tampico punch

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name: Izzy

nickname(s): Uh…my girlfriend has me saved as “Baby Slut” in her phone, does that count?  Oh, and @atomicbombshell calls me Mom!

zodiac sign: Sagittarius

height: 5′1″

ethnicity: white (very Irish…American)

orientation: pansexual

favourite fruit(s): Bananas and strawberries

favourite season: Autumn!  That’s when all the leaves change color and everything dies.

favourite book(s): The Vampire Chronicles, The Devil’s Cup

favourite flower(s): Hydrangeas

favourite animal(s): Pugs, sloths, and goats.

favourite beverage(s): Coffee, Tampico mango punch, and rum

average hours of sleep: Like 6, maybe?

favorite fictional character(s): Carol (the Walking Dead), Rhys (Tales From the Borderlands), Wilhelm (Borderlands the Pre-Sequel), Lestat (the Vampire Chronicles), and Lito (Sense8)

number of blankets you sleep with: Two

dream trip: A gonzo trip starting in Ethiopia and following the historical path that coffee took from that country to the rest of the world

blog created: Lol idk like 2011?  Maybe?

number of followers: 1240, but I’m sure there are inactive blogs in there.

I’m tagging:  @zell-dincht, @atomicbombshell, @interstellarsam, @picklesnickel, @probs-something, @thirtysixsavefiles, @jilldrawblog, @catrchckern, @yea-lets-do-this-shit, @thecelerystalksatmidnight, and anyone else who wants to do this!