It’s late so I dunno who’ll see this (nor do I especially mind one way or the other) but I just wanna say this.

In my efforts to keep reposts at bay I’ve tried my best to treat everyone equally, that includes the reposters themselves. I always attempt to be diplomatic. If I offend anyone it’s not my intent. 

But I won’t stop. All of what I do takes merely minutes out of my day. Not even every day. On average about ten minutes a week, if even. That’s not even 5% considering how much time I spend on tumblr. The time spent checking a post before reblogging it doesn’t even come up to 1%. 

If I reblog a repost that somebody else reblogged with notes about it being a repost it’s because I’ve seen it making rounds. It’s never to embarrass or call out anyone. If I message you about a reblogged repost it’s with the best of intentions, and to help the creator of the work that was reposted, your followers, and you. 

I know some of you just come here to have fun. If we respect our fandom’s lovely creators by helping protect their work we might be able to have MORE FUN. This is why I do what I do, not to be an asshole. If I wanted to be an asshole trust me, y’all woulda left me behind ages ago. XD

In the Lab

The power in their relationship had shifted and Sheldon wasn’t even aware of when it occurred. It used to be him with the iron will power. He who could tamp   down every thought and feeling he had into an unnatural calm. It was Amy who was the one chasing him. Now the scales had shifted.

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Artists are not helper monkeys; they’re not in it to visualize ‘your’ story, because it stopped being 'your’ story the moment you engaged in a collaborative medium. From here on in, it’s also the artist’s story, and if you’re working with an illustrator who’s any good at all, you as a writer have to tamp down any control-freak tendencies you suffer under and relax into the process.
—  Mark Waid

Privacy Wall

Privacy Wall

Materials: 2 pressure treated 4 x 4 x 8 posts, 2 post bases, Concrete, Shovel, Bucket, Stain, Paint brush, Measuring tape, Chop saw, Wooden slats (number varies on height of privacy screen), Wood, Screws, Drill, and Level

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Did you learn that at GEORG SCHOOL, which is for SPIDERS GEORG? I’ll have you know, I have over 300 confirmed kills, and spiders do in fact love hot choclety milk. Ahh yes, the scalene triangle, I see you’ve noticed me tamping down the soft spange………….slime man. Not all macklemores are bad. komaedas having squirmy little feel when no gfs  ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

We are allowed to be angry and we are allowed to enforce boundaries and we are allowed to talk about our anger. It does not make us “better ambassadors for feminism” or whatever the fuck to tamp down our experiences, water down our frustration and the hurts we suffer, to make our words more palatable and less scary to men.

Expecting that from any marginalised community is incredibly wrong. Don’t do this to people of colour, to trans people, to sex workers, to women. If it makes you feel uncomfortable and unsafe, before you try to silence or condemn anyone, really think about why it makes you feel threatened, and what you have at stake in keeping marginalised and vulnerable people from talking openly about their own pain and oppression.


In lieu of Columbus Day, many states celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day. This More Art Monday, we’re highlighting some of our favorite artworks in the collection made by Native American artists.

More Art Monday is brought to you by Art 24/7.

Untitled,” 1939, by Haida artist John Wallace

Onrush of Time,” 1990, by Cherokee artist Kay WalkingStick

Scarf ‘Neuf Series #36’,” designed 1993, by Cheyenne and Arapaho Nation artist Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds

Segyp Kos’ket Saw Tamp? (Coyote Where Are You Going?),” 1997, by Wiyot artist Rick Bartow

Pillow,” 19th century, by unknown Nez Perce artist

Self-Portrait,” 1989, by Okanagan/Sinixt  artist Joseph Feddersen

Screaming Eagle Blues,” 1989, by Paiute and Shoshone artist Jack Malotte

Bag,” late 19th century, unknown Native American artist (possibly Woodland artist)