So at the start of August, when we got back from London, myself and my sister Holly sent letters to a couple of performances. One of these was Tam Mutu (current in Javert in LesMis) and with his letter was a drawing of him (by Holly) and another letter addressed to Sierra Boggess (his fiancé and fellow actress), which also contained a drawing by Holly and a return envelope with our address on it. Never in a million years did I think Tam would give the letter to her but I guess when he went to LA last month that’s exactly what he did. Then today when we got in from school, there was envelope waiting for us, which contained a message and autograph for both me and Holly from Sierra. This was maybe the best moment of my life and there were definitely tears. Thankyou so much Sierra and Tam for making the days of two little Cumbrians! Xxxxx