tampa locals

That time I was visiting Tampa, Florida and a local girl asked: “Um, there’s this frat party nearby, you wanna go?” *Me* “I’d rather not be one of the victims in a Law and Order: SVU episode, thank you very much.” *She looked offended*

A wholly inappropriate joke, of course.

But, then again, I was rather tipsy.

For the record, when I told my sister this story she was on the floor laughing.

sslegend  asked:

Hey sweetheart, love your page and am local in Tampa, would definitely like to take you out. Actual date.

Maybe we can hook up in public place I like men that are confident enough to pick up a women.

Twitter storm for India Clarke happening in FIVE MINUTES! Tweet with the #IndiaClarke and #SayHerName hashtags today at 5 p.m. eastern

[Text of graphic reads: India Clarke was a transwoman of color who was found slain on 7/21 in Tampa, FL. The local media and the Sheriff agency continue to misgender her even in the face of her death. We honor and celebrate this woman of color for her courage to be herself. We demand the media and the sheriff STOP misgendering her. Join us for a twitter storm @ 5pm TODAY 7/23]

We The Kings / Stripped: The Unplugged Tour 2014

Dec 4 - Sidebar Theater - Tallahassee FL

Dec 5 - Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville FL

Dec 7 - High Dive - Gainesville, FL

Dec 12 - Culture Room - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Dec 13 - The Local 662 - Tampa, FL

Dec 14 - The Social - Orlando FL