One dead Enjolras // Many Dead Enjolrai

With a bonus dead-Aaron-jolras

from left to right: David Burt, Jason Forbach, Anton Zetterholm, Ramin Karimloo, Jon Robyns, Kyle Scatliffe, Chris Jacobsen, Liam Tamne, David Thaxton, Christopher Howard

  • The Earth Is Free
  • Les Miserables

I sifted through all of my audios and picked out all of the “Let others rise…”s. It was quite an ordeal, but worth hearing. It’s ordered chronologically (with a few minor errors), but features a myriad of productions. Interestingly enough, the Bb4 ending seems to be a nearly exclusively across-the-pond thing, with only, amongst those in this admittedly not-expansive audio post, only Jeremy Hays and Aaron Tveit breaking that convention. At any rate, enjoy!

David Burt (Barbican Preview 1985) —  Anthony Warlow (Complete Symphonice Recording 1988) —  Joe Loccaro (US Tour 1-1989) —  Daniel Coll (UK Tour 4-25-1992) —  Michael Maguire (10th Anniversary Concert 1995) —  John Owen Jones (u/s) (West End 3-15-1997) —  Gary Mauer (Broadway 2-23-1999

Paul Manuel (West End 11-30-2002) —  Christopher Mark Peterson (Broadway 2-1-2000) —  David Bardsley (UK Tour 8-1-2004) —  Victor Wallace (US Tour 1-5-2006) —  Simon Bailey (21st Anniversary Concert 9-15-2006) —  Max Von Essen (Broadway 4-13-2007) —  Aaron Lazar (Broadway 4-14-2007) —  Tom Lowe (Hollywood Bowl 8-8-2008) —  David Thaxton (IOW West End Concert 7-26-2009)

Jon Robyns (UK Tour Cast Recording 2010) —  Daniel Diges (Madrid Cast Recording 2010) —  Ramin Karimloo (25th Anniversary Concert 2010 —  Jeremy Hays (US Tour 3-6-2011) —  Killian Donnelly (West End 6-6-2011) —  Scott Garnham (u/s) (West End 2-3-2012) —  Fra Fee (u/s) (West End 3-28-2012) —  Liam Tamne (West End 5-8-2012) —  John Brink (u/s) (US Tour 6-13-2012) —  James Charlton (u/s) (West End 9-29-2012) —  Aaron Tveit (Movie 2012) —  Christopher Jacobsen (West End 2-11-2013) —  Samuel Edwards (u/s) (West End 3-9-2013) —  Weston Wells Olson (u/s) (US Tour 4-13-2014) —  Alan Shaw (u/s) (US Tour 4-14-2014) —  Woo-hyung Kim (Korea 7-17-2013) —  Jason Forbach (US Tour 8-11-2013) —  Mark Uhre (Toronto 11-28-2013) —  Anton Zetterholm (West End 12-16-2013) —  Jonathan Winsby (u/s) (Toronto 12-19-2013)

One Day More
  • One Day More
  • David Shannon, Hadley Fraser, Fra Fee, Liam Tamne, Cameron Blakely, Katy Secombe & Cast

David Shannon (Jean Valjean), Hadley Fraser (Javert), Fra Fee (u/s Marius), Liam Tamne (Enjolras), Cameron Blakely (Thenardier), Katy Secombe (M.meThenardier) and the cast of Les Misérables singing One Day More


Liam Tamne performs ‘This Woman’s Work’ - The Voice UK 2013
 → My absolute favourite this season!