tampico punch

Need ps4 friends

I’m taking friend requests from chill and nice people but I have a few requirements.

Must be lgbt friendly

Must be weed friendly

Be able to make jokes

The next few aren’t like make or break but they’re more wanted

Be able to chat in party

Have some cool stories

Like tampico citrus punch

Game I usually play

Warframe, Terraria, Destiny 2, Skyforge, Overwatch, Diablo 3 and a few others!

If all of this fits or you just wanna chat while playing different games and make a good ol buddy my Psn ID is: VIDatura


I can’t knock a brother’s hustle but damn, Darrell, why you gotta be the front man for the Poverty Food And Cheap HDTV Emporium Pimps?  Do they let you take all the hot links and Tampico Punch (or Sunny D) you can carry out the store after each commercial shoot?  Is that it, Darrell?  Alright then, keep on cheesin’ and hawkin’ them low low ass prices, D.