tampa eats

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Lunch - and life- can be a balancing act. This kinglet is trying to eat in Tampa’s Lettuce Lake Park.

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January 20, 2014— Day 20: Bebe’s Birthday/MLK Day (No School!)

Today I celebrated jaimefel’s birthday by taking him out to lunch at this amazing Colombian restaurant called 

  • La Pequeña Colombia:The food here is amazing!! We ordered the bandeja paisa and chuleta colombiana and, as you can see, the portions are extremely generous. I’m so glad I took Jaime here because if I had gone with someone who isn’t fluent in Spanish, I felt like I would have missed some really good choices on the menu. The language barrier isn’t very big here, however, I would still recommend going with someone who speaks Spanish. Also, there’s  a bakery here!

For his gift, I bought him these black and white janoskis (will include that in my purchase history tag) and made him the card (shown above). All in all, I think he had a really good day, which is all that really matters. And I’m really just sorry I couldn’t spend his actual birth date with him because of classes. I love you, Jaime! <3


January 18, 2014— Day 18: Semi-productive day

Today I actually did my Anatomy 2 homework! I did awful on it but I still got it done. I can already tell that I’m not going to do as well as I hoped I would for that course. After we did some homework, we went to Burger 21 (again) and I got the TexMex burger and a Banana Foster Shake. Yum!! Those two are now my favorites there ;-) We spent some time at home until we went to the last novena before the sinulog. Tomorrow should be fun :-)