tamsyn kite


I bought a new jacket pretty much specifically for Tamsyning

it was on sale for half price at least (I bought it new but it cost about the same as either of my secondhand ones), and I can use it as an art reference ‘cause it’s way closer to my mental image than the other one

much like the other time, this cosplay snuck up on me, since it started out as me trying out the mascara I bought and then I was like “hey while I’ve got this makeup on I should take a shot at doing Tamsyn contouring” and then the wig and clothes followed.

The damn wig always photographs as a pointy mass of solid #FF0000, woe and misery


I colored this one with markers! I’m starting to find that easier or at least better-looking for many purposes, though more fraught with peril. It certainly involves less goddamn pencil dust. Shading similarly-striped fabric, though, has got to be one of the circles of hell.

On the left we have the vivacious, ever-grinning, and extremely sharp Tamsyn Kite, in a very bright dress with a heavily starched hem. On the top left we have her Extraordinary Hat (which I suppose is the brand name), an import from Fallen London that is at least sort of alive. On the right we have professional deadpan stoic Darcy Tennenbaum, holder of the world record for not emoting, who has been 16 for almost fifty years. (To get his hair pleasingly voluminous I ended up partially layering the pencils back over the inks in GIMP.) They’re time travellers! If they want to do any serious travelling they have to go together since Tamsyn has the time-senses and Darcy’s the only one who can summon the time machines. (Also Tamsyn can regenerate and Darcy has pockets that are bigger on the inside.)

I’m sort of surprised Darcy changed his clothes for this, since normally he literally wears the same outfit all the time. Which he can get away with since he was basically Scotchgarded at birth. And Tamsyn’s the only one who wore formal shoes to this dance apparently, although I might have put her in combat boots if I didn’t think her original ballet flats would look better with the cut of the dress.

I suppose this version of Tamsyn is from the Classmates:TNG RP, judging by the Hell-Seattle Clock of Death tattoo on her left arm. I just sort of drew it in automatically, but logically she wouldn’t have it in other continuities.


I got an idea for a thing into my head: a fashion sense swap! The characters retain their own motifs and colour schemes, but exchange their tastes in clothing.

First pair: Ivy and Tamsyn. (I will admit to getting a little carried away with the background on Ivy’s side.) Ivy gives Tamsyn her gothic lolita; Tamsyn gives Ivy her throw-goth-deathrocker-punk-and-a-can-of-paint-in-the-blender-and-hit-liquefy… thing. (She’s definitely somewhere in the middle of the goth-punk spectrum, but hell if I know what to call it.) Both of them are fond of skirts and combat boots, although I gave Ivy chucks anyway because it made more sense for them to be different colours that way.

Ivy’s jacket was a joy to shade and colour. The whole piece turned into a bit of a shading experiment, too. I think I just got carried away with the Ivy one in general, but I will not apologise for this, it’s awesome.

(For the love of god, click to view in high-res. Tumblr did horrible things to the thumbnails.)