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Name: katherine

Nickname: kat, hicky

Zodiac sign: pisces 

Hogwarts house: slytherin

Height: 6′3

Sexual Orientation:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ queer/bi/demi

Ethnicity: white european

Favorite fruit: cherries

Favorite season: autumn

Favorite book series: Beka Cooper by Tamora Pierce

Favorite fictional characters: leonard mccoy (star trek), the iron bull (dai), all might (my hero academia), steve rogers (marvel), jason todd (dc), deacon (fo4), tohru honda (fruits basket)

Favorite flower: bluebells

Favorite scents: fresh laundry, fresh baked bread

Favorite color: green

Favorite animal: probably a toss up between bears and otters

Favorite artist/band: panic! at the disco

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: tea

Average sleep hours: average of 4 on workdays, average of 10 otherwise

Number of blankets you sleep with: 3

Dream trip: I wanna travel everywhere, but rn I’m aiming for Tokyo

Last thing Googled: ‘where to find makoto during summer’

Blog created: fall of 2010 i think

How many blogs do I follow: 365

Number of followers: 2,037 

What do I usually post about: video games, anime, superheroes, whatever tickles my fancy at the moment

Do you get asks regularly: occasionally

What is your aesthetic: foggy nights, fireworks, tree bark, fire pits, pretty scarves

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30 Days of Tamora Pierce: Day 3: Favorite male character:

Easy. George Cooper of Pirates Swoop. I adore this man. I love his entire story, from thieving urchin son of a former Priestess, to the Rogue at seventeen to a Baron and Spymaster for the realm. Okay, not really the Spymaster, but The Whisper Man. Even his nickname is cool! I love his relationship with Alanna, the fact that he was willing to wait for her to be done with Jon and Liam Ironarm. He’s determined, humorus and deadly when crossed.

I gotta wonder what happened to his collection after Thom was born though.