tan bark

I was going through some of my tags on my blog when I saw this picture, and sometimes when inspiration hits, you just have to go along with it. So, an hour or two later, and high on antibiotics and pain relief, here’s a little AU Linstead drabble.

Sunlight pours in through the open kitchen window, warming the small area each morning. It was early spring, and after a light shower at dawn, the smell of blooming flowers and freshly cut lawn drift in as Erin potters around the kitchen. It was a nice change, to be able to take her time to drink her coffee and do last night’s dishes. Usually she was rushed off her feet, barely having enough time to fill her travel mug with coffee and swipe a banana from the fruit bowl. She couldn’t complain though, she loved this quaint little house. She fell in love with it the minute she and Jay were first shown through it. She fell even more in love the second, third and fourth time. A simple little two bedroom with large windows which, when the sun was shining, gave way to such a warmth that you couldn’t help but feel loved. The only drawback, if any, was that it is a forty minute train ride into London for work. She didn’t mind though. She quite enjoyed the rumble of the carriages over the tracks. Some mornings it lulled her, drawing her back to sleep, making her wish she was curled back up in bed with Jay. Other mornings it made her anxious. Reminding her she was getting that much closer to work and the dreaded deadlines she would have to plough towards. On those morning she would crack her finger joints before calling Jay, needing to hear his voice. He balanced her. Made her whole.

Wiping the crumbs from the bench into her palm, Erin smiled as she heard the key in the door turn, and then the creaking of hinges as the wood swung open.

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Fic: Tiny Tap Dancer

A (very short but sweet) Chris Evans oneshot

Summary: A little fluffy moment between Chris & Natalia.
Dedication: @mumbles411​. Thanks for the inspiration to write this. :)
Warnings: None really. Unless you don’t like fluff ;)

Thanks for reading!! xx


She was bored. Bored and lonely.

Huffing for what felt like the thousandth time since she woke up from a nap, Natalia felt like she was going stir crazy. There was only so much she could achieve being laid up in bed. Like online shopping. And getting their money’s worth by watching every series, every movie, every stand-up comedy special Netflix had to offer.

Bedrest sucked ass and she was so over it.

Chris poked his head in the doorway, lifting a comical brow in a way only he could pull off. “Hey, you’re up. The dishwasher is going and there’s a load of laundry in the washer. Need anything?”

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Textile sample.  Japanese, Late Edo or early Meiji era, 19th century. Textile sample with design of two tortoises (kame) and bamboo (take) in light and dark gray, light and dark green, white and blue against a blue and tan pine bark pattern (matsukawabishi)  background.  Provenance: William Sturgis Bigelow Collection; gift of William Sturgis Bigelow to the MFA in August, 1898.  MFA

askthemountainstates  asked:

A small, tan colored chihuahua barked loudly and almost excitedly as he ran through his desert. He was looking for anything or anyone to help the very little boy that he was taking care of.

“Where are you taking me” Bryan muttered as he, Partner, Trigger and LoneStar followed the strange dog.