tammy franklin

The Founding Fathers as Parks and Rec characters
  • George Washington: Ron Swanson, like is this even a question
  • John Adams: April Ludgate
  • Thomas Jefferson: Literally Tom Haverford
  • James Madison: Ben Wyatt- Human disaster
  • Alexander Hamilton: Leslie Knope
  • Benjamin Franklin: Tammy Two
  • Bonus
  • Marquis de Lafayette: Chris Traeger
Far Far Away - Part 8

Yay! Part 8!! This one is told from Finn’s perspective. I think it’s the only one that does that though. I’m not sure. But anyway, I hope you enjoy!! Just let me know if you want to be tagged.

Thanks for reading!!

Part 8:

Finn glanced down at his phone again, flipping through his conversation with R. She still hadn’t said anything back. He thought of texting her a few times to draw her attention back to her phone and back to them. But he knew it wouldn’t work. Every time she stepped away like this, sending her more messages never seemed to accomplish anything.

He hated the state of his relationship with her these last weeks. R was his closest confidante and best mate and she barely talked to him any more. She was so wishy-washy. One moment she was dying to talk to him and the next she was insisting that they never speak again. It broke his heart every time. Maybe she didn’t know how he felt about her? He thought he’d made himself pretty clear.

Finn wasn’t used to being so forward with girls or putting so much effort in. But no other girl was as amazing as R. It was so strange, having these romantic feelings towards someone that he had no idea what they looked like, didn’t even know her full name, but he knew he was struck by her.

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