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Bo & Tamsin: Salvation by emm21ericcal

Mini-Rant Time

There’s something that’s been bothering me. Now, I have nowhere near the fortitude required to actually brave the ShowCase blog, but I have seen a few of the points that have been brought up over there about Tamsin, and there’s one that just grates on the wrong nerve with me–the “Tamsin is just a rehash of the stereotypical bad girl” argument. 

One of the most basic, crucial lessons for any writer (or critical consumer) is that there are no new stories. Every story you encounter on television, in books, movies, video games, etc. has been done in some way before. Originality and creativity shine through in how you present the story, how you frame it, how you shuffle around story elements to make it your own. 

The same goes for characters. If you’re looking for a character that doesn’t fit any archetypes, you’re going to be looking for a damn long while. In fact, every character on Lost Girl has been done before, which is why it bothers me that all of a sudden Tamsin is apparently a less appealing character for it. 

Take Bo. Bo is the heroine with the tortured past–she’s Kahlan Amnell and Emma Swan. She’s Xena, on a smaller scale with fae powers. She’s also the reluctant hero, new to the world she’s protecting and learning as she goes–She’s Buffy, Harry Potter, Richard Cypher. 

Trick is the wise mentor–Zeddicus Z'ul Zorander, Artie Nielsen, Rupert Giles. (Mr. Miyagi if you wanna get cheeky)

Kenzi and Hale are the wisecracking sidekicks–Claudia Donovan, Xander Harris, Pete Lattimer. 

Lauren is the nerdy girl who fights with brains instead of brawn–Willow Rosenberg, Hermione Granger, Myka Bering (although, granted, Myka kicks some ass physically too). 

Dyson is the dark, broody Casanova–Angel, and Spike to some extent (and I apologize for not being able to come up with more examples, I seriously can’t think of any–if anyone has suggestions I can edit later. Clearly I focus way too much on the ladies.)

And yes, Tamsin is the bad girl on the road to redemption–Faith, HG Wells, Cara. 

Everyone has certain character types they’re drawn to more than others. For some, there are character types that they just really, really don’t like, and that’s fine. I’m not saying “OMG you have to love Tamsin she’s just so awesome”, but if you’re going to be vocal about your dislike for her, at least be honest with yourself about the reasons behind it. 

Personally, I just love this show. There’s little they could do that would make me stop watching, short of firing and replacing everyone involved with it. I love each and every one of these characters, and can’t wait to see what comes next for them.