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I LOVE your blog! For single dad night I had an idea: like there teenager daughter going through cramps and having their hearts crushed by their first real crush and the dads trying their hardest to be supportive and help!

when luke first heard the moans coming from his daughter’s room, he could have sworn he felt the fire ignite in his veins. he stomped up the stairs, ready to throw whatever guy out. but when he burst through the door, he wasn’t expecting his daughter to be curled up in a ball around a pillow, moaning in pain, not pleasure. 

“honey, what’s wrong?” he asked, taking a seat beside her and brushing her hair out of her face. 

“it’s nothing, dad,” she insisted. but luke knew better than that, and so did she. “just cramps, that’s all.” luke almost had a flashback to his last relationship - her mother, and couldn’t help but realize that she had inherited that from her. her mother always had terrible cramps. 

“i’ll be right back, you stay put,” he said, picking himself up from her bed only to run to the nearest drugstore. he grabbed a few things before hightailing it back to his house where he found his daughter in the same position. 

“look alive,” he said, walking into her room again. “you can thank me later.” he tossed her the bag, not sticking around to see her reaction. 

he had bought her an extra pack of pads and tampons, a gossip magazine, pain killers and a slew of different kinds of chocolate. she was silently very thaknful, knowing most dads didn’t even want anything to do with a period. she couldn’t help but smile despite the pain. 

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I was just at the supermarket and I caught the cutest woman staring at me in the cereal aisle as I reached for the jumbo sized box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. She was so pretty, petite with wavy blonde hair that draped over her shoulders. When she passed me she did that half-embarrassed smile and said “Hi” to me first. I must have looked just as embarrassed as I fumbled back a boyish “Hi.”

That stuff never happens to me. I’m totally oblivious to the ogling techniques of the ladies. It made my night, and I can’t stop thinking about her. I know it’s silly, but it was such a nice surprise.

I’m glad she didn’t see my cart full of man-goods; two brands of whiskey, hot dogs, salsa, deodorant and ham. I wonder if she has a blog, and if she’s writing something about how much she hopes the tall handsome man at the supermarket didn’t see her cart full of lady-goods; juice, fruits, lip gloss, tampons and a gossip magazine.