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Before You Go (bucky barnes x reader)

no i did sO not name it after chris’s directed movie.

warnings: a bit angsty & elements of unrequited love. also an male oc

word count: 1,038

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Ulyana Sergeenko and crew at the opening of her first store corner outside Russia in Almaty, Kazakhstan, May 2012.

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Miroslava Duma, Lena Perminova and Polina Kitsenko all wear Spring-Summer 2012 dresses.


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emily // small leather pouches by giftshopbrooklyn

i recently purchased my very first giftshopbrooklyn item — finally!! and now i want more. like this gorgeous little leather pouch. i’d love several colors.

Congratulations [a Jimmy Darling imagine] [Pt. 2]

Request(s): ‘Hey girl! I absolutely adore your blog😍 i wanted to know if you could maybe write a part 2 to congratulations the Jimmy imagine? I love your writing! If you don’t want to I will completely understand maybe a happy ending?’ + ‘Can you maybe do a second part of Congratulations?? Pretty please?’

a/n: i wasn’t planning for a part 2 but ok

WARNING: Angst (?)

Part 1

Hiding in Amazon Eve’s caravan is what you have been doing. You don’t want to see Jimmy but you can’t just up and leave. Contrary to what he said, you were apart of this family. It is the only one you have. 

Eve stands tall in front of you, hands on her hips. “Y/N, you’re coming to breakfast.” She states; her ruby red lips in a firm frown. You shake your head from your position on the cot, curled up in yourself. “Don’t shake your head at me! You’re coming. Do I need to drag you or not?” She adjusts her lavender top. 

Sighing, you get up with a sniffle. Not bothering to clean yourself up, you clutch the tan nightgown you’re wearing while shuffling out the door. Eve follows after you, grabbing a robe to throw over you.

The wind hits your face and you frown, going to the tent with picnic tables. Jimmy sees you, standing up and walking towards you with his hands in his pockets. “Go away, Jimmy.” You scowl, turning away from him. It doesn’t matter if he’s sober at this time, you don’t want to speak to him. Not after what he told you.

A frustrated sigh drops from his lips. Suddenly both his hands hug your waist, spinning you around so your eyes meet his. “Y/N, look I’m sorry I said you didn’t belong here, it was fuckin’…I shouldn’t have said that-”

“But you did!” You interrupt, slamming the plate on the wood table. Everyone, including Jimmy, jumps. You’re never violent like that. “I was trying to help, Jimmy! I was trying to be a good girlfriend! You pushed me away! You said those nasty things; making me feel like an outcast to everyone! I-” Tears choke you and you hide behind your hand, sprinting back to Eve’s trailer.

Paul shoves Jimmy, pointing after you; eyes wide. Taking a hint, the lobster boy runs to the trailer, banging on the door. “Please! I just lost my ma; I can’t lose you too!” He cries, forehead hitting the metallic door. “I know I’m a moron for saying that shit and-and I can’t take it back; if I could, I would in a heartbeat.” He sighs, wiping his stray teardrops off his tanned face. “W-when you said don’t touch me…it was like my entire world shattered.” He sniffles, picking his head up so you can open the door. His pink eyes look at yours. “Ya belong here, babydoll; with Eve, Paul, Suzie, Pep-”

Your lips latch onto his; arms wrapping around his neck, pulling him closer by his blue button down shirt collar. “You-are-so-dumb-sometimes-Jimmy-Darling!” You say in between smooches, hands traveling to the nape of his neck. He smirks when you pull away. “One condition.” You raise your pointer finger.

He nods, grabbing both of your hands. “Anything, babydoll, anything. Just say the word.” He promises, brown orbs wide.

“I come back to the caravan; we have sex, cuddle, kiss, talk, everything. I miss you.” You pout, caressing his chubby cheek. He doesn’t answer; simply picks you up and walks to the other side of camp. You belong here; you belong with Jimmy.

Dean Winchester- Apple pie life for me

Title: Apple pie life for me

Pairings: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count:1472

Request:Hey can I request a shot where the reader’s family disowns her for falling in love with Dean Winchester. (She was in an arranged to a vampire to pay off a family debt.) so the vampire hunts her down and try’s to kill her but he is killed my the Winchesters but she ends up severely injured and needs to go to the hospital. (Could he impale her and she says “oh look I’ve been impaled” like Olaf?)

You didn’t know how it all began. Hell, it wasn’t even your decision to be carted off to a vampire but then again, it wasn’t your decision to fall madly in love with Dean Winchester. 

You really can’t control the heart. You had meet the Winchester brothers under a very strange circumstance. At least to everyone else it was strange. To you and the brothers it was your typical everyday meetings. 

You had been arranged to be married to  vampire. Crazy right? Yes. Even though times had been changed you had no choice but to be wedded off to a sleazy vampire to pay off a family debt. You hated your family for this but they didn’t really care as long as they survived anway. Never mind giving up their daughter to a cold blooded murderer who would turn you as soon as they got the choice. 

You remembered the look on your familys face when you had told them you wasn’t going to marry Seth. (The vampire). 

‘’You what?’’You mother hissed, a horrifed look marking her features as she looked between you and Dean. 

‘’Do you have any idea what they will do to us!’’Your father yelled with outrage. 

‘’Why don’t you think about your daughter!’’Dean snapped, hand tightneing on yours. ‘’I’d never make a deal to sell my kid! Think about what he’d do to your daughter nevermind yourselves!’’Dean growled, face beet red as he bared his teeth at your parents. 

‘’I’m in love with Dean’’You nodded, reassuring yourself. ‘’And I’m staying with him no matter what’’. You stood your ground.

Your mother shook her head, lip twitching with anger as she raised her hand before landing it down sharply on your cheek. 

‘’Get out’’She whispered, voice numb. ‘’I SAID GET OUT!’’She screamed, hands grasping your shoulders harshly as she shoved you out. Your mouth was wide open as Dean shoved her hands off and grasped yours.

‘’No need to shove, we’re leaving’’He spat with disgust. Sam was waiting in the Impala, tapping his fingers boredly against the dashboard before he caught the sight of the both of you out of the corner of his eye and straightened up. 

‘’Well?’’Sam asked, turning his head to look at you as he waited for an answer. You shook your head, looking down in shame. 

‘’We did the right thing, (Y/n)’’Dean smiled, leaning back to squeeze your knee softly and lovingly. Sam nodded in agreement. 

‘’He’s right, (Y/n). You shouldn’t stay with them if they sold you to a vampire!’’Sam shrieked, brows raised dramatically. You nodded but no matter what you still loved your parent’s no matter what they did. 

‘’Seth is not going to be happy about this’’You whispered in fear, fingers nervously ripping at your nails. 

‘’We’re not going to let anyone hurt you’’Dean stated with a serious expression. You smiled softly at him in thanks but you knew something was bound to go wrong.

And you were right..


‘’That’s the one’’The man breathed out to the other man. The stranger lifted up his nearly empty scotch glass as he downed the rest, the liquid burning the back of his throat as he narrowed his eyes on the lovey couple in the end booth. 

‘’That’s my girl’’Seth growed, fist curling up tightly as the glass exploded against his tanned complex. 

You laughed, clutching tighter onto Dean as you walked down the cold empty streets. Dean grinned at you, chuckling at your stupid joke but spared you anyway and laughed. 

You buried your hands into his coat pockets as you felt the harsh wind nip at your skin. Dean only shook his head at you, ears slightly pink as he bit his lip before leaning down to press them against your lips. You had to break the kiss for smiling to much.

‘’Thank you’’You sighed happily, resting your head against his forearm. He pecked your head, brows furrowing before they raised as he smirked. 

‘’Wait, I thought you payed for the drinks?’’He laughed. You lifted your head from his arm and smacked his shoulder playfully. 

‘’Well no I didn’t Mr.Gentlemen. And anyway’’You hummed, burying your face back into his arm. ‘’That’s not what I was saying thank you too’’.

‘’Then what?’’Dean asked, brows furrowed in pure confusion. 

‘’For making me the happiest I’ve ever been’’You whispered, staring up at him with awe. Dean grinned leaning down once mroe to give you a slow loving kiss as he hummed against your lips. 

‘’Like wise’’He breathed out happily. You giggled as you rubbed your face against his arm shyly. The whole way back you started to nudge each other playfully, swirving each other off the sidewalks, completely oblivous to the -meant to be-husband, following you and your true love. 

As soon as you got back to the motel you kicked your shoes off and flopped down on the bed. You arched your bck to will away the aching only for a heavy weight to pin you back to the bed. 

You laughed at the sprawled out Dean laying on your stomach. You ran your fingers through his hair, both stuck in a comfortable silence. It was amazing, you had truly never felt so happy and neither had Dean. 

For once, Dean didn’t feel ashamed of himself anymore. 

It was all going well… until someone decided to make a obseen comment on the peace. 

‘’I see the girl where’s the trousers in this relationship then’’.

You both jumped up, hunter instincts kicking in as Dean slamemd his gun from the back of his jeans and you the same. Your eyes widened in fear of who it was. 

Of course it went how you expected it too. Dean and Seth broke out into a fight. You had been thrown against the wall (you had a habit for having that done), and Dean was now bloody with a bruised Seth kicking in his ribs. 

You screamed dean’s name trying to get up. Everytime you tried a horrible hot shooting pain would ripple through your ribs and arm and send you back down. You finally managed to drag yourself up, ignoring the pain as you bit down on your lip and jumped on the vamp and pinned him down.

Dean rushed up running to get the machete before you could get hurt. The vamp grinned maniaclly underneath you as he graped your forearms and twisted the both of your round so he was now pinning you down. 

‘’You should have came with me. I don’t like being lied to’’He snarled. ‘’Your parents owed me a debt and they squirmed out of it’’He hissed, lips brushing against your cheek as you squirmed under him. Gritting your jaw you glared at seth. 

‘’I don’t love you, and I never will’’You spat, literally spitting into his eye. Dean came rushing back, thankful that you were still okay buth Seth managed to smack Dean’s head into the wall and send him unconscious as he slid down the wall, a sickly trail of thick crimson following. 

You gasped, anger welling up inside you as Seth took Dean’s gun and pressed it against you neck. You knew this was the end. 

‘’Well now you can join your parents’’He hummed with a sickly smile. 

‘’W-what?’’You stuttered, eyes widening. The vamp nodded in glee as he patted your cheek. 

‘’Oh darling. I told them they would pay if I didn’t get my girl’’Seth coo’d. He sighed in thought as he locked the gun. ‘’Shame, you were exactly my type’’He chuckled. 

‘’What? Girls who say no?’’You growled, nails digging into his skin. He laughed loudly as he nodded.

‘’Yes.Actually, I suppose I’ll have one cheeky taste before I put such beauty to waste’’He smirked woflishly as he hissed, fangs appearing. You squirmed trying to hide your neck as he brushed his fangs over your neck. 

You shut your eyes, waiting for the sharp bite before a thumping sound sounded and something rolling. You looked up to see his bloody body all over you and his head a few mere inches away from you. 

You looked up through watery eyes to see a panting Dean with a bloody machete in his hand. He leaned down, hand reaching out as you allowed him to haul you up. 

‘’Hey so I got salad. I know you guys don’t eat salad but it’s about time you di-what the hell happened here?’’Sam breathed out as he opened the door, bags in hand as he observed the bloody scene unfolding before him. 

You panted harshly against Dean feeling woozy. Dean caught you just before you fell as Sam rushed over. 

‘’(Y/n)…’’Sam trailed off, eyes wide as he looked at the glass sticking out of your bloodied stomach. You looked down along with Dean before looking back up. 

‘’Oh look.. I’ve been impaled’’