tammytitanium said: i used to live on the gold coast! just recently moved back to melbourne :( however i’m coming up in june sometime so if you organise a meet up i am 100% there my friend. also, potentially supanova in brissy maybe

I- COOOL! I mean, should we do this? Organise a QLD-ish meetup? If we aim for Supanova that should be enough time to organise things. Only catch is I won’t be able to hang at the actual con because I’ll be working it, but before and after may be doable.

blueeyedangel-greeneyedhunter said: Wow you are my new hero

Yes. Yes I am.


sciencenerdbuckybarnes  asked:

hey man sorry to bother, but i was wondering if you knew of a fic where stiles is an internet cam boys and derek is a super rich businessman who asks for private sessions (he has a wolfy related screen name, i remember that much). there's a bit where he basically pays to watch stiles study or sleep or something? they eventually meet in real life, i think. i thought i actually got it on your rec lists but i can't find it again :/ do you have any idea what it's called? again, sorry to be a pest!

probably Your Majesty by grimm?

I had to start telling fisting jokes to one up my mum, because I was embarrassed that she was able to tell more terrifyingly filthy, cringeworthy jokes than me. She’s great. If she read this she’d probably make a joke about the phrase “one up my mum”.

sciencenerdbuckybarnes  asked:

today i started using a screenwriting software to begin fleshing out a script and i'm super excited because i finally feel like screenwriting may actually become a possibility as something i can pursue as a career and i just ads;flkj (well you said we should tell you things and i needed someone to tell aaaahhh k bye)

Holy shit! That’s fucking awesome, dude - congrats! I know how hard it can be to lock down tools for writing so A goddamn plus, write like the freaking wind and take no prisoners!