if we r online friends know that i think about u all the time. i like wonder what ur up to and if ur having a good day and i think about going to visit u or u coming to visit me and all the fun stuff we’d do and all the late nights and the lazy days and all the sappy indie romance adventure stuff. i think about it all the time. im not kiddin. i love u a lot

My Account of the Last Couple Days (MGMT at Panda Bar and Osheaga)

So we went to MGMT at Panda Bar DJ thing on Thursday night (Paige and I used the same fake ID). And it was awesome and Will, James, and Matt were there. We went outside and Will was chillin and taking a break from DJing like a pro. So we went up to him and like said hi and we talked and we got on the topic of Alien Days and I asked if they were gonna play it and he said yeah and also a new cover. So then Paige and I were like “well that’ll be cool cuz were totally gonna be front row” but we said it kinda jokingly, and then Will was like “yeah, sure” like jokingly and like he didn’t believe us. And then we talked more and took pics with him. Then we partied while they DJed. Then I woke up at 6:30 and got to the Isalnd Osheaga is on at like 7:30am and waited until the gates opened at 12 and then waited all day at the stage MGMT was gonna be at (but I waited with a lot of tumblr people so it was fun). So then it was time for MGMT! Then they walked on stage and omfg Andrew was wearing cool pants and Ben looked kittens as fuck AND Will walked to his drums, looked out at the crowd and saw Paige and I, pointed at us, smiled, and waved at us! And then MGMT played and Andrew talked a lot and said he had a chicken salad sandwich. I can’t even put into words how amazing it was. They were so good and Ben kept laughing at Andrew and ANDREWS HAIR and Will looked over at us when they played Alien Days and I gave Andrew a thumbs up when he announced Alien Days and he gave me a thumbs up back and it was night time and their lightshow was fucking amazing because they used the Kinect and Matt was great and James looked hot and there were fireworks and they covered Angie by The Rolling Stones and they played Siberian Breaks and they all looked so good and it was BEYOND AMAZING

the tame show was probably the nicest crowd i was in at bonnaroo, of the concerts at least. like i struck up a conversation with a few people and this girl behind me was being really sweet and said she liked my flowers and she seemed genuinely overjoyed when i said the same about her boots. and then a few minutes later she offered me some whisky which was nice in its own weird way?? like i obvi said no bc its just not my jam but she was clearly trying to extend some sort of kindness to me. and then these girls next to me asked if i had a tampon and i said no sorry (I FELT BAD BC I ALMOST ALWAYS HAVE ONE) and they were like oh well do u want some weed anyway?? and the same thing i said no but i was touched. it was just nice. the whole crowd for tame impala was there for tame impala, every fuckin one, and we were really pumped as a group and we all danced and it was nice ok bye

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music device on shuffle and write the first 20 songs that play without skipping. Tag 10 people afterwards. I was tagged by the one and only Emma (foreigntwo):

  1. Please Mister Postman - The Beatles
  2. Stoked and Broke - FIDLAR
  3. Camp Out - Bleeding Knees Club
  4. D is for Dangerous - Arctic Monkeys
  5. Live While We’re Young - 1D
  6. No Feelin’ - together Pangea
  7. Follow - DIIV
  8. Hello Goodbye - The Beatles
  9. Passing Out Pieces - Mac DeMarco
  10. Knights - Crystal Castles
  11. Id Engager - of Montreal
  12. Pure Pleasure - Drowners
  13. Tropicana - Ratatat
  14. Crumz in My Lap - Glitter Penis
  15. Out Getting Ribs - King Krule
  16. Mouth Wooed Her - Animal Collective
  17. Brian Eno - MGMT
  18. Beverly Laurel - Tame Impala
  19. Salvation is a Parking Lot (A Black Lips Rip-Off) - The Orwells
  20. Take It or Leave It - The Strokes

I’m tagging the amazing & wonderful: Paige, Macey, Ryan, Carlos, Alex, Melanie, Alyx, Jess, Kat, & Brooke