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« It was a point where he was a little bit unsteady, and a lot more vulnerable. So we tried to help him. We took him breakfast, or, were like, Stay over… sleep on the couch I think that’s what he wanted… He felt like he could disappear. »
— Dave Shouse

« He still felt like a boy. In some ways, he was very mature and developed, and in other ways, he was nothing near. »

« I feel like Memphis walked him down the aisle. Because he was dreaming about his death and he knew something was up, and he felt it… »

— Tammy Shouse

« It’s been 20 years and I am still dumbfounded by the beauty of his soul. »
— Joan Wasser

BTS as Rupaul’s Drag Race Stars

Jin - Courtney Act

Jin and Courtney both possess beauty, brains, and vocal prowess. 

J Hope - Alyssa Edwards 

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J-Hope and Alyssa both are excellent dancers, high energy, and have extremely funny personalities. 

V - Tammie Brown 

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V and Tammie both have hilarious senses of humor, unique perspectives on life, and fearless attitudes. 

Rap Monster - Alaska 

Rap Monster and Alaska are both natural born leaders, extremely driven, and confident. 

Suga - Bianca Del Rio

Suga and Bianca are both sarcastic, loyal, and have a gentle, caring side. 

Jimin - Kim Chi

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Jimin and Kim Chi are both fashionable, sweet, and have a sassy side.  

Jungkook - Valentina 

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Jungkook and Valentina are both on the younger side in their groups, well rounded in the talent department, and poised. 

animeartistgirl  asked:

I just got a downloadable version of Photoshop and I've never really used it before so I'm pretty new to it and don't really know how everything works. Do you mind giving me some tips or something on how each tool works?


I actually did some tutorial videos about photoshop during my tutorial month and one of them is “photoshop basics!” I know it’s a long one but it covers a lot and should make the program look less intimidating.

You can see the videos here: link

Generally, have fun with it and experiment. I learned the program by using it and experimenting. good luck!


i take back my prev. selfies. have these instead. 4 yrs ago i met andrew scott and i legitimately started 2 cry in front of him n the poor bloke didn’t kno what 2 do so he hugged me n made sure i was alright. i lov him 😩😩👅👅

also i’m the small one. i don’t speak 2 the other girls anymore but i couldn’t crop em out without ruining the pic, ignore them 👀