and fixed the amount of minutes they said they should have. When I let the owner know, I was told they were scammers and pulled this every once in awhile, but it was alright and I would know for next time.

Fast forward to September 2nd of last year, they had tanned a significant amount of times and were running low on their minutes. I happened to come in early to tan before my shift started when they came in, and they told my other coworker, who was new, that they should have more minutes than they did and proceeded to try to scam her. Thank god I was here because she knocked on my door and told me the situation and I loudly said, “They’re trying to scam you!” so that these people would know we’re not falling for their bullshit. They used the rest of their minutes and we hadn’t seen them since.

At least not until a few days ago! Once again, it was a new coworker (let’s call her J) they popped in on. They threw a fit to her claiming they bought minutes in December last year before Christmas and they should have plenty and went on and on. J decided to go through every single scheduling sheet and sale book from September to December to find evidence of them being here, and of course the last day they were shown anywhere was September 2nd. This lady was livid and demanded to get the number of the owner. J said she could call her from the store phone, but she wasn’t getting her personal number. So the lady agreed. And then she proceeded to tell the owner that I’m the one that dealt with her both times and that I could hardly bother to put my phone down and that I was nasty and rude! What the fuck?! I was nothing but nice to this lady while she was scamming me and the only reason I was even slightly ‘rude’ the second time was because I knew what she was trying to do and I wasn’t even on my damn shift yet.

I can’t stand people. #1. Why are you trying to scam us anyway? We have the lowest prices in town! #2. Don’t spout lies about an employee. If the owner wasn’t my AUNT and knew that what she was saying was completely out of character for me, I could have gotten fired! People seriously disgust me anymore!