tan bow

Well happy Sunday guys. I have church today so I thought this might be a cute dressy look if you have it too(or any thing else fancy today). It’s a casual dressy look, that’s perf for a nice sunny day like today.

-tan lace buster
-green pattern flared skirt
-brown wedges
-little tan bow
(Color scheme may vary upon opinion)

*for hair ideas go with a clean cut bun, or long waves/ curls. Bangs are optional

2P Allies React to S/O Walking Around In Their Clothes

2P America

He would smile at his partner wearing his usual brown jacket, a white tank and his ripped jeans. He had a small blush on his cheeks as he approached his s/o and pulled them close to him, whispering in their ear, “Hey there, doll face. You look really good in my clothes, but I think I want them back. I will even help you take these off…” He nips your ear and places gentle kisses and sucks down your collarbone and to your neck. Then kisses you roughly, picking you up with one strong arm under your rear and the other on your back.

2P England

That sweet little cupcake would blush a fiery bright red and stutter like a maniac. As soon as his s/o walked in wearing a white button-up under his pink sweater vest, blue bow, and tan dress pants, Oliver awkwardly walked up to you and held your hands in his. “_____….you look super cute…” He giggles childishly and pulls you into a light kiss.

2P France

He wouldn’t think much of it since all you wore was a loose button-up shirt and pants that hung loosely on you. He did smirk a bit a pull you in for a kiss and kept you in his arms for a while.

2P China

You walked in wearing his black shirt and pants, tapping on his shoulder to get his attention. When he saw you, he smirked and pulled you in for a rough kiss. “Not bad ____.” Zao placed you on his lap and wrapped his arms around your waist to keep you there as he completed his work, then kissed you again when he finished as it eventually led to something more.

2P Russia

When he walked out from the bathroom after taking a shower, he saw you wearing his long, black coat and red scarf that was both far too big for you. He blushed a bit as he looked you up and down, smirking when it doesn’t seem like you are wearing anything under his coat. He instantly kisses you, throws you over his shoulder, and goes to his room and closes the door.

Awkward Situation - (KaiSoo College AU fanfic) Teaser

The class had ended, and Kyungsoo nervously tapped his fingers against the wood table, waiting for the students to exit before he did.

Kyungsoo never enjoyed crowds. He sighed. He was never like this before he started college. He was the social butterfly, everybody loved being around him. But now, simply thinking of people caused him to shudder. He simply couldn’t bring himself to interact with people. He was afraid. Who could blame him though, right? People were…strange…and to be frank, it hurt his head simply thinking about it.

All the students had finally finished exiting. And Kyungsoo smiled, grabbing his materials and stuffing them into bag, Kyungsoo didn’t bother zipping it up, finding it bothersome. He’d have to take everything out again in his next class anyways. He slipped it on one of his shoulders and slid off his seat and made his way down the stairs. One more student was left, Kim Jongin. Kyungsoo gave him a glance, shrugging. The tan boy couldn’t possibly bother him. More than half of the students in this class didn’t even know of his existence. So Kyungsoo continued on his path.

Kyungsoo hummed happily as he slipped ear buds into his ears. He bobbed his head along to the song currently playing, feeling content. He shut his eyes, a smile ghosting his lips, before he crashed into someone. He quickly opened his eyes, his eyes widening. As he felt himself fall, his bag falling off his shoulder and landing next to him, his notebooks and pencils spilling out. “Are you okay?!” Kyungsoo ignored the voice hoping the person would just leave him to collect his notebooks and pencils, and allow himself to return to his dorm and cry about this for the next three days, wallowing in his own self pity.

Kyungsoo shakily reached towards his notebooks strewn across the floor, before he came in contact with another hand. He slowly looked up, gulping. Kim Jongin. Kyungsoo felt his cheeks burning with the fury of a thousand suns. “Are you okay?” The sunkissed male asked, a bit more sternly now. Yet he remained gentle in his demeanor. Kyungsoo slowly nodded. Removing his hand slowly. A light blush spread across the latter’s face.

Kyungsoo avoided that particular notebook and instead went to retrieve another. Jongin still helping him. Kyungsoo sneaked a glance at the male. He quickly looked away hoping and praying to God that he was not caught. He snuck another glance, this time being greeted by a smirk. Kyungsoo gulped and snapped his head away quickly. Kyungsoo had just noticed how attractive this guy really was. And it was really starting to make him tremble in fear. Next time this beautiful man saw him he would be reminded of just how clumsy Kyungsoo was. Kyungsoo mentally slapped himself.

The tan male had finished putting Kyungsoo’s materials in his bag, this time zipping it up. “So what’s your name?” He asked. Kyungsoo gulped once again.

“You’re gorgeous.”

The things extremely hot men make you say.

The tan male’s eyebrow raised, a smile at the corners of his plump lips.

Kyungsoo’s hands clasped over his mouth. “I-i’m so so so sorry!” He squeaked out to the tan boy. He bowed furiously before he scurried out of the room.

Kyungsoo took a quick glance back at the boy who was now grinning like an idiot. He groaned, “I’ll move away, change my name, have plastic surgery and become an antisocial reject….well I’ve already accomplished that…so that’s one thing down…” Kyungsoo whispered to himself with a giggle. His face returned to its stoic expression. “And I’ll live in my mother’s basement…I feel like…that’s a solid plan…” Kyungsoo whispered, gnawing at the inside of his cheek. “Yeah…I’ll definitely do that…“

Ayeee, that wasn’t too bad right? :^)

OH but what about Titan-hair Eren tying his hair up in a ponytail?

That neck was beautiful, before - bowed and tanned, short wisps of hair parted down the middle, almost inviting the fingers to bury themselves at the base of his neck - but now, now that his hair is long enough to finally be tied up - it’s hot and humid where they’ve set camp - and Levi hasn’t seen that swath of skin for ages (not that he’d missed it, no) and now, suddenly it’s there - too bare, too bright, a gorgeous curve of skin stretched over vertebra - vulnerable in a way that makes Levi think of Titans, of knives, of mortality, of sex.