tamsin x dyson

Things that this Christmas Time Loop episode gave me...
  • Tamsin suddenly kissed Bo and THAT let Bo remember that she was stuck in a time loop? If this was OUaT I’d be screaming ‘TRUE LOVES KISS’ from the treetops. Let’s be real though… that’s exactly what I’m screaming.
  • Lauren and Dyson are best buds now. It’s cute. I’m firmly not rooting for either one in relation to Bo, but I LOVE this new friendship (and evil me was finding irony in the fact while they were squabbling over who get’s Bo’s 'box’ Bo was making out with Tamsin… but mostly I just do love how cute them being on good and drunk terms is).
  • Kenzi and Hale. Rough start? Sure. But Hale did come through on not being an asshole (though still a typical guy… a very very nervous guy). And it was sweet…
  • …and knowing about 'all that’ also made Tamsin throw up in her mouth a bit.
  • Poor Tamsin.
  • Kenzi continuing her mama!bear to TamTam thing was awesome.
  • Also Tamsin and Bo made out.
  • A lot.
  • Multiple times.
  • During multiple loops.
  • And Bo might have gotten a clue about the 'Tamsin is completely head over heels in love’ thing.
  • …with Bo,
  • …obviously.
  • And I’d be sorta sad about them sorta ruining my sweet 'both brown and blue’ moment… but it can’t be ruined and Tamsin’s confession (which I think counts as 'exposing the heart with all it’s flaws’ moment) more than made up for it.
  • And then Bo forgave her.
  • And I cried a bit.
  • And I feel like there’s shades of old Tamsin shining through and baby Tamsin was only briefly present while in front of Mama!Kenz. It’s like best of both worlds.
  • Do feel bad for Vex. Cannot believe he agreed to drunken surgery. Then again it’s Vex.
  • And… did the show just implied that Bo’s dad to plans to 'mate’ with his daughter? Ewww… Aife running away makes even more sense than it already did.
  • But back to Tamsin and Bo.
  • THE END!

Basically what this episode gave me was a really really really great mood. Because it gave me everything I ever wanted and some things I didn’t know I wanted till I got them.