Hey all, so my art program has been corrupted, but I can still use certain parts of it (not the airbrushes, though, since there’s no shading and little highlighting). I am home for Thanksgiving with a bonus head cold, so I will have time to get this problem sorted out before I return to college. Thank you for your patience, everyone, and have a nice, safe holiday.

The ACOTAR movie

It just occurred to me that when the ACOTAR movie comes out, everyone who hasn’t read the books will be like


but the book fans will be like


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“Feyre.” Rhy’s eyes lingered, taking in every detail. “Are you running low on food here?" 
"What?” Tamlin demanded.
Those violet eyes had gone cold.

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

Rhysand to Tamlin:

(That heartbreaking moment when Rhysand could see that Feyre was broken and starving and Tamlin was completely blind to it.)

FINALLY. I can upload this illustration - I had to make it size A6 (tinyyyy) to be able to but we are here and its done :D 

“As if he knew that they had let a fox into a chicken coop - and he could do nothing.”

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Feyre and Tamlin … mate, I would probably start running now if I were you! This is pretty close to how I picture Feyre - The dress was SO.MUCH.FUN to paint - thank god for Charlie’s creative mind <3 

This was based on a suggestion by @bookienewbie so thank you for that too! 

Anyone else ridiculously excited for ACOWAR? 

Characters copyright of @sjmaas

Dress design by Charlie Bowater

An actual friendly reminder

No one in the spring court knows that Feyre can read now, so Tamlin the Tool will probably leave a bunch of important information laying around just for her to casually read.

An experience I had this past weekend. It was the first time I’ve ever seen tampons in a men’s restroom and they were free! That’s awesome!

NOTE: Some colleges are providing free tampons in the restrooms. For anyone who is upset because “they aren’t free in the women’s room,” I want to point out that this was at one of those colleges. I can assure you they provided free tampons and pads in the women’s restroom too. 

Can you imagine tho, if when you went to the bathroom you had to use quarters to get toilet paper? Like if businesses just decided, nah, it costs too much to make it free, wouldn’t that be horrible? But people think it’s completely reasonable that half the population is having to pay for menstrual products so they don’t bleed through their pants.

Feyre spying in the Spring Court
  • Tamlin: Tell me everything that happened to you.
  • Feyre: Rhysand was absolutely horrible to me
  • Rhysand (through the mating bond): You mean horribly good in bed.
  • Feyre: *tries to keep a straight face*
  • Feyre (through the bond): NOT HELPING!!!
"Rhysand yelled my name again-yelled it as though he cared.."

Me, rereading acotar: HE DOES CARE ,HE DOES CARE, HE CARES

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