tamura lomax

GSWS professors stay busy over the summer. Check out this publication Dr. Lomax just released!

Womanist and Black Feminst Responses to Tyler Perry’s Productions

African American playwright, actor, television producer and filmmaker Tyler Perry is an American cultural phenomenon. Perry has made over half a billion dollars through the development of films, plays, and television series that center storylines about bla ck women, black communities and black religion. The success of a Tyler Perry Production, coupled with Perry’s participation in a range of media and in multiple roles as creator and actor, position him as a significant site of black religious and cultural e xpression, and thus critical inquiry and reflection. Womanist and Black Feminist Responses to Tyler Perry’s Productions examines Perry’s works from interdisciplinary perspectives and provides a necessary response to Perry’s current prominence regarding black representation, black religion and black cultural production.

LeRhonda S. Manigault-Bryant is Associate Professor of Africana Studies at Williams College, USA. Tamura A. Lomax is Visiting Assistant Professor of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, USA.

Carol B. Duncan is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Religion and Culture at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada.


People always ask me how I can claim to love Hip Hop so much and yet be so critical of it at the same time. Yes, I do like it, I like more of the old school Hip Hop, but just because I like it doesn’t mean I agree with every aspect of it. But that’s the beauty of Hip Hop, to love it means you can critique it.
—  Dr. Tamura Lomax (when asked by a student about her views on Hip Hop culture)