By Nicholas Trobiano | Photo by Dan Austin Photography

Some day, I like to work. Some days, I don’t. Today, I’d like to work with a window seat at a cool little coffee shop with uptempo jazz music and flowing cappuccinos.

If you can make that happen for me, the first round is on me.

Shirt by Zara. Pants by Gant. Watch by Rolex. Photographed near Waterworks Park in Downtown Tampa.

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More vegan Florida. This place is incredible. Vietnamese cafe in Tampa with a separate vegan menu. Appetizers were kimchi, seaweed salad, spicy cucumbers and fresh tofu rolls. All killer. #vegan #florida #tampa (at Bamboozle Cafe)

Pretty disgusted with the Tampa Tribune right now

Yesterday, a Black trans woman was found murdered, and the article in the Trib had the headline “MAN DRESSED AS A WOMAN FOUND DEAD.”

The article made several mentions of the fact that the person found was in fact a dude in a dress, one who had a prior arrest for pot possession.

Black trans women face more violence and are murdered more often than any other group in the US.

Her name was India Clarke.  She was a woman. Her life matters.

I’m honestly pretty speechless.
Support our sister India Clarke

From Alicia Clarke: Please help to pay for my 25 year old baby sisters funeral  expenses. She was a homicide victim and her body has not yet been released by the medical examiner to my family.. Since getting the news of her unexpected death we have not only been mourning but also trying to figure out how we will be able to afford to bury her.  My sister has been spoken of in such a Ill manor by the media initially and thanks to the strong voices of the transgender community we have seen changes and my family thanks you all for that (especially you Gianna Love) We have always loved India the way she was and she would have been ashamed and heart broken if she had ever seen herself referred to as “a man in woman’s clothes” thank you so much for all the voices that took a stand and made a change not only in the world but for India.  My sister was beautiful full of life and positivity no matter how bad things could be. She grew into the beautiful woman India that most knew.  My sister was the happiest I ever seen her in her life after her transition into India Clarke she never deserved to die in such a horrific manor. She deserved the best in all way shape and form. My heart and everyone who ever had the blessing of India’s presence in their life for even a second is broken right now. I miss you already India, all we have now is the memories of you. I will always hold every moment of your life and journey close to my heart.. I love you

Judge could shut down Uber, Lyft in Tampa

Here we go again. Another local government bureaucracy is doing its dead-level best to squeeze Uber and Lyft out of the marketplace. This time it’s for your “safety.”

From WTSP:

Drivers for Uber could be arrested if the company loses in a Tampa courtroom and the company, which lets you use a smartphone app to hire a driver, may have to shut down in Hillsborough County.

Friday, a faceoff between Uber and traditional taxis was about your safety and the future of how we get around in Tampa Bay. But, it could take weeks until a decision is made.

Millions of people around the country are using ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft, but that could end in Hillsborough, depending on what Judge Paul Huey decides.

…Customers who like Uber often say it’s cheaper and more convenient than a traditional taxi. But Uber is not as safe as a traditional taxi, the agency that regulates taxis in Hillsborough says, and that’s why they’re hauling Uber into court.

That agency, the Public Transportation Commission, is suing Uber. The PTC wants a judge to order Uber to meet tougher safety standards – the ones taxis have to follow:

  • More thorough background checks for drivers
  • Mechanical inspections on their vehicles
  • More broad commercial insurance in case there’s a crash

In court, the judge could rule that Uber is not a taxi service – that it’s actually a different, new kind of business – so it cannot be regulated by the county’s taxi agency.

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Did you catch that? It’s technically not even the taxi companies that are suing. It’s the government agency responsible for regulating taxis. But I digress….

Is anyone actually naive enough to think that this lawsuit is about safety? If so, I have a bridge to sell you.

Here’s what it boils down to. Taxi companies and the government bureaucrats responsible for regulating them really don’t like Uber and Lyft. And why should they? No doubt Taxi revenue is way down since rideshare popularity exploded. But that’s not a good enough reason to bring a lawsuit. Just as Burger King can’t sue McDonald’s because they have yummy fries, a taxi company can’t sue Uber because it’s better.

So they have to contrive an ostensible reason for a lawsuit. In this case, they’ve chosen the ever-nebulous, old catch-all, “public safety.” The great thing about that particular term is that it can really mean anything the government wants it to mean and since everyone wants to be (or at least feel) “safe”, public safety laws are generally rather popular. After all, other than councilman Jamm, who’s really against public safety?

But it’s all a distracting strawman. Not only does everyone want the public to be safe, but as I stated earlier, it’s not even the reason for the lawsuit.

Look, I get it. The Taxi companies don’t want to go out of business. That’s fine. Who does? But propping up failing industries by regulating competing companies out of business is not the right way to do it. It’s not only unethical, but it stifles innovation.

And besides all of this, the real reason it would be a travesty to criminalize ridesharing is that it would be yet another massive blow to liberty. When I open up the Uber or Lyft app and book a ride, I am making a personal and private contract with someone else. The terms of this private contract, made by two, consenting individuals, is none of the government’s freaking business.

Exit thought: I truly hope that this will be a great object lesson for millennials on how government overreach stifles creativity and innovation and makes our lives worse as a result.


07/16 - The Honeymoon Tour in Tampa, Florida

Bang Bang

Hands on Me

Best Mistake

Break Your Heart Right Back

I’m Every Woman / Vogue

Be My Baby

Right There

The Way

Pink Champagne

Tattooed Heart

One Last Time

Why Try

My Everything

Love Me Harder

All My Love

Honeymoon Avenue

Break Free

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From the Earth to the Moon direct in ninety-seven hours and twenty minutes, and a trip round it by Jules Verne ; translated from the French by Louis Mercier and Eleanor E. King ; with eighty full page illustrations (New York : Scribner, Armstrong & Company, 1874).

From the first American edition of Jules Verne’s novel about an expedition to the moon that launched from Tampa. Here at USF, we find the oxen on the moon (which look a lot like bulls, our school mascot) particularly appropriate.

From the Science Fiction Collection, University of South Florida Libraries