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Does being a vet "ruin" having pets of your own? Just curious if you would over analyze things/get tired of constant critters, etc. :) hope you have a fantastic weekend!

It kind of does. If all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.

When you’ve spent years training to identify and treat pathology, after a while all you see are problems. There are so many purebred dogs that I used to want, but now would struggle to enjoy owning because of the paranoia that develops with every little symptom, no matter how innocent that symptom might be. I mean, I’m bad enough if Wonka doesn’t scream as loud as normal for his dinner.

Like most people that wanted to be a vet, I had plans. I was going to have a farm, and two horses (I learned, quickly), tamworth pigs, jersey or highland cattle, some goats, at least three different types of purebred chicken, multiple dogs, multiple cats, one aquarium, an aviary of finches and maybe some rats.

I had big plans for owning animals, but between work commitments, time and space, none of that came to pass other than the two cats and maintaining an under-stocked aquarium. I just don’t have time for anything else at the moment.

Maybe I’ll pull it off one day, but you don’t look at animals the same way at the end of a vet course as you do at the beginning.

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So, is the lil one that Mason holds (Pavlov) a Tamworth too?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell a pig’s breed when they’re piglets because, unlike puppies, all pigs are born the same size no matter what breed they are. Even wild boars are the same size as potbelly pigs when they’re babies. Some breeds also change colors as they get older, and most of a breed’s defining characteristics aren’t apparent as piglets. 

Luckily, it’s easy to tell that Pavlov is a Tamworth piglet because of his red hair, pointed prick ears, and lighter colored snout. Those traits aren’t shared by any other domesticated breed of swine, so yup, Tamworth. 

So my totally awesome zoo (where I volunteer as a docent, numbah one zoo in the US thank you very much) is adding heritage breeds to the petting zoo.  Those are like the heirloom tomatoes of livestock - specialized breeds that were phased out in favor of more commercial breeds.  Tamworth pigs and Dexter cows and silver fox rabbits and others.

There are now four super cute miniature donkeys there.

Their names are:  Sherlock, Watson, Holmes and Benedict.

<kicks in door to the keeper’s break room>OKAY WHICH ONE OF YOU IS A SHERLOCK FAN I KNOW YOU’RE IN HERE.