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Vader rescuing Luke?

Luke was never going to volunteer to scout out old ruins on a new planet for a potential base alone again, no matter how busy everyone else was, he decided, staring up the steep incline he had tumbled down and trying to ignore the pain from his very definitely broken leg. There was no way he could climb back up that collapsed hallway, even without his busted leg, and his comlink had been smashed in the fall; despite his attempts to replicate his call for help to Leia like he had after Bespin, he couldn’t seem to reach her.

Echoing footsteps above him and the telling hiss of the respirator was his only warning before his fa – Vader landed several feet away from him, the force of his landing enough to crack the rock beneath him, and, considering the circumstances, Luke was unable to tamp down his relief at seeing him, his only protest a small whimper when his leg was jostled as Vader scooped him up into his arms.

Send me a set of characters and an AU setting for a three sentence fic!
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(6/?) Favorite Teams - The Empty Cups

“Don’t worry, kid.“ Blitz brought out the silken cord. “This rope can’t be weakened. And Hearthstone’s right. We might as well tie it to one another for safety.”
“That way if we fall,” Sam said, “We’ll fall together.
Sold,” I said, trying to tamp down my anxiety. “I love dying with friends.






Eventually Bodhi stopped talking as the path grew narrower. Cassian saw the pilot stumble and noticed the stiffness in the man’s legs—the way he bent his knees as little as possible, more so the longer the hike went on. He noticed, too, the dark bruises and the raw, scraped flesh at the base of Bodhi’s neck. These were largely concealed by the collar of his flight suit, but the rain had tamped the suit down and left them more evident than before.

“How long did Saw Gerrera’s people hold you?” Cassian called.

Bodhi flinched but kept walking. “What?”

Cassian repeated his question.

“A few days, maybe,” Bodhi said, not looking back.

Cassian thought back to the rumpled pile of a man he had found in the catacombs, malnourished and battered and deranged with trauma. Less than a day later, the man leading him through the canyons of Eadu was transparently terrified and far too eager to chat; but he was also doing his damnedest to feign normalcy on what looked likely to be a suicide mission. He was even doing a decent job of it.

Cassian laughed. It was a brief, guttural sound that seemed drowned in the rain. Bodhi did look back now, surprised and a touch alarmed. “What?” he asked.

“Nothing,” Cassian said. Then he added, blunt and almost humbled: “Must’ve been a hell of a few days.”

Bodhi smiled—just a twitch of his lips—for the first time since Cassian had known him.

CS/Swan Believer FF

A/N: Because I have a lot of feelings. And Emma Swan is sometimes my spirit animal.

Summary: Emma finds a secret tucked up inside a chest and Henry stumbles in on her trying to decide what to do.

Words: 1000 | Rating: G (fluff and swan believer snarkiness ahead). Contains spoilers for 6x13, so proceed accordingly. | ao3


It’s shiny.

She laughs and though she’s still sitting cross-legged in the center of their bed, she starts bouncing on the back of her heels.

It’s really, really shiny.

Emma spins it so it catches the light from the ceiling fixture and throws tiny flecks of light on the walls around her. She angles it again and watches the light scatter and bounce as she does. She can feel a giggle slid up the back of her throat and quirk at the corner of her mouth but does her best to tamp it down.

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柴犬 Shiba inu by Soullock

[continuing from this drabble, inspired by @kawaiilo-ren‘s wonderful Otayuri Mafia AU art]

Otabek carefully tends to the cut on Yurio’s face and puts him to bed. He’s still spitting mad about whoever it was in the club who said something or did whatever it was that made Yurio so angry - Otabek’s never quite sure what sets him off. 

“Where are you going?” Yurio asks when Otabek gets up from where he’s been sitting on the bed, gently pressing an icepack to the place Yurio will likely have a huge bruise come tomorrow. He’s actually pouting, and Otabek tamps down the fondness that swells in his heart. He’s already far too fond of the boss’s brat kid.

“Out,” is all he’ll say in reply, because if he tells Yurio he’s going back to the club to finish the fight Yurio started, he will demand to come along as well, and Otabek’s already going to be in enough trouble as it is for letting him get that shiner. 

“Hmpf.” Yuri settles further down in his plush covers. 

“Beka,” he says when Otabek is almost out the door. He pauses and turns back.


Yurio won’t quite meet his eye. “Be careful.”

Dar nu e atât de simplu, pentru ca nu am vărsat doar cafeaua pe masa, ci m-am varsat pe mine intr-o groapa, intr-o loc umed și negru in care nu ma pot simți acasă.
Și am spălat cu clor atât de multe sentimente, atât de multe amintiri și momente, încât nu le mai pot simți in vene, nu le mai pot strânge la piept ca in nopțile vechi, in care ma ascundeam in beci si încercam sa-mi alung din minte duritatea unor voci care aruncau cu sare spre mine și îmi aminteau ca nu însemn nimic pentru nimeni, nicicând, niciunde.
Și plâng și ma plang pe mine, pe cea care sunt azi și nu mai vreau sa fiu mâine. Și simt ca ma pierd din nou in lume, in cuvinte și sentimente nespuse, in eșecuri și zâmbete tampe, șterse de o ploaie de octombrie rece.
Dar nu e atât de simplu de ținut minte, de strâns in palme și alungat din vise, pentru ca nu e doar o cafea vărsată pe masa, e o parte din mine, aruncată pe fereastra. Și e un scut spart de un zâmbet și de răcoarea unei dimineți de iarna, in spatele căruia se gaseste un suflet de gheata, care ascunde o foame de viața și-o durere de inima înecată intr-o mare moarta.
Și realizez ca tânjesc după afecțiune, după îmbrățișări ascunse sub raze de luna și un surâs șters, care putea duce departe diminețile reci.
Și am trăit ca sa înțeleg, in cele din urma, ca singuratatea nu e un loc in care sa te ascunzi de noapte, de visele sparte și sentimentele călcate in picioare.
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21 noiembrie 2016, 6:04pm

one of my least fave misconceptions is that sherlock only realized he was full on in love with john recently (like in tsot) bc hes a Robot who needed the Switch Flipped to Understand He Has Emotions via a Deduction bc hes a Deduction Machine but thats just…not the case imo. i think he loved john from the start, had an inclining/started to fully understand just HOW MUCH he loved john in tgg/asib, definitely knew by trf but probably in asib, FOR SURE knew in teh, then maybe tried to tamp it down or deny it over the following year of wedding planning but he sure as hell knew by the end of the wedding that his feelings never really went away, nor would they

Not to be heterophobic but I literally cannot imagine Lena, Fareeha or Angela with men.

Lena I think was basically born knowing she liked girls. Probably teased them endlessly as a kid, and was a legendary incorrigible flirt all through school. Has since cooled down only slightly. Flirting and playing around with women is part of what helps her feel grounded in time again.

Fareeha on the other hand got hit by puberty like a truck out of nowhere really late. Just woke up one day at like the age of fifteen, two feet taller and suddenly really uncomfortably attracted to all the women around her with no idea what to do about it. Has never fully understood that women are just as attracted to her as she is to them. Continues to be a gay disaster to this day, and has long conversations with Lena in the middle of the night about how every woman in the world is so pretty.

Angela was forced to grow up so quickly that she just kind of tamped down hard on any feelings towards others. Crushes and dating just seemed like a juvenile distraction from what’s really important. Between this and not feeling anything for the men around her, she thought maybe she’s just totally asexual. Then she met Ana Amari for the first time and


Oh no.

I’m gay.

Unexpected (Part 6)

You and Yoongi finally talk to each other about that night that caused everything to fall apart.

Warning: smut, angst, dirty talking, grinding, intercourse

Parts: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8 (final)  8.5 (bonus)

Your arm was going numb from where Yoongi had fallen asleep on it, but you didn’t want to move for fear that you would wake him and the dream would end.  You had spent the earlier part of the day nursing a hangover and a broken heart – remnants from the night at the club.  You spent most of your waking hours thinking about how Yoongi had followed you into that alley and how he had tried to take you away from that Mingyu guy.  Weeks of not hearing a single word from him and the first time you see Yoongi, he acts like a jealous lover.  You weren’t sure how to feel about that.  You had tried to tamp down any hopes that this meant Yoongi still had feelings for you.  You had learned the hard way that he was not forthcoming with his emotions and it was best to not try to read too much into his actions.  Still, you had lingering hopes…

Later that night, when you heard a drunken Yoongi at your door, screaming obscenities at you from the hallway, your heart started to swell.  You had dreamed of a day when he would come crawling to you and begging you to take him back, but having Yoongi banging his fist against your door while cursing your name seemed like an acceptable alternative.  Even hatred is a sign of passion, you thought, and much better than being ignored.

Your roommate, Hyejin, had tried to stop you from opening the door to him.  She argued that you deserved better than a man who ignores you for weeks and then shows up drunk and yelling insults at you.  She said that the only reason Yoongi was here was because his pride was hurt when he lost the fight outside the nightclub.  You knew she was probably right, but you couldn’t help but wonder if maybe there was more to it.  At the very least, you wanted an opportunity to hear what Yoongi had to say.

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Submission from @eosrealis who wrote something for my plantpowers!Burr!au :D this is how they think Alex would figure out that Aaron has powers (and it’s super well written!!)

“Alexander, no”

“Alexander, yes”

Aaron sighed. “When has that ever worked?” he nursed his coffee, avoiding eye contact with the sign-up sheet held in front of him. It was something of a challenge too, since Aaron’s overeager friend was practically shoving it into his face.

“I’ve gotten you to sign plenty of things.” Alexander’s eyes narrowed slightly, his mouth twisting into a self satisfied smile.

“Yes, but not this. You know I don’t-”

“You don’t do protests, yes, I know. But you would only have to stand in a crowd! Come on, what are you losing? You’d be supporting a good cause!”

Aaron knew that Alexander couldn’t possibly know what he stood to lose, but irritation flared through him anyways. Aaron tamped it down before it could show, he was good at that.

“I’m still not doing it.”

“Don’t you care about rights for powered people?”

Aaron carefully did not react. “Of course.”

“Then defend them!”

Aaron sighed again. “Hamilton, please stop.”

A raised eyebrow. “On to last names already? You’re slipping, Burr.” His surname was spoken with a teasing lilt, and of course only Alexander could get under Aaron’s skin just by addressing him by name.

Aaron huffed lightly, trying to disengage rather than get pulled into an argument. But of course Alexander could never just leave it at that. “Come on Aaron, how about this: I’ll leave you alone but you have to help my fundraiser at the end of the month.”

And there it was. The worst part about having Alexander as a friend was that he had a lot of experience in arguing with people to get what he wanted. Aaron considered himself a decent debater, but against Alexander he didn’t stand a chance.

But still. “No way.”

“You only have to help donate. Make some stuff for the crafts and bakes sale. You don’t even have to show up.” Aaron could practically feel the fishing line trying to reel him in.

He gave a token struggle. “If I give you a money donation right now, will you leave me alone?”

Alexander scowled, his face pinching in offense. “You can’t be so impersonal! Half of the point of a fundraiser is making an event that people can go to! It’s reaching out to the community! Which gives us more room to open dialogue about powered people and the shit they’re stuck with!”

The words struck him. Suddenly, Aaron felt drained. Just thinking about powered rights made him tired and sour. He especially didn’t want to hear about it from normal people. “Fine, fine, whatever.”

Of course, rather than the outcome Aaron was looking for, Alexander froze for a moment before pinning Aaron with his laser focus. “Do you- are you actually invested?”

Shit. “What are you talking about?” It came out harsher than Aaron wanted.

“You never give up this quickly, don’t tell me I finally found the topic you have thoughts on.”

Double shit. “Drop it, Alexander. Besides, no one’s going to care about powered rights on a small scale like this. There’s so few of them that everyone just forgets until a powered person’s in the news, and good luck getting someone to show up at a college fundraiser.”

Aaron bit fiercely into his cheek, that was far wordier than intended. What was he thinking, word vomiting on Alexander of all people? And of course he was grinning again. “You do, holy shit! Aaron Burr has an Opinion!”

Anxiety twisted its way up Aaron’s chest, a network of brambles- or it could be, if he didn’t get himself under control. No, don’t think like that, he tried to berate himself. Aaron did not fidget, even if the energy in his veins surged with his agitation. Alexander always was the best at pulling his emotions out, and for the hundredth time Aaron wondered why he hadn’t cut ties yet. The teasing smile on Alexander slipped off, his eyes slipping into something more concerned than amused.

It would be the smartest choice, Aaron had known that fact from the very beginning. From the first conversation with Alexander and his friends, Aaron had never met anyone who could shatter his years of solid control in mere minutes. Which of course was why he avoided that whole group as a whole. Not that it stopped Alexander from approaching him all the damn time. The only person who put that kind of effort in talking to him, actually.

Alright, it wasn’t any kind of mystery. Aaron was just lonely. His chest pulsed again with unwanted feelings and Aaron squashed it before it could spread to the grass around them. He could almost feel the blades twitching under his influence, it wouldn’t take much.

Thankfully, Alexander seemed to realize that he’d pressed a little too far. He took a step back, dipping his head ever so slightly forward in the closest he ever gets to an apology.

“Sorry.” Or not, apparently? Aaron couldn’t keep the surprise from his face. “Really, man. I’ll back off, but you really should consider it, especially if it really matters to you.” Alexander paused, the corners of his lips lifting up ever so slightly. “I always knew you stood for something.”

Alexander turned abruptly and walked off, the usual bounce back in his step. Aaron didn’t move, staring after Alexander until he disappeared behind a crowd of students. Finally, he took a step, almost tripping over the grass twined around his ankles, much longer than it ought to be and already seeding.

Aaron cursed quietly, ripping the grass up forcefully. The small garden to his left had a small mass of green bulbs that weren’t there at the start of the conversation, mostly because it was almost winter and much too cold for new growth. Aaron gave the garden a long glare, knowing it would attract more attention if he tried to reverse the growth. It would be better to create distance.

Now if only Aaron could apply that wisdom to Hamilton, then everything would be safe again.


Alexander closed the door of his room behind him and leaned against it, his mind working a mile a minute. 

Aaron has powers.

He shut his eyes then opened them again to stare at the board he had hung on the wall above his bed. It was covered in articles about powered people, strings of yarn of different colors linking pictures and texts together. And at the middle of it stood a picture of his classmate, an annoyed look at being caught on camera.

Aaron has powers.

This thought pushed him to walk towards the board and roam his eyes on it again, as if he hadn’t countless times before. He had been right since the beginning.

Aaron is like me.

Ever since his birth, he had been able to feel the auras of the people around him, and that included powered people, whose auras revealed their powers. Of course, such a gift was best to be kept a secret, and even if it pained him to, he knew it would help in situations like this.

He had been drawn by the other’s powerful aura, a miriad of colors swirling around the boy’s frame, though kept close to this body as if he was constantly trying to contain or erase it. His aura was the most beautiful Alex had ever seen, and after listening to the younger man talk in class he knew he had to get close to him. But Burr kept everything close to himself and it had been a challenge to approach him and get his attention, and a seemingly impossible task to get him to talk about himself. But he had finally found a way.

Maybe getting him to work with him on his cause would grant Alex more time with the other powered student, and maybe then he could catch a glimpse of Aaron’s immense power.

Alexander set his hands on his hips and stared at Aaron’s face with determination.

One day, he would get him to show him his powers. And then, they would be unstoppable.