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I’ve known I was going to marry Vagner Lage for a long time, but I had no idea when – or how – he would ask.

We planned to go to dinner to celebrate three years together this weekend. Before I flew back from D.C., I told Vagner I was going to get my nails and makeup done, and he told me that the weekend wouldn’t be anything extraordinary, but I was more than welcome to dress up. Friday night, he took me aside and told me he wasn’t going to propose this weekend, but it was still going to be really special. 

Saturday night, Vagner took me to Mise en Place in downtown Tampa. While we were eating, I made a joke about how it would be a great time to propose, and he told me to not put pressure on the night. Then, as he prayed over our meal, he said, “God, I’m so grateful that You never rush things and that things go according to Your timing, not ours.” I started feeling a little convicted at that point!

When we left to go home, he started to drive toward Bayshore Boulevard, and I got suspicious. He suggested taking a walk near the water, which is what we did the night he asked me to be his girlfriend. So as we’re walking to the bench where he asked me out, I start to hear music and I was super confused. When we get a little closer, I see a classical trio and realizing they’re playing “our” song – Forever Like That by Ben Rector. Then, I see a photographer friend snapping photos. 

That’s when I started bawling. Vagner said a bunch of lovely things and then asked me to be his wife – of course I said YES!