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I assume I'm not first to bring it up. But interesting teaser to new gamemode for splatoon2 is up. Any comment towards Salmon people?

I can’t wait to kill salmon people and steal their unborn babies to sell them in black market for goodies.

For real, looks fun.

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pls help me! I've been sick and slept all day so when I entered here I saw a bunch of things happened. can you pls tell me everything that happened today? just a list is amazing! thanks xx

okay so off the top:

something involving colourful designer suits that the fandom at first thought had to do with harry but actually has to do with bruno mars (i tuned out of this discussion tbh)

deckstar (steve’s management company) was acquired by JGG (louis’ management company) so it’s looking like their original meeting was actually not very organic at all (according to a billboard article about it the two companies have been in talks for over a year)

we got more articles about eleanor/elounor in the sun and *surprise* louis pops up again at a grocery store in the uk (and the person taking the picture said eleanor was there too but so far no pics of her). we also got two pics of louis in jamaica (i believe at the airport? and again, no pics of eleanor [yet])

LOUIS AND BEBE REXHA MIGHT BE COLLABING. if you check my bebe rexha tag (i’ve been a bit lazy about updating my asks today but the important stuff should be in there) you’ll see more.

what else … oh yeah tammi posted a new pic of ‘freddie’ looking an awful lot like his real biological relatives austin and brett.

i think that’s it? if i’m forgetting something please feel free to reply to this post.

Tea Party For 9

Pairing: The Men of The Avengers x Steve Rogers Daughter Sarah Rogers

Warning: This is ridiculous and well I think I’m funny sorry if you don’t. Haha

When Sarah wants a tea party, she manages to get her way with Uncle Tony’s help. She doesn’t hear the word no when it comes to her uncles, not a single one is willing to tell her no, even if that means being forced into Dress Up attire and using their manners. As long as it stays between the nine of them only.

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“Are you sure about this?” You sigh leaning against the wall as you watch your daughter run from her uncle Clint who was chasing her down for of course stealing one of his French fries, her little legs going as quick as they could.

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I love that Briana has been going out almost every night and before Louis tweeted about the Uk, antis and Briana accounts were saying aw Louis has Freddie tonight, ignoring he doesn't have overnights. Then Louis tweeted about being in the U.K. ans Briana has gone out every night since and they're just like oh well Tammi has him HAHAHAH

poor mum grandma, constantly having to be looking after her own her daughter’s baby

Mellow Monticello Cafe

Prompt: REQUESTED BY ANON: SDR x reader where reader owns a coffee shop/bakery and the boys kinda go in every day and hang out and kinda flirt with her while she’s working

Pairing: Going to be Southern Democratic Republicans X Reader, but this part is Jefferson X Reader

Au: Café Au

TW: pg cursing, mentions a bra???

A/N: Hey guys! So I know the anon requested it as an everyday SDR cute thing, but I love this so much and it’s going to be a smol series, so bear with me! This is the first chapter, and my first time writing SDR, so be kind please! I can’t wait to pan out with the anon’s request! Thank you all so much for the support and love! I love you! If you want me to tag something, let me know! I want you to feel safe when reading my work! Please enjoy!

Word Count: 1049

You had worked so hard to have your own coffee shop. So hard. This was what you had wanted for years, and it felt so good to live your dream. You had been open for a few months now, and you had a rather good reputation in the city. You had a few employees-meager teenagers-who were efficient and competent. You were like an older sister to them. They followed you around like little ducklings, even though they’d never admit it.

It was a rainy day outside when you opened at five in the morning on a Tuesday.You wanted to be open early enough for those early risers-and maybe it was also because you didn’t have a practical sleeping schedule. This wasn’t odd for you. You opened at five every morning; it was still dark as night outside. The odd part was the guy dashing in a few minutes later, completely drenched despite his umbrella. He looked delectable. His hair was dripping wet, but it still had a lot of poof. He adjusted the collar of his magenta jacket, and seemed completely oblivious to you. He closed his umbrella and shook it over the doormat before he finally glanced up at you.

“Hi,” you said as his movements slowed, and he just gawked at you while holding his umbrella out. You glanced between him and the umbrella a few times before he caught the gesture and cleared his threat. He put the umbrella down and ran a hand through his hair, then he brushed the sleeves of his coat.

“Mornin’,” he greeted you before he hung his umbrella on the coat rack, and he kept his coat on. “It’s nice to have a coffee shop open so early.”

You nodded and watched as he looked around at the different signs. You realized he was a lot taller than you, too, by the way he didn’t even have to really look up at the signs. You, on the other hand, had to crane your neck back.

“Right, can I get a coffee? Black?” He asked, and you pulled your chin back into your neck in confusion. He just spent a good two minutes looking at your menu to ask for a black coffee? Who was this man? “Nah, I’m just play’. Can I actually get an almond milk based caramel machioto and a blueberry muffin?”

He looked down abruptly and laughed at the look of confusion on your face before you’d had the chance to wipe it away. “That’s cute,” he mumbled, and you shook your head in dismay before you began to put his order in. “No really, it’s a good look for you… the whole chin thing…”

You scoffed and looked back up at him to see him grinning. “You’re funny,” you said in as much as a monotonous voice you could manage, “Mr….?” You needed a name to put down on his order.

“Thomas Jefferson, but you can call me Tom,” he offered, and he held out his hand. You’d noticed he had southern charm to match that southern drawl of his.

“Um, Y/N…” you hesitantly shook his hand. You’d never had a customer like this before. “It’s nice to meet you, Tammy.”

He jerked his chin to you and squinted when you called him Tammy, and it was your turn to laugh.

He handed you a ten dollar bill and told you to keep the change, which you gladly did. “I’ll have that right out for you,” you informed him before you went to the sink to wash your hands. You began to make the drink for him.

When you placed the order in front of him, he was leaning against the counter, texting someone quickly. His eye brows were drawn in concentration as his fingers moved a hundred miles a minute.

“You good, Tammy?” You asked quietly, and he looked over at you from the screen.

“Sorry ‘bout that. My mama taught me better, I promise,” you giggled at that and he continued, running a hand through his hair. “It’s just… James is sick again, and Aaron keeps texting me updates every five minutes, even though I checked him before I left for my shift last night, and he was totally fine, like, it wasn’t life or death… and you have no idea who these people are, and I’m problem dumping on you! I’m so sorry!”

You shook your head, just now noticing the dark blue scrubs that were beneath the magenta coat. You finally put together that he worked the night shift at the hospital… down the street. How had you never met him before? “Oh no! It’s okay! I’m sorry about your friend, I’m sure he’s alright! You’re probably exhausted!”

He nodded and kind of deflated, letting go of this big, tall, refreshed man, and he looked beat. “It was a long shift at the hospital. Car accident last night, wasn’t pretty. And I’ve been worried about James all night… But when I get home, a new doctoring shift begins…”

You bit your lip, feeling kinda sorry for him. You left the counter and began to make another drink. He watched you, not saying anything, until you came back and placed the other drink in front of him. “Give this to Aaron and get to sleep. You need it.”

He laughed and thanked you before he straightened up. He took the muffin and extra drink in his hand, thanked you one more time, and left the shop after retrieving his umbrella. You watched him go, a flash of magenta blown back as the door opened.

He turned to you over his shoulder, “By the way,” he called, “I’m no expert, but I’m fairly certain the bra goes on underneath the shirt, but I could be wrong!”

The door shut, and you looked down in horror. That asshole! How had he not said anything?! True to his statement, you were so disoriented and tired when you got dressed this morning that you had put on your bra over your tank top. And he let you talk to him for a good ten minutes like that! This was it. Time to close down your shop for good and move to another planet. Jeez. How embarrassing. You were mortified for the rest of the day.

Rep. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, a disabled veteran and recipient of the Purple Heart, snuck her phone onto the House floor last night in her prosthetic leg so she could provide live feed of the sit-in for gun control after Paul Ryan shut off C-SPAN cameras. Remember Congresswoman Duckworth next time someone tells you there’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans.