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That Party Feeling - Jeff Atkins

You are not a party person. One night, when Jeff Atkins makes you attend one, that changes. One silly party game changes everything.

 (Jeff Atkins x Fem!Reader) (2842 words)

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“I don’t know Jeff, it just isn’t really my thing.” Jeff shook his head, eyes still on the road. He was driving you home, like he always did after school. It became second nature for him to find you at your locker and drag you out to his car, insisting to drive you. His kindness was one of the many perks of being friends with Jeff Atkins. However, his affinity for attending parties was a downside. You didn’t enjoy the noise or the people, but Jeff seemed to live off of it.

“C’mon Y/N, it’s going to be awesome. Jessica Davis is hosting too,” he said it like the fact a known-party girl was hosting was a rarity. You rolled your eyes as Jeff turned onto your street.

“I just, I don’t know,” you said quietly. Jeff pulled the car into the driveway of your house, parking it at the top. He shut off the car and turned in his seat to look you in the eyes.

“Okay, Professor ‘I Don’t Know’,” you laughed at his words, “I will be right here, in your driveway, at eight at night ready to pick you up.” He smiled at you sweetly, trying to win you over. If it wasn’t for the way his eyes sparkled when they looked at you, you’ve remained silent.You threw your hands in the air, in dramatic defeat.

“Fine, I’ll be ready.” Jeff laughed as you opened the car door and grabbed your bag. “I’ll see you at eight,” you said and shut the door. He watched as you walked up your porch and opened your front door when you heard Jeff yell.

“Dress to impress!” You turned around and gave Jeff the finger, causing him to laugh as he pulled out of the driveway. You watched as he car traveled down the street, biting your bottom lip as you did. Jeff Atkins was your friend, so why did you feel butterflies tickling your tummy at the thought of going with him to a cliche, High School party?

       “Y/N, Jeff is here! Are you going-” As you walked into your mother’s line of sight, her speech trailed off. You weren’t totally dressed up; you had just thrown on an outfit you knew Jeff liked. His hold on you, had shaped the way you acted. Jeff wasn’t your friend because he wanted you to change, he was your friend because you were who you were. But you couldn’t help but try to hint that you wanted more than friendship to bloom between the two of you.

      “You look great Y/N/N,” your mother said. You nodded a thanks to her as you walked towards the door.

      “I’ll be back around ten, no later. I’ll text you if something comes up.” You spoke as you as you put on your jacket.

     “Alright,” you mom said, “have fun. Not too much fun!” You smiled as you walked out of the door and out onto the porch. You saw Jeff rummaging around in his seat, as if looking for something. When he looked up at you, you almost giggled at his expression. Even through the window, you could see that bright, dumb smile. You walked over to the passenger side door, popping inside once you opened it. You buckled quickly, not looking at Jeff as you did. When you did look at him, you found that he was already staring at you.

   “You look,” he raised his hand in the air and tried to formulate the words he was looking for in the air.

     “Wow, thanks Atkins,” you teased and Jeff chuckled. He looked down to his lap and then back up at you, as if he couldn’t believe something. Another long moment passed until you spoke up.

      “So are we going or?” Jeff blushed and put the car in reverse. Seconds later, you were on your way to a night you would remember forever.

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linen items by notperfectlinen

comfortable, easy-fitting linen jumpsuits, tops and more are just the beginning of all the linen goodies you can find at notperfectlinen … there’s pillowcases, bedding, table linens, and so much more to love, in many beautiful colors and patterns, too.

I don’t know why, but I imagined Merle in a different, often goofy outfit, every time he met with John, so I have to share the visuals that kept popping up:

• Surfer dude with a farmer tan, and his loose tanktop says “Life’s a beach”.

• Radical 90s Fresh, complete with sunglasses and backwards hat. Shirt says “cool dude”.

• 60s with an epic flower crown, beads in his beard, and his shirt just says something super bland like “yeah” in cursive-like font.

• Mad Max, but a shirt that says “lovely day” & its bright pink.

• Zoot Suit, and a black eye.

• By this point, my brain started plugging in every fandom - I think you can see where it’s going.

Seriously, the possibilities are endless, and I am laughing myself to tears over here, so I am throwing this madness into the fandom.

Poolside- 1

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Son Hyunwoo

word count: 2067

Your parents had always been the type to spend money. They would always rather pay someone to do their work instead of get their hands dirty. Yes, it resulted in beautiful landscaping, beautiful décor, and cleanliness but it always irked you in a way you couldn’t understand. Until Son Hyunwoo.

🎧 Young God- Halsey

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Never Letting You Go

Human!Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 757

Warnings: mentions of hospital/surgery, very slight angst, fluff.

A/N: This is a little something I thought up today while sitting in bed, staring at my cast. 3 days post surgery! I blame the strong painkillers for this. You can probably tell that I have a thing for Human!Cas. It’s just a thing. I wrote this mainly for me, but I hope you enjoy it too. :)

(Not My GIF)

Cas paced in the waiting room as he watched your tracking number on the screen. 776107 Entering Post-Op. He stormed up to the receptionist, slamming his hands onto the counter.

“How is Y/N, is she okay? When can I see her?” Before the receptionist could answer, Dean gripped Cas’s shoulder and turned him around.

“Cas, relax. She probably just waking up from anesthesia. They’ll let us go back there as soon as she’s awake. She’s probably fine.” Dean slowly turned the former angel back towards his seat, politely nodding at the receptionist as he walked away. “Dude, Cas, you need to calm down. I’m sure Y/N did perfectly.”

Cas nodded as he plopped into the chair beside Sam, who sat scrunched in the tiny hospital chair. The three men shot their gaze towards the door as a nurse emerged with a clipboard. “Family of Y/F/N Y/L/N.” Cas shot up the moment the words left the nurse’s lips. The blue-eyed man rushed for the door, leaving the brothers in his wake.

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HIGHLY REQUESTED: Part two of “The Ultimate Mistake”

I could feel his presence before I could see him, every inch of my body standing straight at attention as his familiar ‘Versace’ cologne tickled my nose, waiting for any form of recognition from the boy it had learned to crave, for the touch it yearned for. He was standing directly behind me, his soft warm breath tickling the back of my tanned neck, brushing loose strands of hair over the flowers inked into the delicate skin. “I know you said you didn’t want to talk,” he began, my body shivering at the sound of his voice as I kept my eyes glued to the music video set before me, begging myself not to turn around. “So I’ll talk, you can listen.”

The pain in his voice shatters my heart into smithereens, the feeling like a knife being stabbed into my gut, twisting to make me feel the guilt I’ve been trying so hard to ignore. He hit me. He hurt me. And yet I feel like I’m the one who should be apologizing, the effect he’s always had on me. Despite my better judgement, I turn, my eyes landing on his golden orbs of emotion and I immediately want to break down into tears. “You haven’t been sleeping.” I state quietly, my gaze studying the dark bags that were almost impossible to notice if I wasn’t studying everything about him.

Justin nods his head as my left hand reaches up, my hand holding his cheek as my thumb traces softly under my favorite feature of his, wishing a single swipe of my finger could take away the imperfection that had been put there because of me. “There’s been a lot on my mind,” Justin trails off, his eyes avoiding mine as I quickly drop my hand from his face, realizing what I’m doing. No. He doesn’t get to get away with this that easily. I lick my lips playing with the bandana on the top of my head as I study the rest of his appearance, noting the intense shake of his hands and the constant fidgeting as he stands in front of me dressed in his music video outfit. “Sleeping hasn’t seemed important.” He continues softly, taking a step closer to me as if he doesn’t want anyone else to hear.

“You’re shaking.” I say, realizing his usual anxiety meds that I make sure he takes with his morning coffee hasn’t been in his system for days.

“No shit,” Justin spits, agitated as he runs his hand over the top of his head, letting out a huff of air. His words don’t catch me off guard like they used to, when his anxiety takes over, there’s a new side to Justin not even his mother knows. The words fill the space between us and i roll my eyes, annoyed at his childish outburst as his eyes fill with regret. It’s always the same game. “I’m sorry, that came out wrong. I’m just, I don’t know, I just, I miss you Y/N.” His response makes me push him away from me by the stomach, standing up from the barstool and walking away from the day that was suppose to be a day to get away from the Justin drama.

“Yo, JB, what the fuck man?” I hear Quavo yell as I push past the cast and crew of the music video, heading for the gate that will lead me to the outside. I just need to breathe, I need to be alone. From behind me Justin is yelling my name, calling for me to turn around, to come talk to him, but the thought of facing someone that cares so little about me makes my blood boil in anger.

Finally breaking through the gate I slip the red and white pack of cigarettes from the back pocket of my skin tight blue jeans, already flicking the cheetah print covered bic lighter and lighting the end of the orange and white stick, loving the feeling of the familiar taste soaking down my throat as i inhale deeply. “You’re smoking again?” Justin asks, coming up next to me as I feel a tear fall down my right cheek. I snatch my arm away from his grip as he tries to take the cigarette from between my manicured fingers. “Give it to me, Y/N.”

“Or what? You’ll hit me again?” I spit, my eyes staring into his, both of us filled with anger. “Fuck off, Justin. You lost any bit of control you had on me the moment you gave me a black eye.” I continued, remembering how I wore dark sunglasses for the first 3 weeks to cover the bruise. I put the cigarette to my lips, taking another drag as Justin inches closer to me, so close that when I exhale, i carelessly release the smoke into his face, knowing it will fuel his fire. “You’re an asshole.”

“And you’re a bitch.” Justin says, so calmly as if it’s the easiest thing for him to say. “What?” He smirks, when my jaw falls slightly in shock. “I thought we were stating facts.” Before I know what I’m doing, my right hand is dropping the cigarette to the ground and connecting with the side of his face, the sound echoing throughout the empty parking lot. Justin nods his head, his jaw tightening as a red hand print starts to form on his face.

Tears leak from my eyes as Justin checks for blood in the corner of his mouth with the pad of his thumb. “Stay away from me.” I retort, pushing past Justin, my shoulder bumping into his. I get only a few steps before his grip is on my wrist, roughly turning me around to face him.

“What do you want, huh? Tell me what you want.” He yells as I cry mercilessly, trying to pull my wrist from his hand. “Tell me what you need me to do. Tell me what I need to say for this to all go away.” Justin knew that I wasn’t upset with being hit, although it was the biggest mistake he could have made, he knew, as stupid as it was, my love for him was much greater.

“I want you to love me!” I scream, louder then i wanted it to be. “I want you to treat me the way you treat, Selena. I want you to think more of me then the scum on the bottom of your shoe.” I cry, as Justin slowly let’s go of my wrist, his eyes searching mine. “I want to not feel like I need you to breathe, but I do don’t I? You are so far under my skin, I don’t know what it means to live without you.”

Justin’s places his hands on both sides of my face, his forehead dropping onto mine. “I love you,” Justin says, so softly i almost didn’t hear him. “You mean more then you could ever imagine to me, I’ve been a mess without you. But as much as I love you, I still love her.” My heart falls into my stomach as he makes his choice, I was stupid. He would always pick her. “I love her, but I can’t lose you.”

“Fuck. You.” I finally whisper, shaking my head as I back away from Justin. Realizing he doesn’t care, he never cared, so why should I? “I’ll never be enough, huh? I’ll never be like her, so what’s the point? Why even try?” The tears fall harder from my eyes as I watch Justin, yet again, stand and do nothing but watch as I fall from his grip. “When the anxiety is too much, don’t call me. When Scooter’s on your case, don’t call me. When you need a good fuck, don’t call me. You know what, just don’t call me, k, ever again. Everyone was right about you. You are the prick of pop music.”


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knitted cardigans for men and women by vajuhandmade

i’ve been finding a lot of rad ukranian etsy shops lately, like vajuhandmade — a cool sweater and accessories seller that has styles for both men and women. check ‘em all out and find your faves!


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Sorry for the delay! I’ve been on a damn quest, an adventure…an epic journey to get to my current location and I am finally here and part three is edited!! Just to let you know, the longer I take editing-the better these parts will come out. haha. Anywhoha, enjoy! :)  

Nessian Part Three by L.J. LaFleur 

“You stole something precious. Something sacred,” his gravelly voice made my skin crawl with bumps. Darkness surrounded me, blocking my view but I knew that voice. We had only come face-to-face a couple of times yet he was forever burned into my memory…my nightmares.

I could feel his breath on the back of my neck, tiny hairs pulling away from me. “You’re dead,” I shuddered, turning only to face nothing but an unending black pit. “I took off your head. I watched you die.” I almost stuttered, not out of complete fear, but outrage. I killed him, I twisted and twisted until his head popped off. It was a nightmare that I couldn’t outrun, bloody hands that I couldn’t get clean.

Hybern’s unnerving laughter echoed around me, I couldn’t tell where he positioned himself. “Nesta Archeon, the Cauldron thief.” Spit left his lips-hitting me on my neck. The smell of rot made my nose wrinkle with distaste. “The cauldron wants your gift back. It wants more than what you received and what you stole, it wants you.”

“I have nothing, I took nothing,” I hissed as I felt his decomposing hand tightly grip my left shoulder.

“You do and you did,” he waved his hands, revealing a dim lit sandstone cave. Several iron sconces lined the rocky tanned walls, loose sand beneath my bare feet.  

My hands instinctively flung upwards to defend myself, hoping that I could handle his counter attack while my eyes adjusted.

“No, no, no-Nesta. I don’t need to fight you in physical combat. It’s much more rewarding breaking spirits than bones.” Hybern’s head was reattached to his body, his decaying skin had a pale sheen to it. There were areas where flesh and bone no longer connected, a string of tissue connected his cheek and jaw bone.

Chunks of vomit raced up my throat but I swallowed hard, hoping he didn’t notice.

With a reverberating snap of his fingers, my father appeared in his grasp. Terror overtook me, smothering my breath. Not only was Hybern alive, but so was my father. My trembling hands reached for him only to be blocked. One by one, they all appeared. Feyre, in her battle gear, already assessing the situation as Elain cried beside her. Their arms heavily chained with a turquoise glow.

“Release them,” I demanded, a pungent cold chill blasted towards me as he laughed.  

“I forgot how fun you were to play with.” Hybern lifted his nose, what remained of his mouth adjusted into an unsettling grin, “when you give back what I want, they’ll be released.”

“Burn in hell,” I shot back, patience thinning. Feyre struggled against her chains, I could see her attempting to use her power–nothing.  

Hybern’s smile fell, a grimace lining his rotten face. “Let’s try a different tactic, shall we?” He reached around my father’s neck, slowly squeezing the life out of him.

Father gasped, his strained voice professing his love for us. The harder Hybern gripped, the more my father’s eyes bulged.  

“No…” I whispered, my heart cracking as I watched him die in front of me–again. Our father’s hands gripped around the death hold on his frail neck. Gasping for oxygen as I stood frozen in place.  

“Let him go!” I reached for him but it was too late, I was too late. Hybern snapped his neck, the bone crushing sounds my father’s neck made twisted inside me. My hands ignited, flames roaring into talons while my stomach recoiled. I moved a step forward only to be pulled back into place. Again, and again, I tried and failed to move.  

He released father’s body, letting the thud reverberate against the cave walls. Hybern’s already cold stature turned to ice, matching his milky colored eyes, “now, let’s try this again, give back what you stole.” His decomposing fingers clutched Elain’s bicep, digging into her flesh as he forced her to the other side of the cave, flames fighting against the wall above the sconces.  

“Don’t touch her!” I screamed as he curled his finger, rubbing his bony knuckle against her smooth, tear stained cheek.  He pulled out a blade–Azriel’s blade– and touched it to her thin neck. “I don’t know what I stole, I don’t remember.” Elain wept as Hybern tightened the turquoise shackles, a fragile yelp left her rose colored lips. “Release her,” I snarled, my lower lip quivering with rage.

“Nesta, please. Help me, ple…” Elain’s trembling words were cut short as he slid the blade across her throat.  

“No, no!” I shouted, watching the waterfall of scarlet gush out of her, “Elain!” I tried to rush to her but something was holding my feet in place, I looked down, iridescent chains of blue stone had wrapped around my feet.  What was it? What, what is it? The stones…the name, the magic. It’s to lock down my power. I pulled against them, struggling to break through. Whatever was coursing through me tingled, the smell of magic fading from my nostrils.

Elain’s eyes focused on me, glossing over as the crimson stain widened on her pale gray nightgown.

“You’re going to run out of family members soon…” Hybern snickered while reaching for Feyre. Her war cries sounded when he touched her, tears rushing down her face. Feyre fought him, kicking and punching as much as she could to break free despite her lack of mobility. “Sad–making a deal that not only will end your life, but your mate’s too.”

Feyre spat in his face, her fighting useless against her restraints.

“Let go of my sister,” I seethed, the fire had grown up my arms, entangling itself around my skin like vines as light poured out of my hands. I could hear the bending and cracking of my shackles.

Hybern sneered, his guttural voice growing louder, “your light is no match for my darkness.”

“You’re terrible at one liners,” Feyre grunted as she shoved herself into him, forcing him backwards as she ran towards me.

“Run, get back to Rhys!” I bellowed, still struggling to break free.

“We’re leaving together,” she muttered, clenching her jaw. Feyre ran towards me, her messy braid waving behind her in the thick, damp air of the cave. An invisible wall shot up between us, her face smashing against it before falling to her feet. Blood drained from her broken nose and busted lip, a moan escaping her lips.

“Get up, get up…” I repeated while slamming my shoulder into the shield between us. “C’mon, Feyre!” I looked behind me, adjusting my position to keep Hybern in view.

His haunting laugh bounced off the walls, his body disappearing from my side of the wall. I threw my entire body against it, in hopes the wall would move with enough force.

“Feyre?” I called to her, “sister?” Heartache sinking into the marrow of my bones.  

Hybern reappeared on Feyre’s side of the wall. He gripped her golden-brown hair, raising her head for me to see, “she’ll be free if you give your gift back-and the one you stole. Or you can come with me–I’ll take either option.”

“No,” Feyre let out a breath, “don’t go…” she struggled speaking as she choked on her blood.

“I’ll go! I’ll leave with you.” I cried out, my body shaking viciously. “I will kill you,” I promised, my veins setting fire within me.  

“Nesta?” Feyre tried to crawl towards me, she winced as he pulled back her hair, her hands flinging to his. “Nesta!” She cried, “run.”

I shoved myself towards her, only to bounce back. Over and over, I slammed myself against the wall until my shoulder cracked under the pressure. A blinding white light flashed in front of my eyes as the pain rumbled through me. “I’ll kill you!”

“You already killed me and look, I’m still here.” Hybern taunted, shoving Feyre’s head into the sandy floor, a violent crack against the buried stone made my heart stop. The shield between us disappearing along with the bonds around my feet.    

“Feyre?” I ran to her limp body, “wake up! Feyre?” I begged her, my hands clasped against my back revolting with fear. Her back rose with a short breath. Blood soaked her golden-brown hair, a small halo beginning to from around her. I couldn’t speak, it hurt too much to say her name. Tears of amber and flame dripped from my eyes as I watched the crimson seep out of her. “Hold on, please.” I watched her chest rise and fall, then nothing.

“What did you think would happen? Thieves always get what they deserve. You robbed me of my future, of my kingdom.” He was shouting by the end of his sentence but all I could focus on were the three bodies circled around me.  

“I’m sorry,” I whispered in my baby sister’s ear-my lips trembled against her cheek.

“I didn’t realize you cared so much for her–good.” Hybern snickered, his yellowed teeth had turned to chipped daggers.

I stood heavily, afraid I might fall over if I came up too fast. The ache in my shoulder felt like nothing compared to the loss of my sisters, the loss of my father. “You’ve taken everything away from me,” my wrists twisted against Hybern’s shackles, cracking against the heat.

“Not yet,” he coldly laughed, with a flick of his fingers, Cassian appeared across from me.

Cassian’s face was bloodied, his left eye swollen with a deep purple bruise. His shirt had been torn in several places, unveiling bloody gashes and torturous burn marks.

“Nesta,” he fought against the same restraints they had all been wearing, his hazel eyes growing with rage as he took in the silent chaos–the bodies around us.

“Cassian,” I ran towards him until Hybern’s hand went in the air, thrusting me backwards, I heard several cracks in my rib cage from the force of my body hitting the sandstone wall.

Cassian fighting towards me, unable to move in any direction–he bellowed a curse. Sand made its way into my eyes, scratching and stinging until more tears formed.

“Nesta!” Cassian croaked, his muscles tightening as he pulled against his chains. “Nes,” his wings opened, Cassian flapped his wings once, soaring towards me.  

Hybern shook his finger, his decaying, taut lips barely moving, “no. Not yet, no happy reunions until I get back what should have been mine.” He lifted his hand, pulling on Cassian’s wing effortlessly as he threw him back towards the earth.  

The bones in my knees and shins felt the crushing pressure of an invisible weight, I couldn’t lift up against it, “I told you I would go with you. Let him go, spare him,” my teeth gritted against each other. Amber streams trickled from my eyes as I watched Cassian reach for me. Cries escaped me, shaking my head, begging him not to fight-not to endanger himself further.

“That wasn’t the answer I was looking for,” he huffed as his eyes shifted from me to Cassian. Hybern’s face contorted into a wicked fox grin.

My blazing eyes blocked out everything and everyone but Cassian. “Don’t hurt him,” I barked to Hybern. The fire in my body erupting like a volcano, exploding through every cell, every vein and limb flowing with lava. I shimmied myself to a seated position, flattening my back against the sandstone.  

“Beg me,” he pressed, watching Cassian struggle against his invisible hold.  

“Please…” I breathed deep to avoid further crying, “don’t…hurt him.”

“Not good enough,” Hybern raised his hands, flinging Cassian towards the wall opposite of me.

Cassian let out a gut wrenching scream as I watched his wings get pinned to the sandstone with dozens of iron spikes, invisible claws shredding him one section at a time.

“Cass!” I screamed-unable to get his entire name out as I cried with him. The fire dancing against my skin ignited from the inside, “No!” I reached for him, for his hand, for anything I could touch. “Cassian,” I begged as I watched the blood leave his face.

“Nesta!” Someone violently shook my shoulders with icy hands. A bitter coldness encasing my arms.  

“Feyre? What…? What happened?” I asked frightened, she was dead. I, I saw her die. Tendrils of smoke curled around them, “you’re okay, you’re alive.” My body crumbled with relief, crushing a pile of ashes beneath me.

A shadow disappeared out of the corner of my peripheral. Puffs of gray swirled against the darkness of the room. I adjusted myself on my elbow, barely needing to squint my eyes to see the emerald room was charred, several puddles of water crowded the dirty floor.

“What the hell was that?” Feyre whispered, her hands working on a couple of flickering flames on the chaise across the nonexistent bed. Water and frost built around the fire, suffocating it until it was nothing but a shadow marking the floor.  

“I did this,” I didn’t need to ask, the ice around my hands melted, my limbs still burning. I peered down to see the light in my hands fade. “Is everyone okay?” I couldn’t look at her, not out of embarrassment or anger, not even out of fear or envy.

“No one’s hurt. I was up when I smelled the fire.” She held out her hand over a small set of flames, water pouring from her palm, “painting.”

I crossed my arms around my shaken legs, I was naked. I swallowed hard as I watched the wind from the window pick up ashes. My body trembled as I stood, damp air attacking every pore. I stood with my bare feet in another heap of ashes that were once a dresser and desk. “I didn’t mean to do this, I had no intention of damaging your home.”

“It’s your home too and it’s fine. It finally gives Mor an excuse to redecorate,” Feyre mentioned. The sound of Mor’s name pierced what portions of my heart I had left. I buried my fighting tongue into my left cheek and opened the closet. A floor length dusty blue nightgown was all that remained. Hesitantly, I pulled it on, lace panels itched against my dried skin but I wasn’t going to complain after nearly burning down the entire house.

Feyre completed putting out the remaining fires, her face softened as she caught me looking away from her. “What did I do to you that caused so much malice, so much hatred? Just tell me so I can fix it or at least acknowledge it and not repeat the same mistake.” Her voice coated with despair, with exhaustion as she rubbed her temple.

“You did nothing, Feyre,” I hesitated, caught in between wanting to say more and not wanting to remember the past. My jaw tightened, grinding my teeth together as I debated.

“Hopefully one day you’ll tell me. That you’ll be able to look at me without seeing whatever happened,” she looked upwards, towards the onyx colored ceiling and then back down.  

Our eyes met, “you look like mother,” was all I managed, my arms wrapping around me as I noticed the frosty areas of the room.

Feyre nodded, her face clouded with frustration until she looked away from me. “I’ll be out of Velaris tomorrow. I think it would be best if you attend training with Cassian. It could help.”

“Already in my schedule,” I replied, careful not to sound rude.

She nodded before heading towards the door, my lips parting, “I won’t tell anyone if that’s what you’re about to ask.” Her head hanging as she took a deep breath. 

I nodded, relief soothing my aching chest, “Curse Breaker and Secret Keeper.”

“One in the same, really.” Feyre raised her head, cooling the handle with ice and swiftly closed the door behind her.

Home Invasion

Part 1

Modern AU where Mor and Feyre are roommates. Mor neglects to tell Feyre that her cousin Rhysand will be crashing at their place for a few days while he visits some friends in town. Rhysand stumbles in slightly buzzed and Feyre thinks he’s a burglar.

Word Count: 1,279


Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9.


It was late, really late. A slight groan escapes my lips.


The time flashes across the screen of my phone. God I want finals to be over. I want to be able to get more than four hours of sleep in a night. But most of all I wanted to get out of these goddamn jeans.

I forgot I was wearing them, hours upon hours of studying will do that to you. I rise from the chair at my desk, pausing to stretch out my stiff limbs and rub my eyes. I had been staring at my laptop typing for almost 4 hours now.

I head for my closet pulling out the most comfortable pair of leggings I could find. Then in one swift motion I unclasp my bra and pull it off. I strip off my blouse and exchange it for a worn The 1975 tee shirt that was two sizes too big. It was one of my most favorite shirts to wear around the apartment.

I slip on a pair of mismatched fuzzy socks and then drag myself into the kitchen. I still had to finish my paper and start drafting my final project for my honors art class.

I scrub at my face, wanting nothing more than sleep as I throw a pot of water on the stove for tea.

It was ungodly late, I was normally curled under my blankets by now. Unlike Mor, who was probably at Rita’s dancing her heart out. I envied her in every way that another student would envy a dance major. They didn’t really have finals, which was completely unfair.

I head back into my room to grab my phone.

When will you be home? I text Mor.

She texts back almost instantly. Soon, but Az and I are probably gonna go get some coffee. Poor guy drank too much and I am not leaving my bf with a hangover the day before finals.

I sigh inwardly. Of course she was with Azriel. He was practically stealing her from me at this point. I never see her anymore which was kind of upsetting since we lived—

My head snaps up as I hear the front door open. No way was Mor home yet. She would have told me if she was just outside.

I hear the person who just walked into our dark apartment probably stumble across the rug we laid by the door. The grunt was followed by a very masculine “Shit.”

Shit was right. Who the hell was that? And why was he in our apartment? I creep out of my room with caution. 

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I know with your soulmate au question it was meant to be serious but now all I can think of is an aggressive concealer war between people with different skin tones

this is actually exactly the kind of thing i was thinking about

like, while covering up person A’s concealer on their own face, person B spreads it too far so it appears on the edges of person A’s face. so person A retaliates. as does person B. for a while, they just wear concealer from their hairline to their collar.

and then it gets ridiculous. they go out of their way to put concealer on places the other won’t notice so one of A’s friend’s is like “uh why is there a pale spot on the back of your neck” and A just goes “god DAMMIT”

one time, person A intentionally wakes up super early and just. fuckign coats themselves in concealer. person B just has to spend the day looking like they had a spray-tan mishap.

both of them loose hundreds of dollars to the makeup industry. it’s amazing.

Band romance.

Idol: Yeri.(Red velvet)

Prompt: can you do a yeri (red velvet) gxg romance one shot where you are a bassist on a band and she is one of your fans? ty ^^

Warnings: None?

A/N: When you run out of title ideas ^^^. Also I am musically talentless and have absolutely no idea how bands work (ples spare me).

Writer: Admin Kitty.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Eddie showing off his surfing skills to Chris while he's tanning but he looses balance and falls off his board

Face planting into the ocean, but luckily Chris didn’t see bc he was too busy paying attention to Stone and Jeff wondering if there’s something more going on between them… I mean, why else would two guys hang out so much??

You’ll Be In My Heart

Originally posted by ghisborne

Based on this + this from @imaginexhobbit: Imagine Fili hugging you from behind while you cook for him || Imagine singing ‘You’ll Be In My Heart’ with Fili.

Setting: Ered Luin, before the quest for Erebor || Genre: fluff, angst || for @queenstylinsxn || Notes: I don’t own “You’ll Be In My Heart.”  || In this fic, it’s a lullaby that Dis used to sing to her boys. || More Fili (and Kili) fics || Masterlist

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New Promise

Bardxreader, for the Drabble Games, now closed for requests

Originally posted by happy-april

#13 “Are you the one who’s always in my dreams?” from the Drabble Games (closed for requests)  || also incorporating this imagine from imaginexhobbit: Imagine Bard holding your hands in his and his thumbs rubbing over the back of your hands || More Bard fics || Fanfiction masterlist

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