tampa bay live

west coast florida gothic

  • you’re on I-75 for ten minutes without going a single mile. time has apparently stopped but you are still driving, without moving a mile, the radio loops the same three pop songs 
  • a tourist asks you for directions to the wal-mart, to the mcdonalds, to the closest walgreens, to the nearest portal to the underworld. you hope you gave them clear directions.
  • everyone at the crafts fair is selling candles. hundreds and thousands of candles. you worry they will catch on fire due to the heat. you buy the ocean breeze one and go home.
  • a seagull sits on the top of your car. you drive to the post office, to work, back home, and still the seagull is there. finally you try to make eye contact; you don’t remember seagulls having cat eyes. it is hungry.
  • you go to cross the street, and have to make sure the old person sees you enough to let you cross. you stop and start six times before you realize their eyes are closed, and their hands are not on the wheel. you let them through the intersection first.
  • every chick-fil-a is the same chick-fil-a and you had a high school crush on the person working the counter.
  • every local eatery is serving brunch, and only brunch. you’ve been eating french toast for weeks. your breath permanently smells of cheese hashbrowns
  • you’re at the beach when the sun has gone down quite quickly. it’s now definitely night, but all the hotels are lights out and your phone has died while you were instagramming the waves. you can’t find the way back to your car. suddenly, you hear a seagull squawk next to you. it is hungry. 

okay so tonight I was scrolling and i saw this post and me, being my obsessive and bored self, decided to look through the notes and find a few floridians, since i live in florida. but i couldnt stop at a few, no. i scrolled through all motherfucking 4,600-something notes and reblogged the post from eVERY FUCKING FLORIDIAN I FOUND.

i will tag them all now, but first lets give a huge thanks to phanburger for having this awesome, creative, fun and all around wonerful idea that ened up brining a whole fuckton of people together. thanks.

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okay wOAH that was a lot of people. we’re pretty scattered across Florida i think but Im p sure were scattered enough so that everyone could meet up with at least one other person

feel free to message me (and tell me if you want it to be private!!) to talk or arrange a meetup or whatever. were all in the same timezone! which might be incredibly terrible and im really sorry since its 3 am on a sunday night but hey its good bc time zones are confusing!! we dont have to deal with that shit!!

Im really sorry if I forgot you! if you want your name added or if I missed you or you havent seen the original post just say so and ill add you. also, if youre uncomfortable with your blog being on the list then ill take it off just tell me!

also lets just give a big round off applause to my followers who had to deal with me reblogging like ten million versions of the same post, you guys are troopers

also yeah this took about 2 ½ or 3 hours Im really fucking passionate okay