tamron 90 macro

My Tribute to No Edit Friday!

With the Sony A7 I now can more often post for No Edit Fridays – because, as I wrote in my last post, I can see the exposure in the EVF! Well, and I do have OOC (out of camera) JPEGs … ;)

And this shot is with a new (old) lens: the Tamron SP 1:2.5 90mm Tele Macro. AFAIK this is the first model: large, heavy, ugly as hell (and with heavy signs of wear); but other than that, it has nice qualities – and I got it for below $100 (including shipment). With open aperture I get heavy vignetting – that I actually find quite appealing – and decent sharpness. Stopped down this lens is really great. I should have bought a Tamron Tele Macro when I had my Nikon F3 (perhaps I would’ve never sold it ;)).