tampa bay comic convention

Me: I wanna go to a convention!

Me At The Convention: sitting in an empty corner somewhere, not talking to anyone, not participating in anything. There is Too Much happening. I have been at the convention maybe an hour.

Today a girl at the convention, maybe 18-20, was dressed up as Castiel, and very well too.  She was stopped in front of my table when someone asked to take her picture and she posed and smiled.  I piped up, unable to help myself.  

“I feel like you don’t look quite concerned enough.  You don’t look like you have a stomachache.”  

She laughed and tried the face out, the Castiel sad-scowl, and I said it was perfect.  Just then two more people asked to take her picture and she turned to look at me.

“Stomachache,” I whispered.

She posed, made the face, and every one of the people said, “Wow, you look perfect!  That was perfect!” 

She turned back to me with a huge grin and said, “You’re a genius!”  

So, let me tell you all a little story…

Since Friday (August 1st) until today, (Sunday, August 3rd), I’ve been attending Tampa Bay Comic Con.

On Saturday, the lovely Richard Madden was there for panel, photo-ops, and autographs. My boyfriend and I sat in on his and Pedro Pascal’s joint panel that day and it was amazing.

Fast forward to the end of the night when we were ready to leave. The second level of the convention center was cleared out so they could close it for the night. We went off to the east wing of the second floor to pick up my friends luggage so she could change out of her cosplay. Since it was cleared out, it was only us four and two people who worked there.

While my boyfriend, friend, and myself waited for her, I noticed someone coming our way. He was still too far for me to recognize, but I noticed he was flanked by two cops. As they got closer to us, I realized it was Richard. I silently pointed and notified my boyfriend and friend.

My friend said something about me going to ask Richard for a picture because he knew I wanted one. Meanwhile he had just walked passed us and was beginning to walk away. Due to my Harley Quinn (Arkham City) cosplay, I couldn’t chase after him. My feet were killing me all day thanks to the boots. So my friend ran after him to ask for me but the cops politely explained that he couldn’t and then they left. Slightly bummed and reluctant, I accepted it and simply enjoyed the fact that I was within feet of him for a few moments.

So fast forward once again to today. It went on like any other day at a con. Eventually the four of us walked to Hooters to grab some food since con food is ridiculously priced. We got to our table and about ten minutes into it, I hear my boyfriend go, “I don’t want to freak anyone out, but the King of the North is sitting right across from us.” - We all looked up and Richard was sitting down in the booth across from us with his mom and dad.

Naturally, I internally freaked out again. We all snuck a few pictures because obvioualy no one is going to believe Rob Stark is dinning at Hooters without proof. For the longest time we all just snuck glances and marveled at the wonderfulness that is Richard. God, we’re nerds.

Anyways… We got our food and I couldn’t eat. I was just too starstruck, really. What are the odds of seeing him like that twice. Finally I came to the decision that I wanted to at least speak to him. So after they ordered their food I waited a few minutes then approached the table.

A bit timidly I introduced myself, telling him that I wanted a picture but I didn’t want to draw attention to him and his family while they’re trying to enjoy their time at the restaurant so I just decided that I wanted to say hello. I told him that I loved him as an actor. Him and his parents were so sweet about it all. He asked if I was at the con, I said I was and that I watched his panel yesterday. He asked if I enjoyed it and we even talked about my cosplays. Shortly after I told him thank you for allowing me to talk with him and then went back to my table. (That Scottish accent though…)

My table finished our food and not too long after we finished paying for our food, Richard and his parents had finished their food. Reluctantly we all got up, (We were perfectly okay with just sitting around in the presence of the king.) and walked out. I lead the way out of the restaurant and after a few steps out I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned, thinking it was my boyfriend, only to realize it was Richard inches away from me.

He said something along the lines of, “Let’s take that picture.” I can’t quite tell you exactly what it was because I was still in shock and nothing was really registering in that moment. - May I add that Richard was inside the booth and his mom was on the outside. That means he literally had to get out that quickly past his mom and still run after me.

Moral of the story is that Richard Madden is such an amazingly sweet and polite person, to the point where he literally ran out of a restaurant to take a picture with me.

I swear, it still doesn’t even feel real. Again, that accent though… oh my god.