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Tamsin tries so hard to be good. No one seems to notice how hard she fights to just be good. Can't believe they even put a line in there about her not sacrificing anything. She turned her back on the dark fae, covered for Bo with the guy she nearly killed (Bo still doesn't know that/thinks she's innocent of it), constantly defying orders to kill her. TOOK A BULLET FOR HER/DROVE OFF A CLIFF EFFECTIVELY PUTTING HER ON HER LAST LIFE!! Found Kenzi that one time. She's part of the team dammit!

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And also a character headcanon thing for Tamsin, because she's awesome and why not: ♦-quirks/hobbies headcanon; ☯-likes/dislikes headcanon; and ൠ-random headcanon.

Tamsin Headcanons for splittinggraphite:

♦-quirks/hobbies: 1) Tamsin has been known to collect small rocks from battlefields, when she’s sent escort souls to Valhalla.  To occupy her long life, she spends time shaping and polishing them into different shapes or even figurines.  2) Every new sword she gets - sword, not knife, shield, spear, etc. - Tamsin spends a day sitting with it in nearly freezing water, to help remind her of her first days as a valkyrie.

☯-likes/dislikes: LIKES: alcohol, weapons, dancing, cheesy poofs, kissing boys, kissing girls, donuts, dancing.  DISLIKES: sushi, toe socks, worms, Doctor Who

ൠ-random: Tamsin doesn’t have very many of her own happy thoughts, so she took inspiration from someone else’s.  As a match to her rock collecting, she’s made herself a bunch of stone marbles that she stores in a small leather pouch.  They’re all the same size, perfectly round and each made of a different material.  The marbles are her happy thoughts, and she pours every ounce of feeling she can into each one.  Nearing the end of her last life - when her valkyrie powers wane and her wings get closer to emerging - she sprinkles fairy dust on herself and pretends she can fly again.


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