Man I'm spoiled

So for the last couple of days I’ve seen on various social media outlets how cyclists are gearing up for spring. Pictures of shiny bikes, new equipment and kits and of course pictures of pasty skin and legs.

It kind of makes me realize, at ~2400 miles for the year so far, that I’m a little spoiled down here in Florida. Most of the time I don’t pay particular attention to what other cyclists are doing and lately I steer away from social media for days at a time.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel bad about this. I get to ride year round without hesitation! But I am grateful for the ability to do so.

And keep those pasty skinned pictures coming my friends.

I’ve been using a 2009 Echelon helmet since 2010 and definitely buy in to Specialized’s claim that the design keeps you cooler. I’ve always liked the Prevail style and at clearance prices, I hope this is the last helmet I need to buy for a long time. (That means I’ll crash this summer, I know it.) #cycling #cyclingphotos #tampacycling #specialized #iamspecialized #prevail #clearance #sale #igerscycling

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I’m totally not joking when, 50 miles into today’s ride, this temperature felt “cool.” Maybe thats because for the last 4 months this is the usual temperature at 7:30am when I start my ride. What a nice taste of fall in Tampa. #tampa #tampacycling #weather #fall #Florida #cycling

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The First 100

So tonight was my 100th ride of 2013. So far the tally looks pretty good. 

5,140.98 miles, 267:40:22 (Hour:Minute:Second), Just over 19.2 average. 

With 750 miles already this month, I’m hoping to finish with 1150 - 1200 miles in June. This is party due to the Strava Junedoggle challenge. I’m currently 973 out of 80,135. I’ve been as high as 571 but some rest days dropped me a bit. I’d really like to finish inside 750 but as long as I crack the top 1,000 I’ll be happy. However, There’s also about 12 miles I’ve lost on Strava due to the GPS signal dropping. 

Seriously, I saw four other cyclists out this morning. FOUR! It was gorgeous! Started at 50°F and it’s currently 65°F. Of course it’s bright and sunny too. Hopefully they all just rode completely different routes than me… #cycling #cyclingphotos #tampacycling #tampa #florida #igerscycling #specialized #iamspecialized #roubaix #prevail

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Sometimes making a mess is a beautiful thing. Besides a nice cleaning and BB maintenence, a new FSA 53t ring (let’s face it, I don’t even use the 39t in Florida), new chain (SRAM) and new cassette (SRAM 11-26). Hopefully the Allez will accompany me next week to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee and Pennsylvania as I and @autumnkrepop head up for a wedding / secluded cabin stay for a belated anniversary celebration. I guess I’ll find out if I have any climbing capabilities! #cycling #tampacycling #igerscycling #maintenance #diy #mess #beautiful #specialized #iamspecialized #allez #artemis #FSA #SRAM

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Ride time. I’m not sure if I like the scheduling at my new job or not. I don’t have a set day off and my work days vary. I just had two days off, worked a 12 hour shift and now have today off. When in doubt, ride. (Just ignore the lovehandles) #cycling #cyclingphotos #igerscycling #tampacycling #nightcycling #nightshift #nights #gratefuldead #lovehandles

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