tamron 17 50

hello friends :^) i just got a quote for repairs on my daily driver, the Tacoma

it needs U-Joints and the timing chains are stretched, repairs totaling $3800+

:^) this is right after the clutch going out in the BMW which replacing will no doubt be close to $1000 after labor costs.

luckily enough I’ve been able to drive myself to work using my dad’s girlfriend’s second car, but the lease on that will be up soon and I will be without a car to drive to work and to the second job im looking for right now.

so hey, if you could buy my old camera body (Nikon D90 w/ grip) lenses (Tamron 17-50 2.8, Nikkor 18-105 3.5) stickers (War Songs, Enter The Hot Dream, Bebop) and leave me some other tips on how to make and save money, that would be super cool!

I’ve been trying to save so I’d have just-in-case money to support Helen when she comes here in two weeks but life is life :^) my rent is due and after that I’ll have maybe $900~ dollars :^) so if you could tell your friends about my stuff for sale that would be super duper cool

also if you have any rich or more financially stable friends that get off on altruism and extreme acts of benevolence, send them my way, okay?