Hare Tokidoki Yami by Tamura Yumi

Tamura Yumi is, of course, the creator of the fantastic shoujo manga series Basara (not to be confused with Sengoku Basara).  Hare Tokidoki Yami is a short, poetic tragedy that she wrote in 1999. 

This story is a beautiful depiction of angst, listlessness, and the sense of horror that encapsulated the post-bubble-economy in 90s Japan.  There’s a very good chance that you will cry, but I would wager that it will be worth it and I don’t always feel that way. 

If you’re a fan of Pink by Okazaki Kyoko, Kissxxxx by Kusumoto Maki. or works with that same combination of whimsy, social critique, and outlandish tragedy, I highly recommend reading this.