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Shoreline - Chapter 1/4

Olicity Navy Seal AU - rated M, for violence and sexy times.

Can a wounded Navy Seal find his way back to the living?

A/N: This is dedicated to all our warriors.


Chapter 1

Zero Dark Thirty, 50 miles from Mogadishu Somalia, the Horn of Africa.

Beads of sweat trickled down the center of Chief Petty Officer, Oliver Queen’s back as he and five members of his covert special forces Seal team crept stealthily through the outskirts of the urban town.  Night vision goggles bathed his vision in a swath of distinctive green.  Their mission was to hike two clicks into the western corridor of the town, manned and owned by the terrorist group, Al Shabab – Al Qaeda’s third-largest affiliate, and rescue an American teacher kidnapped from a school in the coastal region.  The physical condition of the held female teacher was an unknown, but one that would only worsen as her captivity went on.

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This is the beginning of a short multi chapter fic that will be part of a new series I’m calling Jon Snow in Uniform.

This story is the result of several prompts that I received, asking for variants of Jealous!Jon and Possessive!Jon. Here is both of those, with bonus Sweetheart!Jon. 

You can read below or on ao3. Further chapters will be posted on ao3.

Rated E.

San Diego, CA, USA. Home of the U.S. Navy SEALs

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therock Beast training session/photoshoot in the #IronParadise for our new #ProjectRock @underarmour men and women’s collection called #USDNA dropping this fall.
We got after it hard core like a MF, but it was appropriate considering the collection is inspired by the warrior men and warrior women of our US MILITARY.
I got after it in some key pieces that’s coming your way. Desert tan #RockDeltas and camo green hoodie which I cut that shit outta of ‘cause I keep it 90 degrees when I train.
USNDA drops this fall in October. Til then, stay strong, cut your clothes up and have a productive week. #HornsUp 🤘🏾🇺🇸

anonymous asked:

Just a random thing I noticed, if younger trans guys wanna know what colours are usually in the boys section so they can wear them, try bright but dark blue, bright/neon green, bright but dark red, tan, and camo. For older trans guys, try darker desaturated blues, tan, red, black, grey, and more camo. I could be wrong but this is what I generally see.

Title: Heartbreak Comes in Many Forms (None of Which as Sweet as Ours)

Word Count: 896 (short, i know)

A/n: inspired by this post that i can’t find the link to right now lmao. i hope you all like this and don’t cry too much! (ship: percabeth) 


It was stupid, really,how little Annabeth cherished the last few moments they had together. Not that she had any prior knowledge that they would be the last.

The days used to be happy; filled with smiles and corny jokes, making homemade pizza on the weekends and going out for ice cream every Monday night. Those were the good old days, as Annabeth had begun to call them. The days when she could wake up and find Percy still snuggled safely into her side, his warm breath gently tickling the back of her neck.

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Who is your favorite designer and why?

My favorite womenswear designer is Carolina Herrera. I like the style of women being conservative and sexy at the same time. 

My Favorite Menswear designer is Ozwald Boateng. His suits are classic, tailored, and stylish. I honestly love his designs so much that I would love to work for his brand. All men should should have a suit, so why not have it be a suit designed and created by Ozwald Boateng.

Who is your favorite model and why?

Adonis Bosso is my favorite male model. His bone structure is DISGUSTING (term of endearment) and his skin is smooth and flawless like his runway walk. 

My favorite female model is Joan Small. I love her because she is one of the only top ethnic models to slay the game. All of her runway performances are clean and effortless, she knows how to sell a garment. The modeling industry is filled with majority of white models but when you have a ethnic model, you have to support her because she is proving how necessary our skin color is needed on the runway.

Which fashion week is your favorite?

My favorite fashion week is Paris fashion week showcasing menswear.

What’s your all-time favorite runway show?

Alexander McQueen S/S 2010 Plato’s Atlantis Collection. This fashion show gave me an entire production that was of high quality and packed with energy.

What’s your go-to outfit?

A white V-Neck shirt with a pair of skinny denim jeans and brown chelsea boots. To top this outfit off is a fresh haircut and a pair of shades.

How would you define your style?

My style is eccentric and fun. I love wearing clothes that people wouldn’t see it together. I love wearing matching prints with neon colors or a tan longline tee with camo skinny jeans and a off white cream leather jacket. I like to believe every time I wear an outfit its because a designer casted me to be their edgy brand ambassador.

What are your favorite places to shop?

Zara. Sammy Dress. H&M (only the flagship stores). Top Man. and Press Play Clothing.

Favorite Designer Item:

I honestly do not have the luxury that other Tumblr bloggers have. I like to make Fast Fashion clothes look expensive. I don’t Consider TopMan a real designer (No Shade) but I have a white V-Neck shirt from them that I have had for 5 years. I like it cause its a Small that fits like an XSmall and it makes me feel uber skinny. Plus its made of great quality.  

What’s on your wish list?

Nothing at the Moment, I shop with the season.

What’s in your bag?

My wallet, My smartrip card (DMV), A gun, A charger and A coupon to Popeyes!

btw. I have a clutch not a purse or a bag………. 

Favorite song and artist:

Right now. Tink and Million

Its a Classic remade the correct way. 

Favorite quote:

It doesn’t matter WHAT you wear if you wear it with confidence. They won’t see your fashion..they’ll see your passion.

Who is your Role Model?

My role model is anyone that has a passion to succeed from a bad place or situation. I just met this girl a month ago. This girl has two kids, is 26 and is a single mother. You automatically assume that she has given up on life and has filled help from the government  but no. This girl is getting her Master’s degree in the fall, works two jobs, and finds the time to spend time with her family. We work together in DC at a paid internship for the Government. Everyday at work she reminds me that even though she has been dealt a bad hand from life that her dreams will be come true regardless of the any bad obstacles. This woman my role model because she clearly illustrates that there is no right way to live life. You can create your world day by day if you have a clear vision and a willingness to never give up.